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Time to roll out the coffin on the Astro's pitchers, uHaul to move Mr Cole out and bury the Astro's And now the Mets can hire Astro's Manager to continue losing in New York

WTF is dude kissing the Holts asses did he cheat??? I know if it were my hubby he’d be cussing both of them triflin ass folks out about spreading false cheating rumors 🤔 & here go tryin 2 blame every1 but her ass

One of the PRC's strategies is to win political clout "by any means necessary". That includes hacking an organization or competitor and using that hacked information to win more representation in world organizations. 'China

Even after 4 days no one bother to enquire about the issue. #patheticcustomeraervice#fakepromises

Yes we know it’s Monday BUT the sun is shining and we’ve celebrating with and our awesome June special ’rashers 🌱🍕😋

Had to break out the rule book today! Saw some from today! Sad!

Whn I tried to log in to Amazon prime after receiving this msg frm Vodafone, says to upgrade my plan. Even after talking to 35 min with customer care executive they are saying the same to upgrade my plan. Chip strategy to increase business.

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அமேசானில் வகை, வகையாக ஆர்டர் செய்து 30 லட்சம் மோசடி செய்த இளைஞர் கைது

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Most of us over here in S.C. ain’t buying saying that this illegal performance enhancing drug can be found anywhere. I mean, here’s what the folks have to say about it. Sounds bad to me. ’Clempson

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