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Checked my email for some verification code for an email account and happened to see:

1) I passed my Tefl assignments and can download my certification now woo

2) a job I applied for wants to set up an interview (please wish me luck with this though since my anxiety will be on edge until this call is over and done with)

“Ah yeah” from Seventeen was on at the time and it’s so peppy and fitting with this moment so you can bet I was jamming to it lol.

New app suite targets AWS enterprise customers

AWS plans to build and deploy an internal suite of web applications to deepen its relationship with enterprises and fend off cloud competitors, especially Microsoft.

The application suite will emanate from AWS’ business development team for its internal employees’ use. Details have emerged via recent AWS job postings for full-stack software development engineers. Business development is a term often used interchangeably with sales, but typically it combines sales, marketing and customer support practices to generate opportunities for growth.

 Amazon seeks to understand how it can add value for AWS enterprise customers from a business perspective, outside of additional services or enhanced features for existing ones.AWS wants to become more of a business adviser to its customers and plans to provide more options, thanks, in part, to an app suite currently in use by its in-house employees.

2019 Personal Goals. .

  • Return to college. Gaining both MIG and TIG certificates.
  • Find a suitable job.. (I was thinking either in the UK or Germany. Super curious to newer outside of the USA experience.)
  • Visit at least one ACTUAL beach.. Not the Lakes (lol. I am a Michigan girl, but it’d be nice to see the ocean at least once.)
  • After a few years in the Work area of welding, travel a little bit more. Whats not to see in life?
  • See what happens if any of this gets accomplished 😜💕