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Guess your favorite & them!

Proud to be awarded by as one of the winners of 2019! Great opportunity to showcase our solution on Very High Resolution satellite imagery at

Bought a new pair of . 😎 The : guess how much they cost. 💰 There will be a prize if someone gets it correct 😉

► 𝗔 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗻𝗴𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗧𝘂𝗲𝘀𝗱𝗮𝘆 “Vision reveals new horizons. Imagine!” —Gary J. Lanham Follow for inspiring, motivating, and challenging content.

Filling our bowl during the last week of school!! ASL Ss participated in the First Annual ASL 4 C’s Bowl. We challenged each other in the areas of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

This is no run of the mill ! The Ultimate Tikva Challenge will not only test your 💪, but your mind🧠 and your 👊 too! Are you up for the ? Sign up at:

Vandaag oplevering concept resultaat Fase 1 voor opdracht: schoorsteenbrand detectie ‘Ik was anders nooit bij Univé binnen gekomen’ is titel advertorial in Leuk om resultaat zo in de publiciteit te zien.

Lancement du avec l' et . Clôture d'un parcours de formation en répondant à la problématqiue stratégique de Cityscoot !

@Canope_91Lancement du CPE DOC PROF Activité brise-glace pour construire l'équipe et découvrir les thématiques de travail

Last-minute call for cyclists! Would you like to join the stem4 team for this amazing challenge & raise money for teenage mental health? We have 2 places remaining - get in touch! 🚴‍♀️

[TEAM AFTEC] Bravo à notre équipe mixte de Tours à 5 pour sa participation au inter entreprises

Got home from our big walk to school to find this... It seems this is no ordinary Sports Week! #

En iniciamos un proyecto de aplicada en el . Los departamentos de superaron el , el aprendizaje continuo fue la clave. Si preparas el futuro, tu trabajo será de más calidad. Mireia Vidal en

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HAd super fun while making this GOLGAPPA CHALLENGE VIDEO with my son.
If you hvnt checks it…go check it 😄♥️😄♥️
Plus there’s small intro sketch…hope you would like it♥️♥️

Check the video here -

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A challenge by Leader Gardenia!

I really like the dynamic sprites the gym leaders have. Hers especially, she’s just so full on power mode!

Before I went into the gym, what was fun by the way, I met Hyper-Uri. He told me of a great plan on how to never lose a battle.

Always hit and never get hit. That’s it? That’s the great plan? Oh, boy, you’re so bashful yet so naive. One way to ensure you always hit is to use moves that don’t check accuracy, such as Aerial Ace, Feint Attack or Aura Sphere.

But if you can just them, so your opponent can! So, never getting hit just won’t work.

Gardenia had a cute team, and only one of them weak to psychic. I really like Turtwig.

But, as always, my Kadabra is super fast and hits very hard, so in the end, this battle wasn’t as hard as it could be.

I won. You have to believe me, even if I can’t find a picture of that. I probably forgot to make a screenshot fast enough, but damn, the dialog just runs through and if you’re running on a higher speed it’s easy to miss it.

I believe, I found a better way to capture screens later on, but for now, I’m sorry.

So maybe have a look at the final state of MC Hammer? Her item is Razor Claw, she had the Pokérus for a while and she knows the elemental punches as well as Force Palm. This is her right before the final battle. And if this were Kalos, she would be holding a Medichamite.

@secretdazedragon | Animagus Outfit Challenge

Another challenge that I’m late to but here’s my take of Tarra Lyall as a Bull Terrier!

Wanted to stick with the 80′s punk/rock style of clothing! This challenge was fun to do and I can’t wait to do some more in the near future! 


As some of you may know there was a trend going around not to long ago where you did your makeup in alphabetical order and today I decided to do my own video doing it

30 words 30 days

To all my fellow writers I have created a new challenge and I am formally throwing the gauntlet down before all of you. I challenge each and every one of you for the next 30 days to write a minimal of 30 words on your WIP. Sounds a little too easy right? Well then let’s do this. If you wish to take part in this challenge then please repost and like this post. I have created it’s own hashtag in order to follow anyone taking part. I also implore you to challenge any writers you know.



Day 9/100 - 20.05.2019

Things were done, others were conveniently pushed to tomorrow. Normal Monday. Today I…

- went to an aerial yoga class

- subbed myself for several casting announcements

- recorded a couple demos for voice over casting announcements

- read chapter two of my audiobook manuscript and took notes

- did the dishes

- read a page of American Gods for my Tumblr

Procrastinating, YET AGAIN!

Hi again to whoever is interested enough to read this. 

In my first post I mentioned that I am a terrible procrastinator, a habit which I am trying to combat. I also mentioned that I am at a kind of loose end for the foreseeable future (due to health issues), so I NEED to pick up hobbies. And I mean ones other than Netflix and watching YouTube videos. 

I adore reading, but I get distracted very easily, so even if I am reading a book and thoroughly enjoying it, I tend to end up leaving it half way read. Sometimes I even reach the final chapter and just forget about the book and never finish it off, FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN PROCRASTINATION. 

Please tell me I am not the only one who does things like this? 

I have decided to challenge myself. I am going to give myself four weeks to finish off any books I have yet to finish. That is a reasonable task, right?

After that, I would like to attempt to read at least three new books by the end of the Summer. I will also write some book reviews, if anybody is interested.

If anyone could leave me some book recommendations I would really appreciate it!

Have a good week. Pray for me and my crippling procrastination attempting to do stuff.




New Ugly to Beauty video with a random sim that was randomly generated by the game. Thought it would be a nice break from building but I ended up working on her for such a long time lol… well hopefully the next video will be out soon with my Bucky and Steve sim makeovers and then my new speed build….


Elliot: “What are you up to?”
Olivia: “Not alot you?”
Elliot: “Same.”
Olivia: “How are you?”
Elliot: “Well you know it’s been a rough year..”
Olivia remembered how six months back Elliot lost his Mother, she felt horrible for not remembering sooner and doing more. All she had done at the time was sent him a text message.
Olivia: “I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there for you.”
Elliot: “It’s not your fault, things like that happen. Freak accidents.”
Olivia: “Still..”
Elliot: “It’s tough losing a parent.. wait shoot, you’d know. My Bad.”
Olivia: “No worries, it’s been so long now they feel like a distant memory. Is that a bad thing?”
Elliot: “I don’t know.” He suffered a laugh.
Olivia: “Okay that got deep and dark let’s switch up the tone?”
Elliot: “Please, thanks.. Liv.”