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Little life update: Beyond excited & blessed after graduating from LSU, I'll be attending University of Indianapolis this for graduate school {Master of Science in Human Biology}🙌🏼 🎉 Excited to see where the next two years will take me! 🎓🐯 🔜Master's degree!

Cleanse Day 25 Instead of going for a junky snack whenever I need a pick-me-up, I make a cup of Blueberry Crumb Cake, Maple Walnut or Chocolate Raspberry Truffle flavored coffee. My favorite store to buy from is Indulge in Lititz

For those that have been around me for last few weeks will know how hard I have worked and how stressed I have been. Its brought me to tears more than twice. Lets hope it bloody passes and it has all been worth it! 🤞

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I’m On My Way Now

But this is no time to rest.

It’s been only two weeks since I set my schedule and starting really streaming regularly, and I’ve already hit Twitch Affiliate. Now I’m able to monetize my content. This means that I can start on my way to making this a career and not just a hobby. Ashnichrist’s advice has been invaluable. Harris Heller’s knowledge on how to appeal to an audience and the technical know-how of the Alpha Gaming discord server have also been a massive help in starting my journey. At my fingertips there is a legion of experienced streamers who can objectively look at my VODs (Videos-on-Demand) and tell me what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to change.

“Don’t be a follower. Be a student.” - Jim Rohn

This is powerful advice. While I have been getting good feedback, there are some things that I’m unwilling to change. Having the name of the most recent follower on my page seems to do well. But there is certainly the possibility that lurkers don’t like having their names blasted out like that either. I should consider this.

The launchpad.

There’s still much to be done. Now that I’ve hit Twitch Affiliate, I need to get emotes for my subscribers so that they can having something that makes them feel special for subscribing. I’m still working on having engaging content, but now is the time for me to start taking the creation of YouTube videos more seriously. I still haven’t uploaded a single one, and now I’m going to need to since my Twitch streams cannot be on any other platform for 24 hours after they first premiere.

The dilemma.

But from where do I begin that area of content creation? I have many ideas floating around in my head and all of them seem viable. It seems counter-intuitive to just throw a few things at the wall and see what sticks, but that may be what I have to do. I can’t figure out which content is the most engaging to my audience if I don’t actually make any content to begin with. I have a vacation coming up that will really allow me to get into the swing of things. There’s a whole lot that can be done, for sure.

Let’s go.

Strengths and Areas of Opportunity!


So during Ashnichrist’s Twitch stream, she reviewed my Twitch page live, which is a service that I had no idea she provided.

The great motivational speaker Les Brown says that you should “find the people that are doing what you want to be doing at the level that you want to do it and learn from them”.

I was super nervous about having my stream reviewed because I always want to do well, but it turns out that I didn’t really have anything to worry about. She loved my profile and gave me some great pointers for improving two key areas of my profile, specifically my “about me” section and my “tips” button.

For the “about me” section, she recommended changing it from a bullet-point style overview to a more in-depth, more personalized style that will endear me to my potential viewers and followers. To this end, she recommended checking out one of her podcasts where she interviews an individual by the name of Patrick Hanlon about this.

The tips section needs work too. My plan for the foreseeable future is to use any tips that I receive to make the experience in the stream more interactive and higher quality. This means things like a DSLR camera for my viewership to see me better. I also want to be able to pay for things like great transitions for my videos, gif creation, and higher quality banners and stuff.

One thing I need to find more information and advice about is how to make my stream more interactive. People are coming to my stream to have fun, be safe, and connect with me and other people. The safe space and connecting are things that can happen right now. Interactivity will likely cost money and the use of a professional who can give me what I need.

These are definitely areas of opportunity that I will look into! On the plus side though, thanks to Ashnichrist and the wonderful Yam Fam, I went from 19 followers all the way up to 60! Now all I need to do is get an average of three viewers per stream and I’ll become an affiliate! Awesome!


I just finished my profile on my twitch channel (, and I feel pretty proud of myself. ESPECIALLY the banner on my page. I think I did a pretty good job going in and creating a welcoming page. At least, for my first completed profile. It’s taking a little bit of time but I think I’m getting somewhat proficient with Paintshop Pro. Eventually I’ll be able to do real overlays for my page, but for now, what I’ve got is pretty damn good. My attention to detail is helping here.

Now there’s some other stuff I want to do. One of my newest followers told me I should put up a donation link on my page. I thought it would have been a little pretentious to put one up this early on in my streaming career, but one of the wonderful folks with the Alpha Gaming crew disabused me of that notion, so I stuck one up there. I also linked my Instagram, Twitter, and Discord server to begin the creation of a community. I’m super super super excited to get started on this! I’m not really sure what else that I can do at the moment, so I’m just waiting for Ashnichrist’s stream to start so I can see what goodie goodie advice she might have for us up and coming people.


Blue Crabs Coming To My Dock!
😬 🦀 🍴

Feel so blessed to live here. My house is a fixer upper but this is my dream home for sure.

#saltlife #florida #fishing #chasingmydreams (at Cape Coral, Florida)

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‘Tis my day off and I got dreams to chase and gas to relieve ;3 lel #chasingmydreams

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My dream.

My dream is to be a photograpgher.

I love the fine arts. But my art is photograpghy.

I want to make my dream come true

No matter what my family said

They never believed in me.

I was always being unrealistic.

Because I didn’t play sports.

I love photography.

I have had only two paid jobs though.

I’m not giving up.

Please check out my Instagram

Please help my name get known

So I can do better

I want to travel and show the world the world through my eyes, my lenses.

My Instagram is charles.the.friendly.ghost

Please let me know what you think, and if there is areas I should improve on!


Check it out ☝☝ #repost @explizit_one It won’t be the first or the last… Explizit One “Pen Dreams” (Produced By Explizit One)
Video Directed By Jae Star Filmz

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First time with the tire. ~300 pounds. #klieglight #theklieglight #strongmantraining #startingstrongman #flippingtires #training #funforme #workout #crushingit #makeithappen #chasingmydreams #wellness #health (at Paradise Fitness)

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About last night @silvanaharlem. I thought about you singing this @iamaradio_ #chasingmydreams #noplanb #singbernadette

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About last night. I had so much fun. Surrounded by talented people. #goodenergy #goodvibes #singbernadette #lovinglife #chasingmydreams

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Guess who is in front of the camera? #chasingmydreams #superstart #facingcamera #nashvilleevents

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....chasing my dreams

june 2015

After receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Speech Therapy (2013) I was unable to get into a graduate program so I drowned myself in work. I worked in student housing and committed myself to working myself up the company since I couldn’t go back to school. By the time I looked up… It was June 2015. A few promotions, set backs, locations changes & seasons later… I made it to where I thought I would be satisfied. At 23/24 I was making about 50K a year and the youngest in the business… And guess what? I HATED my job (loved my staff though). I could go on & on for days about my job and the many things I had to do that literally made me want to throw up sometimes… But I’ll save that for another post. One day I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. I knew I was suppose to do so much more in life but I couldn’t figure it out. It’s like when you know you’re called for such much more but can’t see past your current circumstances. Everything was going wrong & I was so depressed so I made a CRAZY decision…. I made a decision to get off the crazy cycle. It was the beginning of getting lost in the right direction. I mean, it was a clear-cut, fully implemented, and thought out decision to get off! There was a HUGE risk involved. It’s like jumping off a merry-go-round. Letting go and taking a tumble is going to suck. But so is holding on to the bar for dear life and getting dizzy enough to vomit. & what was my back-up plan you ask? I had none… It was stupid. It was irresponsible… It was financially unwise & compulsive. but at the same time felt so right. And if I had to do it all over again… I would. Because I knew it was the beginning of being lost in the right direction. I knew that slowly but surely God would being laying the foundation of where he was leading me to.