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The heat index is somewhere between OMG and WTF stay hydrated and out of the sun

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For me words are a form of - capable of Influencing . Ingrid Bengis

Our law firm is steady making the world a better place; one practice area and industry after another, our culture of excellence a percussion tool of sorts.

soo i guess Influencers need to change their strategies?

RT impakterdotcom starts with you! There are some super things we can adopt into our that will make a big . via ecoimpakt (instagram)

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It’s such a strange feeling to be genuinely happy (for this moment, for now) for someone that you had to cut out of your life.

It’s strange, but I like to think that it means that I’m able to move on from even the most intense friendships securely and healthily.

Episode 1 I THE EVERYTHING DREAM I Eco Fiction Adventure Series

Phoebe Comes home from a year at college and discovers mysteries of her past. She dreams of a magical being who tells her that “Everything is at Stake!.”

Deep in the marrow of her bones Phoebe feels that all her hopes are in danger of being lost. A powerful gem called dreamstone appears at the heart of the mystery.

“I wish Hanson would let us in into their life a little bit. Into their beliefs and values. I feel like there’s a lot of confusion about who they really are. I’d like to know them more. Both Isaac and Zac had a religious awakening, and Isaac seems to have had a deep change in the last couple of years. Zac is becoming more and more of a troll but his songs speak differently. And Taylor? Wait, has Taylor even changed?“