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Please also have a good time this week.😙😙😙 みんな、今週も楽しく過ごしてねぇ♪( ´θ`)ノ

Heres a fun exercise that I like to do. Think of a singular thing that comes to mind .. it might be from a photo you had seen or an animal at the zoo. But just pick one thing and fill your page with it. Have fun and don’t think just draw!

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Talent will get you in the door,but will keep you in the room

Odio hacer rediseños con mis oc's, pero tengo que hacerlo para que pueda agradarme (Se que nadie vera esta publicación pero queria comentarlo :"( )

스튜디오노리의 스마트스토어를 오픈했어요!! 신상 굿즈 떡메 3종류도 블랙탄디티와 스마트스토어에서 만나실 수 있습니다. 프로필에 링크 걸어 둘게요!!

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Have these two digital drawings I did, mostly just to practice backgrounds. The two characters in these drawings are my OCs, Max and Bryce. They are main characters in my comic, Roseville.


It’s a really tired Sunstone. Sometimes you just want to sleep all day.


SKZ World-Guide

In preparation for the next chapter, it’s about time I did an official world guide for SKZ, just so plp can understand the general terms tossed around in the series.

SKZ is a fast-paced series, and I’m not a huge fan of exposition dumps, and it’s gonna take a while for me to explain all of this stuff naturally in the story, sooo here’s my compromise to that. Lemme know if you have any questions, promotional art for the next chapter is dropping next week!

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Shia LaBeouf explored and re-lived his own traumas by playing a fictional version of his father, who yells at, pressures, and ultimately hits the younger version of himself; a very flawed character who genuinely loved his son but also had his own issues to deal with that held him back from raising him well. This was clearly a cathartic and therapeutic experience for him, saying that working on the movie helped create empathy for the person he considered “the biggest villain of his life”… and he gets no Oscar nominations?!