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โ€œWe must be willing to let go of the life we had planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for us.โ€ - Joseph Campbell

If you want change your drive must match you desire. We must not settle for where we are because there is so much more to achieve. Greatness is waiting on your arrival!

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Honestly, so tired of fan service films. I want story content damn it.

30 Days no Passive Entertainment Day 16 of 30

There’s a really dangerous time when kicking any addiction and it’s not at the bottom. Hitting rock bottom is the turn. You’re at your worst and that flame will kick on or off guiding your path from there out. It can be extremely triumphant and be the first break of independence where you can see the spot of happiness through the despair. It’s the moment right after that when you think you’re in control.

It’s incredible how like this experiment has been to my quitting smoking. There are withdrawals, fear of missing out, regular daily habits that needed to be broken and replaced. But now I’m hitting this familiar place where it’s not so bad.

I’ve kind of got a routine down now keeping my days very full and productive. I’m not feeling like I’m missing out as much. There was a trailer for the final season of Punisher on Netflix that’s making it rough. But I’m spending more time at the gym, having much more focused conversations and getting a lot of choirs at home accomplished. The benefits have been tremendous but that’s where the reasoning started to creep in.

Last night the roomie really just needed a chill night. Watch a movie and do nothing. My first thought was I’m doing so well. Haven’t cheated at all I’m sure I can reward myself with one decent movie for the night. That same feeling of confidence and feeling in control is why I failed so many times at quitting smoking. I’m not good at dabbling. Much more of a cheat day type of guy vs a cheat meal.

In my original line of thinking I was going to allow myself to watch movies at the end of the day and only if I had enough time to watch one in it’s entirety. After a few days in I felt like this was a cheat and would only sabotage my intentions so I nixed it.

I held strong and decided to stay the course. She was extremely supportive and has been of my whole journey. Selfishly I’m sure she just enjoys not coming home to explosions and laser blasts.

My quality of life continues to improve. I’m a little fatter for having the extra time to cook nice big meals and enjoying the extra sit down meals out with friends. But I’m spending more time in the gym making muscles! They will be here soon. I’m not so worried now about completing my goals but what life will look like after day 30. I don’t want to go back but there’s a nice middle ground I haven’t found yet.

How yoga changed my life?

Yoga is the best sport for me, the best option to relax, flow and just feel great. I really appreciate those moments I spend during my yoga journey. It kicks me out of problems, obsessive thoughts, depression, feeling like a trash and piece of something unmovable. I really became calmer, more disciplined, organised and clear thoughts come to me much more often. The main is that I can find my inner peace, my self-love level increased and my health is much better now. I found self confidence, I found a hobby and a great time spending, I found myself and I found love to myself. I have never honored myself as much as it’s really needed. And I could not love anyone else. But since I do yoga it’s changed and I found a person I love. Nothing comes easy. Yoga journey is far from easiness. But everything is possible if you don’t stop, if you work and if you have a dream to change at least your small world and so important life.

Next post : my yoga journey↬

When life seems like an insurmountable wall, when you cannot imagine how to take another step… 


Take a moment


Then… go within, deep into your own being.

Divine wisdom and infinite power dwells there.

It is your birthright… what you are.

There is Nothing that you cannot endure, overcome, create or master, when you remember this.

Sometimes life - gently or not so gently - reminds you of this.





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Un po’ mi manca quel mio lato artistico e romantico che avevo ai tempi del liceo… Ora boh sarò cresciuta, cambiata, sarà stata l'università con le sue materie scientifiche chissà… Ma vedo tutto in modo puramente razionale


Take a moment.

FEEL into the world around you.


Breathe deeper… slower.

Perceive LIFE present everywhere.

THIS is where miracles come from.

It is here, present, available… always.


Take a moment.

Remember the truth of what you are.






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One minute today
to share one story about myself,
I encourage you to share one personal thing about yourself,
Just try it,
Don’t listen to anyone else’s opinion or judgements,
The ones who talk to you out of your greatness,
Are usually the ones closest to you?
People on social media,
Basically everyone you know.
People who aren’t doing shit but telling you it’s impossible and you can’t do it,
Prove them wrong,
It only impossible
until somebody does it,
Be that person.

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🏁"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" (Mark Twain)

👍I encourage you to feedback, like, comment & share with people relevant to the topic of PROFIT.🙂

🏁It can be daunting at the beginning of any continuous improvement journey, but you must make those ist steps, once you do you can fly!

You and your people working together in your processes finding where to focus your improvement efforts and grow your profits?

🏁Again don’t forget the reason we are all in business PROFIT!

🏁Sliding Paradigms Ltd is #passionate about sharing tools and techniques which will help organisations look at their #business through different lenses. They can at this point see the #opportunity which was not visible before.
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