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Join 8 people right now at "Raptors and Wizards Get Into a Scuffle, Five Technical Fouls Handed Out" -hop

RT @ Earth_Changers_ to the people of our partner in ! We hope you're celebrating this weekend! Fitting for week, they've just won the World & Council's Tourism for Tomorrow award! Experience for yours…

to the people of our partner in ! We hope you're celebrating this weekend! Fitting for week, they've just won the World & Council's Tourism for Tomorrow award! Experience for yourself, it's amazing:

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ahhhh you guys are too sweet!! I’m honestly so excited for it, nervous as hell, but excited!! and tbh if y’all were there I’d run off stage and glomp y’all lmao. but yeah Aone as a doge would be amazing, just so fluffy and pure and I would just flop down on his and just snuggle. well aone irl and in dog form haha -big coat anon

Hahaha, we are the ones in big coat anon fanclub Tshirts. Our squealing will be the loudest. SO HYPED AND PROUD OF YOU!!!!

Aone is the best and fluffiest. Imagine Aone with a doggo Aone. The relaxation factor alone… :D

For Life (English Version)
Do Kyungsoo
For Life (English Version)

Life is full of twist and turns that end up leaving bruises and scars and death in its path that can no longer be rewritten. Yet, it seems like the sweetest mystery to Dean with Sam by his side.

Thousands of words are exchanged between them behind shut doors, whether they be a simple who’s-doing-the-food-run-today or a discussion about emotions that create uneasiness and pain that doesn’t come into bullets. No matter the case, Dean would always be listening, hanging onto each word that spills from Sam’s mouth as Sam does the same for Dean.

It doesn’t matter what obstacles may block their way as they will always stick together in the end. Forever.

Neither of them would let the other one go as they’ve already given their heart and soul to each other. They’ll be right next to each for life, spending every single second as if it was their last.

Storms may come to tear them apart as the winds separate the brothers, but the two would always unite in the end.

Because this love means everything to them and they won’t let anything come between them.

Even death.   

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Hii I love your blog!! I just wanted to say thank you so much I love your content. Neo is forever in my heart and I always go weak for the 90line

thank you so much too TT I’m really glad someone loves my blog so much and that you took the time to send this cute message >< I love you too cause this honestly made me day ^^ ❤️ 

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Send me a ☑ if you like the way I portray my character


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Recipe for a 420 bake over….. Bake over ..did i just invent a term …

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Okay but, picture this: biromantic asexual Violet Baudelaire

Thank you, volunteer, for passing on this critical message!

I’m absolutely here for bi ace Violet—that’s essentially my own headcanon for her as well! (I definitely see her as bi and on the ace spectrum, at least; I go back and forth on where exactly she falls, and whether or not I think she’s somewhere in the demi/grey-aro range romantically, too.)

Some quick notes for your consideration:

  • Violet has known she’s bi since before the events of ASoUE. While she’s never dated anyone and is in no real rush to do so, she’s gotten crushes before—a girl in her science class, the son of a (non-VFD) family friend.
  • Realizing she’s ace takes her longer. She’s familiar with the word (I see Bertrand as demi), but doesn’t consider that it might apply to her until she meets Quigley.
  • Violet is the first person Quigley comes out to after Jacques Snicket introduces him to the concept of asexuality (“there’s a word for that?”) during their time in the (former) Reptile Room. It slips into his conversation with Violet on the mountain ledge in TSS, as he tries to express his feelings towards her. Quigley’s not sure how to explain a label he’s only just begun trying on for size, but he doesn’t have to. Violet understands, really understands. 
  • But the conversation drifts, and their rest is brief, and Violet doesn’t have the time to think about how much everything Quigley said resonated with her. She files it aside as something to discuss with him at length in the future. 
  • Of course, she doesn’t get the chance to, at least not anytime during the events of the series. Days pass in a blur of smoke and waves until suddenly, alone with her siblings and Kit’s daughter on an island, Violet has nothing but time for introspection. There are few resources on asexuality available to her, but between everything she’s able to scrape together and her (and Klaus’) prior knowledge, it feels right
  • Klaus, for his part, isn’t surprised. After all, both the bi and ace color schemes include purple.