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On Wednesdays our Training Program wears PINK in honor of Think Pink & Breast Cancer Awareness this month.

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Between cheer practices, work and his entrepreneurial endeavours, Dominic has a pretty busy schedule. Learn more about our cheer squad's superman 👉

Dominic réussit à gérer son horaire chargé d'entraînements, de travail et de projets entrepreneuriaux. Apprenez-en plus sur le superman de notre équipe de cheer 👉

ERMAHGERD: Special Evil Edition #2. Improving slightly on my photoshop skills just so I can bring you this photograph of me dressed like in idiot in front of a graveyard in homage to a book. My for The Second Evil is up now:

The Lone Star Classic in Frisco is just around the corner! Compare prices and save with Redline Championships this year. Any 3 events for $199/athlete.

Its good when we cheer each other on as teachers.... I am SO very proud of former partner branching out and creating this awesome activity for her kiddos!!!

Tanzende Damenriegen im sind ““, sagt die und druckt es auf Plakate. Tanzende Damenriegen beim sind “nicht mehr zeitgemäß und benachteiligen die “, sagt und schafft die ab.

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Bring it on Ring the alarm Don't stop now Just be the champion Work it hard like it's your profession Watch out now 'Cause here it comes

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I need a movie where the quarterback and the head cheerleader fall in love

Like actually fall in love. And they aren’t complete assholes and bitches. They have supportive friends and family members. I want a flustered jock and a fond cheerleader. Just an actually cute romance where they fall for each other. With a little drama but not to much. We don’t want to destroy the vibe.

They actually fall in love and spend time together, laughing and crying. And their friends support them because that’s what friends do.

Thank for coming to my ted talk.

Help me find a Wattpad Story

Wattpad Help

I don’t know if anyone can help me, but why not?

I’m looking for a Wattpad story about werewolves where the Alpha’s daughter gets rejected by her alpha mate. The reason she got rejected is because he already has a wife and children and he’s her (gym) teacher? She’s also a cheerleader and she had a small fling with her best friend but he found his mate. Also, she falls in love with her best friend’s brother. I know that it’s book one and that there’s another book as well. I just want to know if the book still exists in wattpad. If anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it. I have this sudden urge to read the story again. I highly recommend it, I just don’t know the name of it. 


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Thanksgiving means time in my studio. Hours cutting mats for my series: ‘we should talk’. For @theartistproject in Feb. but in order to get it done work happens now.

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