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with my dear friends ✨ it's been a good year!! 👌✨

A 🍺 or 🍺🍺, a VNEA 🎱 match. Perhaps a 🥃 of Maker’s Mark later. Good times and great fun. und , All! - At The Dome Bar & Grill

We still have 2 TICKETS left for our Cocktails and Cupcakes class tomorrow night at 6pm! Grab a friend and enjoy a night of mingling, cupcake decorating, and a glass of wine or beer. 🍷🧁 ! Click the link to purchase tickets!!

has been so sweet since coming into the - Gonna go pick up some after work to celebrate his accomplishments and my Wish I could score me some

For all of the gatherings, these treats are tasty, wholesome & easy to make.

Looking for something simple yet still delicious? We have some of the best chicken fingers and french fries around! Come try them for yourself! 😉 . . .

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For any Aussies out there, Channel WIN BOLD is airing the Cheers episode that Kate was in next Tuesday (18th of December) at 1030AM


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We’re just gonna swim until you love us!!!
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Tails by: @mertailor @mertailormen @merrowfins
Location: @divebarsac @divebarmermaids
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Tagged by @ryn-s​ ! :) Thanks dear, you know I love things like these! 😘

  1. What is one thing that delights each of your senses?
    A rainy day! :) Seeing the drama of the skies while it rains, the smell of the rain mixed with the smell of trees and earth, the sound of the pattering rain on rooftops, the feel of the raindrops on my hands and face; and sometimes the taste of a wayward raindrop on my tongue…..ok ok, i’m being overly poetic now. (Don’t mind me, I’m watching NIF for the 10000x time while I’m answering this tag lols)
  2. What article of clothing do you love to wear, and why?
    A maxi dress, especially when the skirt is wide and flowy. It makes me feel feminine and special even when I’m alone.
  3. What is unique about the place that you live in?
    The mall is just across the street from where I live and you can either walk there via a private access tunnel or you can ride a boat across if you feel lazy (the mall has a man-made lake going through it. I heard the place was a tin mine in the ancient times and the water was from the quarry water that had accumulated over the centuries. I think it’s pretty cool, except for the ghost stories I hear every now and then 😣)
  4. What do you fantasize about the most?
    Being able to speak all the languages in the world and surprising everyone lols
  5. Do you have any treasures?  What are they?
    My furbaby Merlin. I love her! And a ring that my mom gave me when I met her for the 1st time after 18 years.
  6. What do you find most disappointing about adulthood?
    Pressures from family—to marry, have kids blah blah blah
  7. In what way, if any, have you changed that would surprise you from five years ago?
    I used to be so focused on my field of expertise; now I got to learn the allied arts and it’s awesome; to have this drive to expand to other areas and learn more and more each day
  8. What geometric shape resonates with you?
  9. In what ways would you like to have changed in five years?
    My confidence to lead. I have always been a good soldier/follower and I’m still in my comfort zone of just doing what I’m told. By then I would have gained enough knowledge to start leading properly.
  10. Are you superstitious at all? In what way?
    I think yes. I believe in a higher power. I’m a catholic but I feel we are all just praying to one higher being. And I sort of want reincarnation to be real lol. I’ve watched too many cdramas that’s why ^_____^
  11. What’s your favorite number?
    Three. Not sure how true, but my aunt told me I was born at 3am on my birthday (which is the 3rd of March, the third month) Too many threes to not be my fave number ever.

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It has become almost like a morning ritual for me to bring a pour over into work and spoil my boss.

Today we had a beautiful coffee from Columbia, with taste notes of double cream and lemon curd from a very, to us, local roastery called Calendar!


Happy Repeal Day! Do you prefer whisky or whiskey? Watch and listen if you don’t know the difference. This video is a special tribute to @boozeandburgers, who just got his seven month sobriety chip today. Stay strong brother!

*Please drink responsibly. I’m a trained professional.*

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Taste Test: Sparkling Wine

The holidays are the season to give thanks and celebrate. And nothing says “cheers!” like a crisp bottle of sparkling wine paired with a savory meal or as the highlight of a party.

This season also keeps us plenty busy. Between friends, family, shopping and cooking, picking the perfect refreshments to complement the festivities can end up a last-minute afterthought. With so many options to choose from, who has time to figure out which bubbly is best?

We do. We tasted 10 different sparkling wines and came up with the favorites that will put the POP! in your holiday celebrations. Whatever your tastes, we’ve got the bubbles that will make you the toast of the town.

La Marca Luminore Prosecco
From the Conegliano/Valdobbiadene region near Venice, Italy, Prosecco’s popularity has exploded in recent years. La Marca hand-harvests its grapes, and their next-tier Luminore Prosecco is light, clean and glitters with petite bubbles. With its superior taste and Tiffany-blue label, you’ve got a party that feels fit for 5th Avenue.

Chandon California Rosé
Rosé wines have also seen a recent resurgence in popularity. But don’t be fooled: rosé isn’t just a summer wine. And being owned by the Dom Perignon family, Chandon isn’t your usual rosé. With its dusky rose hue, this wine has a lot of volume and is perfect for rich foods, oysters and shellfish. Don’t hold back; have some nibbles with your bubbles.

Argyle Brut
Move over, Napa; Oregon’s Willamette Valley is the next big thing in U.S. wines, and Argyle’s Brut is the sparkling proof. Frothy and flavorful, this vintage-dated wine has some serious bubbles that coat the tongue in a faint, lingering sweetness. Grab a bottle and get your party started.

Bollinger Special Cuvée Champagne
When you want to make a statement, only the real deal will do. Bollinger Champagne is a classic, and with good reason – it’s the signature champagne of none other than James Bond himself. This creamy, biscuity champagne is fantastic with food or alone as the ultimate indulgence. Chill to 55 F and toast to your own excellent taste.

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