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Welcome Brandon Eisen! Championship winner. Throughout the interview Brandon talks about his poker beginnings and his rollercoaster ride in the Championship to lock up his greatest score to date!

OMI is my new favorite song by you! Can’t wait to see the fight!

Bring back the bacon is real!!! 😍😍😍 PS: sulit ang malupitang cheer namin kanina eh 😂

"A needs a motivation above and beyond winning" Pat Riley How Kids can at Life:

Launch a program, reduce litter, build a garden, improve air quality – what would your K-12 class do as a of the ? Apply by October 16 to fund your project with a grant from DHEC, , and !

vous informe que le Firefighter Surf Contest National aura lieu les 5 et 6 octobre 2018 à Lacanau en Au programme Longboard et Shortboard Vous pouvez dès à présent télécharger le dossier d'inscription ici

A big Warm Wales welcome to Rachael, our newest Community Energy Champion, who will be working on our Warm & Safe Homes projects in RCT and Cardiff.

Olympic Champion EVALDAS PETRAUSKAS Will meet you at KAUNAS just in ONE MONTH period 🔥🥊 DREAM BOXING AND KOK WORLD SERIES 2018 ‼️ 🎥LIVE- FightBox HD🎥 -------- 🇱🇹

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I want to assume Sam will eventually get his powers back, so I tried my hand at an upgrade for him inspired by the Bakian family’s Nova suits from Infinity Gauntlet.Pose reference from Marvel Future Fight.

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I have a dolphin pillow pet named Phillip. I got him when I was about 16, and now I’m 22. He went to college with me all four years and I take him to travel with me because I can’t sleep without him anymore. No shame. I love pillow pets.

this is such a mood tbh. Mine is named dolphy because i’m the queen of original names and i impulse took him to college my first year and now here we are today. They’re the best!


180815 Show Champion Fan Meeting