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Checkout My Upload - DAYS GONE - Sarah - Surrounded (292 ,860)

15th Birthday issued by . Day 1/7. 89 teams registered, 84 on the run. ranks 19th with 4.092.027 points. Nice start with only 15 teammates! 😮 Keep crunching hard guys! 💪

! Postet eure liebsten . Zehn Tage, zehn Bücher. Nur das Cover, keine Kommentare.

Les démos finales du sont maintenant! Après 36h de travail acharné, 6min de démo, 3 de pitch et 2 de questions pour convaincre notre super jury! ⏳⚡️

And the winner is... Team Xiple StaraOke-sovelluksellaan! Staran Reboot Building Repairs -haasteen pääpalkinnon voittanut StaraOke-sovellus sujuvoittaa mm. rakennushankkeen tiedonkulkua

"Aus dem Material wollen wir eine Dokumentation machen, um noch mehr Kinder für die Ideen des Klimaschutz zu begeistern" ⠀ Die Teilnehmer der Klimaaktionswoche haben sich aktiv mit Klimaschutz beschäftigt und dies dokumentiert.

HEY !! I want to create a new challenge guys ! 😁 Draw yourself in a Pokemon trainer !! I want to see your works so put this !! : GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !! 😌💪

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Postet eure liebsten . Zehn Tage, zehn Bücher. Nur das Cover, keine Kommentare. Tag 6 / 10 Ich nominiere

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Danke dir! Ich nominiere . Postet eure liebsten . Zehn Tage, zehn Bücher. Nur das Cover, keine Kommentare.

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For those of you who are wondering? The word was ‘witch’. Now you try it and let me know in the comments section below!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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My final Chuck Jones attempts, with the bottom being perhaps the closest attempt (the pig nose I kept drawing on Batzil ruins it). In the above shot, I drew Dart as a sparrow so his colors are completely different. Thanks to Chuck I learned a bit about how to draw mouths, cheeks, and body structure.


@waelzz00 is proving that stock JL is an awesome Jeep as well. Do you agree?🤔

Reposted from @waelzz00 - Who said #stocksucks ?

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3 x 100kg Clean & Jerk.

Feeling more confidence with the squat jerk technique. Seems nice when lifting with barefoot shoes.

@mastrength @daryllpt #cj #chineseweightlifting #uksca #crossfit #weightlifting #challenge #sats (at SATS Bjørvika)

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Week #2 Results @holidazeworkoutchallenge

This week, I have achieved:

- 4 out of 7 days for my blue dots

- 4 out of 5 days for my exercise (mainly walking around at work and outside)

Kinda bummed I didn’t hit my blue dots, but better luck this upcoming week and honestly it was because my first week at work has been causes for celebration 😁😁😁

In the end, I got 50% of my goals, so I have scored 6 points from the last week! 😊😊😊


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Who Am I Challenge

I was tagged by the amazing @you-kinda-smell-like-christmas. Thank you love! (Go check her out💕)

Favourite colour - navy blue or any pastel colour tbh.

Song that makes me cry - honestly, I don’t really cry at songs but Secret Love Song by Little Mix gets me because of the meaning behind it. I always love it when they sing it live.

Natural scent - ooh Light Blue from Dolce & Gabbana. We love a boujee bitch (jk I’m anything but rich lol).

Favourite animal - wolf.

Favourite book - Simon and the Homosapien Agenda. Fucking love it. Please go read it.

I tag - @ericks-mala-actitud @apla-o-eaytos-mou @alexmariesblog @christophersdicc @zabdieldejesus


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I’m sold. This is legit. 🔥🔥🔥
[via @redbull]

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Face it

The priest earlier said how Jesus wants us to confront our challenges and move past them. That we should hold ourselves accountable. Lord, please help us all get through whatever we need to get through in order to be the person you made us to be

9 lives for pack-sim nine? Maiara & Kiki like the sound of that! Eirik & Gunnar tend to believe more in forever and ever and ever. Either way these four will be best friends for eternity! 

These two are built from the Cats&Dogs pack are are available for download in the Sims4 Gallery! Search for any of the following: -roguerawnee- “Cat hair Everywhere” or “Covered in Dog Hair” 

Remember, a pet is for life ❤️ with Christmas just around the corner, please gift responsibly ❤️ 

Weavember day 17 hearts and 27 top hat !

Silly commission for @racerfanx 

thanks for letting me draw my bubs!
Love magic from fluffy mustachio!


Links on profile uwu tumblr is a big meany

>^<Thank you for the support and for reblogging!


Huevember Ninja

I can’t commit to daily things, so I made a little table with the ninja and colours of the rainbow. This way, I can practice drawing and stuff without the pressure of days.


I’m going to try for getting bingo with the drawings.

If anyone wants to join in, or request ninja and colours, go for it! ❤️❤️❤️


I’ve decided to start a 30-day drawing challenge to push myself to practice drawing every day. To get in the habit. 

I’ll start off with a goal of doing two head anatomy studies/drawings and two people/characters’ faces each day. 

Day 21/100 - 16.11.2019

I am now absolutely convinced that anyone who says Shakespeare is still relevant today is just fooling themselves. Today I…

- finished the layers for my Star Wars box and pasted them together

- finished the frame for the box (just one more step and I’ll be done!!)

- ate leftovers for lunch

- went to see Measure for Measure at the Barbican


He wanted a taste! He probably knows the scent is sooo tempting! Become a smartship member customer & order the 10 day Drink Ketones Challenge kit! #challenge #pruvit #ketones #keto #nat #pruvitketones #10dayDrinkKetonesChallenge #pruviteveryday #pruvitnow #prüvit
(at Brampton, Ontario)

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