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The King of bodybuilding! 👑
Video: @schwarzenegger
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“Todo Lo Que Hace Contigo, Lo Aprendió Conmigo…”

PARACELSO⁹⁴¹¹ · ᴀᴋᴀ “El Niño Genio”
“El AntiPoeta”
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Books That I’d Like to See as Movies or TV Shows

1. The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series: Let’s face it, anyone who has read a single PJO book knows that the two current movies need to be redone. They’re just… so bad…

2. The Legend trilogy: Come on, who doesn’t want to see the action-packed novel that is Legend come to life. Especially with all the stunts, chases, knife fights, scaling buildings, quick escapes, and America’s possible future as a whole tbh… Also June… and Day…

3. The Night Circus (or Le Cirque des Revés): The beautifully written novel that is the Night Circus is just so vivid and colorful, (despite it’s monochrome theme.) Also I’d love to see the actual circus and the magic that goes on in it and just yeeeeeee.

4. We are the Ants: Okay it’s 20gayteen so we need more LGBT representation, also aliens, also the end of the world, also broken families, also serious subjects, also it’s fantastic and humorous and has a very powerful message about being human.

5. At the Edge of the Universe: Okay, kind of like We Are the Ants cause it’s 20gayteen and includes a gay main character. Also the main character’s best friend is a genderfluid punk rock star with awesome hair. It also deals with tough subjects like types of abuse, divorce, depression, self-harm, lost relationships, etc. It’s a pretty great book and I need it.

6. The Hush Hush saga: Okay this one’s an old series and the only reason I want it on screen is because I’ve loved this series since I was little. Shiny vampires can step aside because fallen angels and nephilim are waaaay better. (Also, although there is romance in it, the main female isn’t submissive or reliant on her fallen angel bf, plus it has great characters like Scott Parnell and Vee Sky… Also Patch… Patch guys.)

7. The Six of Crows series: ….do I need to explain myself?

8. Take Back the Skies: okay literally no one has heard of this book but I love it so much and it was also one of the first few books I’ve read. It has a pretty and aesthetic cover. It has steampunk and 1800s aesthetics. A girl dresses up as a guy because her high and mighty life sucks ass and she just wants to work on a ship for the rest of her life. Fox is a character that exists. Also flying ships… Flying ships you guys. Seriously, this book needs more attention.

Feel free to keep the list going!