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These pretty and earrings are heading to Michigan! ❣️

'Omg these pliers! Where have you been all my life?! I am seriously obsessed and will not stop until I have them all! For anyone who does or making, these should be a must have!' - thanks to @diversedesignsmm (instagram) for this fantastic photo!

A while ago I had modified a friends , so for years had been packing these rings around going ok there's gotta be a use for them. Figured it out🤣

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Chainmaille Bracelet - Stainless Steel & Copper - Full Persian

Byzantine Kits We have revamped our ever-popular Byzantine Bracelet Kits using the vibrant colours in saw cut anodised aluminium - there are 6 colourways. The kits include everything you need to make one bracelet and are rated Beading Easy.

Druid Chains is more than just an online boutique filled with exquisite earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories. See these awesome creations in person in the Vendor Hall! Check them out beforehand:

Do you like? Shall we make more? Nick and Marcia's latest creation. The Forbidden Eye pendant designed by Jen Irwin.

Time for a new piece! I have been working on this one for a while and I am so happy I can share with you! Rainbow Bracelet using square wire makes for a shiny and colourful bracelet! Available here -

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I've been away from my pliers and my work bench for too long. Mailled this slinky bracelet using rings from @bluebuddhaboutique


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Feels good to be back after I got to finish my 2018. and start 2019, with a well earned break! Well, a break from posting at least, ‘cause I never really stop making stuff 😜 I’m back at it now though! Here’s this crazy four row wide GSG necklace I particularly like! To make it, I used both 18 gauge and 19 gauge Stainless Steel wire, from which I made four different link diameters, and then arranged them to make the pattern curve. All this is to say, it lays naturally, perfectly, flat around your neck. I sure do love a clever trick!

Realized I never actually posted these awesome shots of my medieval Captain America cosplay. Taken by Ryzen Xia at Navy Pier during Ace Comic Con in Chicago. He’s a sorcerer, clearly, because he actually made me look cool.

Chainmaille done by me ‘cause I got a ridiculous idea in my head one day that wouldn’t go away until I actually built it. That’s it, that’s the whole reason for the cosplay.