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🍺😎🔊 🆙 my Brother Jr🍺‼️! That looks ! 🇺🇸 I am enjoying a 🌴

Offering a selection of over 30 craft brews! What is your favorite?

Happy Hump Day, World! 🍻 ———————— Season Eight for Mägi Ensemble is about to begin! Get on our mailing list at to keep up to date on all of our projects!

Be sure to join us for Drinks on our Legacy Stream of Pathfinder episode 3 tonight at 8 p.m Pacific

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We ❤️ you, !! Happy Twitterversary!! You’re such a and we are so lucky to have you on our team!!

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There not an emoji, or any combination of text characters that can truly tell you how hard I am laughing inside.

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You two may not have the courage to face it, but I finally do. Sam and Diane, you are now and have always been hopelessly in — I guess the word for it is — love, and unfortunately for you, like it or not, you always will be. Now you’re gonna deny it. Even if it’s ludicrously obvious to everyone around you, you two will go on pretending that it’s not true because you’re emotional infants! You’re in a living hell. You love each other and you hate each other and you hate yourselves for loving each other.