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Where can you meet others to talk about what you care about? What role does listening to and accepting different views play in this?

We should turn in , the lights on red and stop quickly. - just because of the deniers

Having is key to achieving your , but it can only get you so far. Eventually, you have to stop and start doing! Remember this from when things seem to be going nowhere... you might be able to that!

Benefit of recycling #2 - Conserves natural resources such as timber, water and minerals

TY U all for the wonderful Bday msgs! I feel the love ๐Ÿ’œ Itโ€™s been an incredible yr of learning, listening, believing & most of all creating! Weโ€™re all responsible for our journey called Life, & each path has its purple, blacks & whites ๐ŸŒธ

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I just wanted to say how much I love making letcho! 💛

I love the taste and the colours of it! ❤

As a child I always enjoyed letcho made by my mother and now I can make my own. The only difference is that I don’t use any meat to cook it. My mom always added sausages. I only use zucchinis, sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions and spices like pepper, salt and spicy pepper powder 🥒🍅🌶

But there are lots of letcho recipes to be honest I enjoy making my own vegetarian one 🌱

It was an alarming thought that these false selves should still have me in their power, and in my bewilderment I began wondering whether any such thing as my real self could be said to exist at all. Like a sudden revelation, then, it became clear to me that the self was always changing, always developing, only capable of evolving fully through the integration of all past semblances. I wouldn’t be my true self till I accepted and learned to know all those selves I’d disowned and deserted…As if this were something I could do consciously, there and then, the last of my inertia vanished, consumed by an ardent desire for identification with the essential ‘I’ – until this had been achieved I’d always be as I was now, wandering like a stranger, lost, frightened and confused, among the changes and contradictions of my own personality.

Anna Kavan

there are days where i miss them

very much

when i long for their laughter, their smile,

our endless conversations, our adventures

but i know that i was placed before that

specific exit for a reason

because every exit i take

is an entrance to somewhere better

every exit induces change

allows your life to flourish in ways you

hadn’t expected

i still miss them but i know

we’re all in better places – we’re growing,

loving, and happy

and at the end of each day:

everything happens for a reason

@poetrybydelilah via tumblr | on the days i long for their friendship

baby steps…. and baby leaps… and baby jumps

Mission accomplished: stop the downward spiral.

I’ve decided recovery is kind of like being a superhero or a spy (which I’ve decided is a nerdy/tech version of a superhero). Hear me out: all of these new coping mechanisms are kind of like spy gear. Especially initially, they work really well. Eventually, I will need more tools, more help, more support, but for now I am celebrating the fact that ‘hey I tried something’ and ‘hey it actually worked?!’

Small changes in my journaling helped me process my thoughts and make the biggest leaps *10 full notebook sheets later*

What exactly did I do?

1st. Working TREMENDOUSLY to separate the Ed-voice and Ed-self from my Healthy-voice and Healthy-self. This took some time. I have struggled with this for possibly years and remained stuck, unable to identify any real “healthy self” outside of running.

2nd. Journal the exact event or scenario triggering me.

3rd. Identify the ED-voice and it’s response to said scenario.

4th. Identify the healthy-voice and challenge the ED-voice.

5th. Identify a healthy alternative to said scenario.

6th. Enact the healthy alternative.

Now, this is 90% of my journaling. Identifying the thought, challenging it, offering a better alternative.


You, yes you, are beautiful and worthy of so much love. Don’t look at what you’ve done and where you’ve been in shame. Feel conviction to change instead. People will hate you and will never accept that you can change. Change anyways. Prove them wrong. They’re will also be those who support you, who will love you beyond anything you can imagine. Find them a d hold on to them. You don’t deserve their love and they don’t deserve your love, but thats the amazing and beautiful thing: True love is a gift that is far greater than what any of us could ever deserve.

Worthy of love, but undeserving of it. A beautiful contradiction you and I both are.

That is to say: when an experience is connected to a smell it can influence behavior accordingly. If you need to improve your mood and change your behavior a better way to do it would be to create an emotional attachment to a particular smell 🤔

Rachel S. Herz (2009) Aromatherapy Facts and Fictions: A Scientific Analysis of Olfactory Effects on Mood, Physiology and Behavior, International Journal of Neuroscience, 119:2, 263-290.

The only reason you donโ€™t have what you want is because you have a story about why you canโ€™t have it, so we need to be conscious of the stories we are telling ourselves and once we have awareness then we have the power to change it.
—  Zac Dixon, Belief
What I would change...

There are many things that i would like to change, whether its about the world, other people, or about me. In this occasion I will only talk about the things that I would like to change about myself, my past and my current life. If I had the opportunity to change things about myself, what would I change? I won’t talk about psychical appearance because that is a very personal topic, so I’ll talk about other things.

First, what I would change about myself. I would change the way I open up to people, sometimes I have a hard time doing so, because I don’t want to affect close friends or relatives with my problems. I don’t want them to think I’m a vulnerable or weak person, sometimes I also don’t open up because I don’t think they’ll know how to react or what advice to give me. A very close friend had already told me about this, and if it wasn’t for her, I would have never noticed. I would change my procrastination, I procrastinate a lot and I hope I’ll be able to change that soon.

With the past, I would have changed the way I treated some of my old friends, I would change my relationship with my mom and dad. I would change the way I treated my dad, for a long time I tried to push him away and I barely talked to him, our bond was not strong, we were not close, and I think it was hard for both of us. I would change the things I told my mom, I wish I had told her more about my life, I wish I had asked for more life advices and I wish I had asked her more about her life and feelings. I would change the way I treated myself, I wish I hadn’t spent a big part of my life looking for the love I couldn’t give myself in others.

And finally, current life, I would change the way I look at myself, and if I could, the way others look at me. I would change all the decisions I have made that affect me today, if I had decided this sooner, I wouldn’t have a lot of problems I have at the time, if I had though twice about the bad decisions that I have made, I would have realized that this decisions would not only affect me, but close friends and family.

Half of the things that I would change about my life, are things that I can actually change about my life, I have control over them, I had been aware of this fact ever since I started writing this essay, so I’ll take this as a learning opportunity and I’ll do my best to change the things I can change.