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Half Dragon Young Guy Commissioned work ♥

Did a new banner and mascot design for a friend who I designed for back in college as well. Check out her cute plushies at

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Updated my OC Lucas Drake’s design from 2018. A Dhampir that’s a Monster Hunter.

I drew this, just to show that I COULD use my powers for evil...if I wanted to...i named her Lucy Lewd btw

Been working on this on and off for a few days, finally got the whole idea together. Just my oc and formerly old male persona Suon. : ) Now featuring stubble. <3 xD

I was commissioned recently to draw a crazy deer dressed as a hunter with a gun. Was a lot of fun to design and the client was very happy. (I named him Venison)

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So today I finished this dude. He's Spencer, a Human Sorcerer. He like to read about lightning spells or something lol. It was super fun designing this guy lol

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Zuko as a teen in our modern world! He’s a kinda disheveled boy who loves hip hop. He’s trying to make it big as a rapper.

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Pokémon is still one of the best games I’ve ever played 🚏 so why don’t draw some fanart


Something like war starts as a conspirative consequence as Manarcus agrees to this weird step'up in his and his twinsusis life, and like a curl over the hoopoe, Okva is back walking to her tree, the one planted when she turned Okva, in order to ask a question by moving her body of course.


I apologize for the clutter! I’ve had some inquiries, and here are the answers to Horus’s skin color.😖
pearly-brown and brown both refer to soom tawny, but pearly luster is special. I only have samples of pearly-gray, so you can imagine what pearly-brown looks like. If you’re a soom fan, you’ll find that even the same skin tone can make a lot of difference. So I chose brown from the sample, making sure that Pantone 727 U was the most appropriate choice, and that it was fixed. You can see it in the color card, you can also look it up in the computer, but please understand the error between the photo and the monitor, the real color card is the most accurate.
In addition, dark brown corresponds to soom’s brown tan.


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Happy Chinese New Year
to all my chinese friend and family!!

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A couple of friends recommended Blue Bloods by @authormelissadelacruz , so I’m reading it and I love this whole reincarnation cycle the vampires go through. It’s so unique. Anywhoooo here’s one of the mains Schuyler. Love her fashion sense.

Another meeee 🙌🏼✨, doing one of my favorite activities: EATIIIING 🤓 If you have stoped drawing for a long time and you ever want to go back to it and don’t know how, drawing yourself is a very good way to do it! I’ve been in the industry for some time now, but I had lost the habit of drawing for myself a long time ago. And this has been super fun! I recommend it.