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I knew I was this , but I've a few since then.

Thank you Alchemist ,inspiration for the millions my life , " When you want something ,all the Universe conspires to help you achieve it"

The sector needing the most is the one that’s had the least disruption.The sector can learn a lot from industries who have completely . Great talk from Dr Santitarn Sathirathai

あとラフ この目だとニンゲンっぽさが出ないんじゃ無いかと思ったけど、どうだろ

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I made my OC in ! His name is “Blue” He is usually shy around strangers. He understands English but He’s learning how to Talk. Hide your cookies and Ice cream!!! Or he might steal it from you... He can be sneaky sometimes, Especially when he finds cookies.

“There’s nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find ways in which yourself have changed.”🍃 “Değişime ulaşmak için değişmeden kalan bir yere dönmek gibisi yok.”🍃

helps open our eyes and see things from a new . Have you ever felt that shift follow you home in a way that made you for things you previously took advantage of? We want to know how has your !

I found a tiny yesterday. It looked kinda rough. I worried it might have an injury, but after checking today, it looks like it was just . Look how much it since yesterday. Top pic is yesterday. Bottom, today! 😍

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I grew up believing I had to choose between my sexuality and my faith. I would beg God to change my sexuality so that I could be I fought for years a battle that couldn’t be won. It caused me to live with shame, fear, anxiety, and depression.

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Oh hey look at this, I’m posting again :)

What a treat

What a delight

Hello internet

changed and one

We are in a series called “welcome to the future”, and a I shared a message Sunday about the fact that God has made our future secure.  That truth changes our situation now as well as our destiny and future.

Jesus prayed for us. That happened in the prayer recorded in John 17.  Some of these words and thoughts often ring in my head and in my heart.

John 17:15-18  NLT

15 I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one. 16 They do not belong to this world any more than I do.17 Make them holy by your truth; teach them your word, which is truth. 18 Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world.

We often wish God would take us out of this world and send us to heaven.  Right?  Well, that is not the plan.  See the last phrase: I am sending them.  We must stay here until it is time, but we stay here to be part of His plan.

Take a little time to see how you are connected to the world.  Are you like the world?  The does world seem to love you or hate you?  Those answers will help you see where God has you at this point.  We are to be made holy, by God’s doing, as we digest and live by His truth.

He prayed for those who followed Him and for all who would come in the generation or future ahead. I love this.  God is working His plan, and we are part of His plan.

John 17:20-21  NLT

20 “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message. 21 I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

That we would be one was part of Jesus’ prayer.  We are like Jesus when we find unity.  We give God glory and more glory when we are one.  When we focus on His, we find unity.  

May our lives show we have been with and changed by our great and gracious God!

Some things just aren’t that simple
You called me wondering why I changed
Or why I don’t look the same
Why are things so differently now?Is it ever gonna change?
Am I gonna feel this way forever?
Are you gonna be around for me to count on, yeah?
Is it ever gonna change?
Am I gonna feel this way forever?
Are you gonna be around for me to count on? Count on
On on on, on on on on on
On on on, on on on on on
On on on, on on on on on
On on on, on on on on on 

Some things just never seem to fade
I’m thinking ‘bout how we were on our first date
You once stood, the words are stained
I knew I’d never let you get away. Hold you tight, squeeze you right, tell you what I want
Put me in your bedroom and I’ll sing a little song
Hold you tight, squeeze you right, give you all I’ve got
See you in the morning, over coffee, we’ll talk, oh….

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How can things change so quickly. I dressed up for the renaissance faire and idk I was kinda feeling myself like I didn’t look like a bag of trash. And I posted some pics to my Instagram and now I just looked at them and what the hell was I thinking. I looked so fat. Part of me was thinking about recovery because of some things the psychics told me (if they r even real that is) idk some things they said kinda spoke to me. But now I’m like what was I thinking. Today was gonna be “cheat day” cause I only go once a year and I’m with my friends. But I almost bought a chipwich thing they had their. I took and saw the calories and I couldn’t do it. I panicked. It was literally more calories than I consume as a whole on a regular day. Some of the psychics were so accurate so why didn’t they mention my ed. One said I might need more protein or something but like??? I asked u about my health lady how could u say I’m all good??


O fim de um relacionamento de início pode doer muito, mas para você ter chego a esse ponto algo não estava te fazendo bem. E sim pode ter sido a melhor escolha na melhor hora.

Chorar faz bem, significa que o que sentiu foi verdadeiro. Mas voltar para o erro não irá ajudar em nada, você sabe o que tem lá, o que te espera.

Como diz o velho ditado “o leite derramado, não volta a ser o mesmo”, então siga em frente, de forma diferente mude a sua postura observe o que te fez errar para não cometer o mesmo erro e cair no velho passado.

As mudanças sempre vêm para o bem, busque o seu melhor sem querer se exibir uma hora você vai encontrar alguém capaz de te fazer feliz como ninguém antes, mas pelo simples fato de você mudar e se aceitar ❣️


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The #world as #we have #created it is a #process of #our #thinking. It #cannot be #changed #without changing our thinking.

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Much Different

“Today is much different than yesterday. Your fingernails have grown one tenth of a millimeter, your hair is half a millimeter longer, and you have managed to take 23,040 breaths. Your mind is different, your body has changed. Today is much different than yesterday. The exciting part, is that tomorrow will be much different than today. Your fingernails will grow one tenth of a millimeter, your hair will be half a millimeter longer, and you will have managed to take another 23,040 breaths. Your mind will be different, your body will be changed, and you have infinite possibilities. Tomorrow will be much different than today and today is much different than yesterday.”

- August 6th, 2019

~Mckayla T. Castle

Missing A Person Even Though You’ve Moved on


I felt like writing this because i always expected that to this day I’ll moved on from the person i fell in love with. However, although i don’t feel that love i had for him, i do miss their company and all their support.

It these moments you realized that even though you’ve changed as a better person. It doesn’t mean they will come back and this is a life learning lesson i had to face as someone who is growing into an adult.

I made my mistakes with them, i wasn’t perfect. At the time i was very mentally sick and medicated. All of these things impacted me to do very terrible things to not only him, but for myself. I was suffering and all i wanted to do was get myself off medication. I’ve realized that medication is a big NO for me, it affected the way i acted and my relationships with others that i loved but most importantly, him.

Sometimes I wished i could just talked to them perhaps get some closure. The last thing he told me was that he never wants to hear my name ever again. This is what made me realized that no matter what was wrong with me, he didn’t care.

Today i am in a relationship but i do have my moments where i cry. I start missing him but not in a romantic way. It was in a way where the person who had your back, was forever gone.

And I’ll have to live with this forever.

If they ever read, i apologize for my actions and mistakes. I wasn’t myself and for someone who finally got to controlled themselves without any parent or doctors telling me what to do, i finally learned my lesson.

I hope my story helps those grieving or perhaps missing someone to realized, you are not alone. We can battle this together💛.


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I have #changed but the change was #tough

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I have #changed but the change was #tough

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alwaysahiccupandastrid  asked:

Okay so I started reading “Changed” today and just wanted to say that Tripfire is so precious oh my Thor 😍 Also I’m loving the Valka/Eret so far (I’ve only just read about them visiting Mala) and I just wanted to say that the fic is wonderful! (Sorry that this is so random, I just really wanted to appreciate the fic!)

Never apologise for fic appreciation, this was so nice to see! Feel free to randomly appreciate Changed whenever you like!

And Y E S I absolutely love Tripfire, she is absolutely precious and will also eat you if you are mean to Eret. What more can you need in a dragon? (feel free to look in my Changed tag for fanart of Tripfire looking adorable)