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Restocked on and now have 2 styles of the glass "cube" candle holders. One with the 7 , and the other with a .

After 5 classes this week, last night's being the hardest and most challenging (bit sore), watching the sunrise at 6am is a beautiful way to start your day. 😊 Be kind to yourself. Be still with yourself. Cancel your 6th yoga class. 😏

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Clear Quartz Clear Quartz amplifies thoughts, energies and the effects of other Crystal's around them. It also removes negativity and rejuvinates & rebalances the emotional, mental and physical planes ❤

An ancient ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years is the placing of stones and . They are placed at specific points on the body that correspond to the chakras or energy centers. The ritual is also known as 'opening' or 'balancing' the .

This lightweight, moisture wicking hoodie is perfect for yoga 🧘‍♀️ or a relaxing day in or out. Find it in our Yoga Collection at Oak+Sage 🌿 🌿 📿

📌Abraza a tu Niño interior, míralo reflejado en cada Niño que ves y a cada Niño que ves bendícelo mientras te bendices a ti mismo. 📍GDL 💜 Sábado 30 de marzo 10:00 am WhatsApp 3331376551

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The Vibrations you will Feel are in Your and all Major ! It will Balance you and you may have Visions, Lightheadedness so DO NOT OPERATE VEHICLE WHILE WATCHING! It may make you have visions of Wealth and act on them! Afterall...

Just bought these amazing to open and activate the that I'm working on. They are made from vegetable based inks and adhesive so friendly. Get yours from next weekend 🙏

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Some people get lost for so long they forget what it was like to be themselves. Find yourself again.

Happy Full Moon. We are still in Mercury Retrograde 😅 it’s been a wild ride these past few weeks but we thank and honor the Universe for showing us our dark side. For revealing to us what no longer serves us and allowing us to make the choice to let it go and grow from it or spend another 5 year’s learning the same lessons. Thank you for reaching deep into our spirit and pulling out the shadows we have shoved way deep down in us because of fear of facing our past and our shitty behavior. We honor the journey we have chosen to walk on no matter how lonely, scary or crazy it may seem. Face your fears, grow from them and honor who you are and Mother Earth 🌏 🌈💕who has given you the privilege to set foot on her beauty. You are strong and may we all shine our light no matter how dark or scary things may seem. Love & Light ♥️🙏🌈🦋
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