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Next, we present to you the Characters of the Shakespeare Tragedy - Hamlet. Shakespeare Slam is all about bringing these characters to life. So are you ready to Discover the Shakesperience with us? . .

Although perfectly organised in the studio, our services manager Anna prefers to outside of the lines when it comes to her ! A self-professed messy scribbler, Anna brings the of her to life with her wonderfully unique .

last night you make these random characters, but I couldn't finish them since I fell asleep on the table I ended up getting up I think that at about 4am xD

Where does your TTRPG inspiration come from? What gets you creating? I love watching cartoons and reading comics! Video games are a great asset too!

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Odio hacer rediseños con mis oc's, pero tengo que hacerlo para que pueda agradarme (Se que nadie vera esta publicación pero queria comentarlo :"( )

Science and religion character design theme ; Check out the previous drawing concerning this particular theme first if you're interested in the story, thank you!

Rosalina one of my favorite girls from all over Mario Bros apart from Toadette💖 :)

A little bit of art, built up for about two weeks i think. I'm not used at all to posting stuff immediately after making it, so yeah.

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WELP here’s a good ol compilation of some of the traditional animations I made at school. They’re a bit rusty and sketchy but I’m still proud of it ^^


Making quint a ref.

…main irony is that their fur is short as the bloodline comes from the desert and hotter regions of east tyria yet theyre retired/living in the far northern shiverpeaks. Dont know which of the two i like more


On a note though… The eyebrow raise, the smirk, that look the eyes are giving… Wonder whats going through quints head 👀🍆

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i didn't care for cheese fondue when i went to switzerland as a kid because the wine taste in it was too strong for me, but maybe it was just that one fondue. meat fondue was epic though i loved it. never tried fruit fondue but it looks like fucking shit, who wants to dip fruit in chocolate anyway

i tried chocolate fondue except instead of whatever it is people usually put in fondue i just put chocolate bars in so it was extra chocolatey

why does cheese fondue taste of wine

also what the hell is meat fondue cause i thought fondue was the liquid part


Carter Standen-what little I know about him, Carter is an English Lit professor at a university though I’m not sure where exactly he’s located just yet.

Another character thing happened last night that was a bit of a surprise. Robert Whitaker is actually the eldest brother of my wife’s new character, Francesca “Frankie” Campbell. After his father died when he was only 8 or 9, his mother remarried and while Mr Campbell did formally adopt Robert, the boy decided to keep his fathers name instead. He butts heads with his adopted baby sister constantly, thinking she’s wasting her time as a cook as well as all the time and effort she’s put into her World of Warcraft account. Rob is a closeted homosexual, currently going through a divorce and mostly unaware that his oldest son (15) is trans and wants to transition to female.

Not the best representation of this guy, but apparently he’s friends with David Cotterill.