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For the latest episode of Excelsior Journeys, host George Sirois sits down with Rebecca Jaycox, author of the YA / Fantasy novel "The Other Inheritance" and editor-in-chief of Aelurus Publishing. :

I definitely make a point of steering well clear of cheesy wedding photography but just sometimes it's hard to resist just a little bit? . . . . .

Yesterday, and some lovely late afternoon light. Making the most of every nice bit of light we get right now. _ _

Yesterday, and some lovely late afternoon light. Making the most of every nice bit of light we get right now. _ _

I can't resist dipping back into Sam and Marina's beautiful wedding from earlier in the year as it was just so amazing! Check out those flowers by @wild_flower_workshop ❤️ . . . . .

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day to day

You never know. That’s the worst but also the most beautiful part of this crazy life. You can never know how something will turn out. Will I ever see you again? Will this moment Be relived? Is something better coming?

- Onenightshetookthemidnighttrain

Original @poetsandnomads

Of lust & longing /

We lie there
like undone pages of a diary
where they write
love songs about their lovers.
We fold and unfold
like loneliness does,
on ugly nights like these.
Our thirsty lips
press against each other
like enchanting flowers
that lose their fragrance.
Yet, we burn our sore throats
sipping on old wine glasses,
smoking sleazy cigarettes,
in filthy bars like these.
We make love
while tasting heartbreak
on lonely winter nights.
And tug back emptiness
onto our broken spines,
again, every morning.
We hurt while pretending to love.
We live while pretending to die.
And in between the lives we live,
we lust for love.

And then a brand new chapter starts. 

Life is so incredible. The power of attraction is so insane. 
A month ago life was completely different. 
I was stuck in a city and in a mindset that was harmful to my well-being. 

We received news from our landlord that we needed to move, we decided to move to a new city. We have just arrived after a 2-day road trip across the country. 
It feels as if life is perfect right now. Anything is achievable if you want it hard enough. You need nothing but faith to get you there. 
I came across #HighOnLife on youtube, and this one single video caused a change in mindset - And now we’re here. 

If you feel like you need some inspiration to go out and chase after your dreams in full force, go watch this >>>


Thinking of warm winter days spent in India last year, I came across this photograph of Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi.
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#postitforaesthetic #pursuepretty (at Humayun’s Tomb)

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