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Fusée, plage, aéroport, boulevard parisien, forêt automnale… les décors des défilés font leur show à chaque saison. Les plus beaux décors des défilés Chanel en 34 photos

hoy les compartimos cinco de los momentos favoritos del de en el cine. ¿Cuál es su favorito?

☁️;💌 «Никто не обещал, что будет легко, терпи душа моя, терпи...» [ ]

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تسلّمت أمس مهام منصب المصمم الراحل لتتحول إلى مديرة إبداعية بدار ، حيث تعمل فرجيني منذ 32 عاماً في هذه الدار الفرنسية العريقة، وستكون مهمتها الأساسية بعد اليوم الحفاظ على إرث جابرييل وكارل لاغرفيلد معاً.

, iconic creative director of Chanel, spent his final years obsessed with his greatest muse. She's fabulous, she's finicky, she's...feline? Meet : heir to the great fortune and the most glamorous cat in the world! LISTEN 🎧

*シャネル~* 買ってしまったw 買ってしまったw かわいすぎる♥️♥️♥️ 楽々買えちゃう秘訣を ご紹介♥️友達登録してね♥️

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Lily-Rose Depp for Vogue Japan, 2017

anonymous asked:

*whispers while slowly walking by* “ahem lots of chanel family folk & fashion insiders scrolled on passed LRD’s tribute” *walks away*

Maybe she should have refrained from writing that “Karl was loyal” in her tribute post. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬

Gisele’s tribute to Karl-

When I met Karl, I was 17 years old. I remember being so nervous at first, after all, he was the legendary Karl Lagerfeld…but he was one of the sweetest and most gentle men I have met. I feel so lucky that I got to know him and will always remember his powerful presence. You will be missed. 💔
Quando conheci Karl, tinha 17 anos. Lembro-me de estar muito nervosa, afinal ele era o lendário Karl Lagerfeld…mas ele foi um dos homens mais doces e gentis que já conheci. Me sinto sortuda por ter tido este privilégio. Sempre me lembrarei de sua poderosa presença. Sentiremos a sua falta. 💔