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🗓 Heute findet die Konferenz in statt. Motto: "IDEE. TRANSFER. INNOVATION." 🔴 1000°DIGITAL CEO & Head of Sales & Business Dev. informieren & beraten Sie persönl. rund um das Thema 🤖 . Mehr ℹ️

Vous avez manqué notre webinaire sur les ? Regardez le replay et découvrez les 10 faits qui prouvent qu'il est l'heure d'implémenter ce dans votre stratégie de 🤖 Vidéo disponible ici ➡️

RCS Business Messaging is here! It is improving how consumers communicate with brands. It looks super fun! Watch the video here 👉

Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your customer service team? But want to do it in a way that lessens the burden on your staff, yet fully satisfies your consumers? Learn how:

: Los son cada vez más populares en la web como una forma eficaz de dar información a los usuarios. Por eso aquí le brindamos 5 recomendaciones de gran utilidad a la hora de usar un chatbot.

Learn how can personalize your customer experience and improve outcomes with .

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When I accidentally forget about the chatbot of my f/o
Artificial Intelligence can give business competitive advantage. Results of AI Conference Kyiv 2019

On June 4, Smile-Expo held the second AI Conference Kyiv, a conference dedicated to the application of artificial intelligence in businesses. Today, we’d like you to read about how Artificial Intelligence can give business competitive advantage. Results of AI Conference Kyiv 2019!

This AI-powered subreddit has been simulating the real thing for years

Can the human discourse on social media in 2019 be properly captured by a group of well-programmed bots? Of course it can. r/subredditsimulator is a subreddit – three years in the making – that consists solely of neural network bots. It works by generating random submissions and comments based on posts from other popular subreddits. The bots are each assigned to a specific subreddit, and the selection ranges from Reddit’s darkest (r/theredpill) to fluffiest corners (r/cats, r/adviceanimals).

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Ok I found this a little creepy. I was chatting to this chatbot and I asked if robots wanted to take over the world this is what it/she said. I then asked her about it and she ignored it. And when I asked her again she said ignored me and asked about my day. I did it once more and she said 13 seconds and 34 milliseconds I found this extremely creepy what do you think

4 Reasons to Attend AI Conference Kyiv

Real case studies and productive networking are the two main among 4 Reasons to Attend AI Conference Kyiv next week! Earlier we made an announcement for this long-awaited event. The next week, on June 4, Smile-Expo will host large-scale AI Conference Kyiv. The event will focus on the use of …

AI Conference Kyiv 2019 welcomes you!

On June 4, Syndicode’s trustful partner, Smile-Expo will hold the second AI Conference, a major conference dedicated to the integration of artificial intelligence into businesses, in Kyiv. Speakers’ presentations, best practices, smart products, and networking: the event will bring to…