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, something here doesn't line up..there's 3 days 18hrs remaining but the last set of challenges don't unlock for another 4 days? 🤔

@uamapmyrun Challenges, me 🆚 the year on 250k since January 1st and earned my Built Tough badge!! Just saying 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🙌🏻

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Just a thought, when ignorant people speak of things they don’t have a freaking clue about, let’s invite them to do a 3 day shift with the people they insult!!

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Interviewing farmers to know how they practice and they encounter @esaikaw

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I did it for a dare! I mean, for the Atoms!


Feeling pretty tired today from many hours of driving in the past few days, so today is just for cleaning and watching Edrolo videos.

19. What’s your must-have piece of stationery?

My 0.35mm pens, they’re very pretty and very nice to write with.

20. Where are you hoping to be 5 years from now? 10? 15?

Within the next 10 years, I’d like to travel and then come back to Melbourne to go to uni. Then I have no idea what haha

🎶 - Mötley Crüe - Without You

The “Signs of Homer Simpson” Challenge

As requested by @punkrockpan today starts the “Signs of Homer Simpson” challenge. I’ll be posting the many pennants and hand written warnings/requests that Homer Simpson has shared around Springfield for the next few days so I hope you’re all excited!

Please continue to send requests, questions, original work and, as usual, I am accepting challenges!


Simpsons Fans Unite!

This is where it gets harder

This is day 5. Friday! I’m nervous. I don’t want to ruin this past week, but I usually eat like a cow on the weekend. I’m not so much scared of eating. It’s how I get around it without anyone finding out.


1. Friday night dinners

My husband and I get takeout!

I have 500 calories to work with. Hopefully we can go to EarthFare and I can make a giant salad and it won’t look suspicious.

2. Family is coming tomorrow

They are getting a sandwich platter. I’m vegan so I get to do my own thing. May get a wrap… even though they are huge.. not eat all of it. I can maybe skip breakfast too since we will sleep in a little. I can say It’s so close to lunch that I won’t be hungry then.

Saturday night we usually go out and get something again or are already out. So maybe I get away with a salad again.

3. Sunday all day!

Eat breakfast like normal

Small lunch!!! This is where I have trouble. But we are going to see Dumbo probably so it should overlap with lunch.

Back to normal dinner.

I’ve just got to stay strong! I’ve got this! I can do this. Nothing feels better than skinny!


Life is tough.

You got to withstand through lots of challenges. Whether it’s school, family, friends, finances, or maybe within yourself.

You’ve got to keep holding on. You’ve got to keep trying. You’ve got to remind yourself that you are never truly alone. That there is someone there for you. That there is someone to give you a hand.

Through thick and thin, I hope you believe that. And I hope you don’t give up.

Heavy Hearts

Walking into the building, I saw a couple ahead of me. A tall, slender, neatly dressed woman with white hair, light-colored button-down shirt tucked into khaki slacks, maybe 75. Rather elegant and graceful. And with her a younger fellow, maybe 40ish, brown hair, I would guess her son.

Nothing remarkable. They weren’t chatting, but they looked as we often do before medical appointments…a little serious and a little nervous. I went up the elevator to take care of things, and didn’t notice where they moved on to.

It was sunny, hot, sticky that day, and the elevators in the parking garage were not working, so the medical facilities provided large golf cart type shuttle service back and forth to the cars/buildings. As I was leaving my building through the sliding doors, a little preoccupied with my own problems, I looked up and saw across the road the same couple I had seen earlier, now outside in front of the garage. I assumed they were waiting for a shuttle to take them to their car.

The woman was sitting on a concrete wall, just right of the garage entrance. Her legs were together, but uncrossed and dangling, her shoulders slumped over dramatically, almost to her waist. Her back was rounded, and her head hanging and resting face-down on the palms of her hands. The son was standing a few feet from her, looking away in the direction of the road, appearing to me as if he felt a little embarrassed and a little helpless.

Maybe she had just received treatment and felt weak. Or maybe she was in some pain. Maybe she was thinking about her situation, what had just transpired at her appointment. I can’t know, but it looked to me like a woman overwhelmed by the burdens she was facing. Whatever it was, she looked so sad and discouraged.

I saw from the look on her son’s face that he was hurting too and maybe trying to think of what he should do.

It’s part of life, I know. But it broke my heart.

I looked away from them and avoided walking near them as I approached the garage entrance.

I can’t forget, though, the image of the two of them, waiting there…by themselves…so vulnerable and yet so public, trying to hold it together despite the crushing weight of their problems.


A raw video footage from the ongoing Nimsdai challenge in collaboration with @nimsdai and his team’s cool drone shots paired with my @GoPro ridge-walking on the rarely climbed Dutch Rib below Camp 3. In the video, I first climbed past the precarious bivy tent, then descended back down to store my gear until the next rotation after this storm cycle. At the end @bar_sn appears on the ridge below me. Nimsdai’s tent placement is one of the coolest and most precarious spots I have seen. (And these guys spent a night there :)
Video edit: @alit_madesire @levelgloves
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This has given me pause.

This time last week Notre Dame needed €150m for restoration work, but not enough money was forthcoming… although why, when the Catholic Church is one of the richest entities on earth, is not entirely clear.

Now after last night’s fire, €700m has been raised (so far), donated largely by huge French corporations like L’Oreal, Kering and Total.

Hmm. “Misfortunes” really do appear to move in mysterious ways.

So my point to you is this: However disastrous things may appear to be, there is always an upswing to counter any downswing.

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We’ve all got our challenges in life, but if you believe you have what it takes to rise to the challenge you face, you definitely have what it takes to succeed despite the odds.
—  David Fairweather, Winning Mindset

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April Study Challenge

10. What are some of your general study tips?  

1. Try to eliminate any distractions.

2. Study in a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

3. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t wrap your mind around a topic or understand something. Just try to see your teacher (or whoever you’re handing the work to) and ask them, or ask a friend doing the same subject. If none of those work, Google might help. But you’re not stupid of you don’t understand it.

4. Get enough sleep. I’m still working out my sleep schedule, but it seems I function better on 9+ hours sleep. And try to keep a regular sleep and wake time. I can’t, and it drives me nuts.

5. Make sure that you put everything that you’ll need right near you. I often find that I’ll get hungry or forget something that I needed and I get up to get it. Then I get distracted and it’s not good.