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farmers are worried about their future after the deal was rejected by MPs on Tuesday, calling it a ‘desperate situation’. farmer and chairman of the Livestock Board Wyn Evans isn’t sure what the future holds. 👉

These lovely brochures were designed and printed in our studio for Pencnwc Holiday Park, Quay

Bore Da and It's a cold January day, but remember if you are out and about keep your notifications switched on so you dont miss any and Tweets

Our staff at were taking the 'Meet the team' poster design project in line with our GDPR guidance a bit too far...

Are you in receipt of ESA or have limited capability for work under Universal Credit Full Service? Thinking of work and moving forwards? Contact the Small Employer Adviser in your area. Dave Callen 07717441231

- Gweithredwr Llinell Botel Gweithio i - Bottle Line Operator Working for Ty Nant Spring Water Ltd Dyddiad cau | Closing date: 24/02/19 Gwneud cais NAWR! Apply NOW!

We’ve added to our refillable range. As well as laundry liquid, fabric softener, washing up liquid and household cleaner, we’ve added toilet cleaner too. All available as one litre refills. Look out for discounts in store.

Technology Enabled Care Officer being advertised You'll deliver the installation and maintenance of Telecare equipment mainly in Powys and as well as . Apply by 23/01/19 for details

2. Whether you choose to explore the countryside or see the sights of Aberystwyth, relaxing in the hot tub is a must at Paith Holiday Cottages! Accepts Dogs & Small Pets 🐶🐱

Join us this evening for a talk about Mandalas with Anne Thomas of Shining Edge arts.

Printed tariffs are a great way to give clients information about your price structure. These tariffs were designed and printed for Pencnwc Holiday Park, Quay

The rural location, luxurious interiors & welcoming hot tub all make Paith Holiday Cottages a fabulous choice for a romantic staycation! Accepts Dogs & Small Pets 🐶🐱

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Vinca minor.

Lesser periwinkle. The same village and about the same time as the snowdrops.


I made this photograph a couple of weeks ago, intending to give a print to a friend who really liked a 2010 image I made at the same place.  He suffered a brain haemorrhage on the same night, and died yesterday, so never saw it.


Ar 🌊 yn rolio chwerthin ar y traeth #video #breakwater #Harbwr #Aberystwyth #Ceredigion #Maven #Filter

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“… but to drive that way without making a needless detour through Borth would be to display the wrong attitude to life, the attitude evinced by those who are too busy to stop and admire the view, unaware that this is largely what life is for. It’s just a simple road, ruler straight for 3 miles, between the railway line and the shore, parallel to each; a few shops; a railway station whose primitive simplicity evokes those halts in the Wild West where the gunslingers wait three days for the train and shoot the only man to step off the train. The road and houses, beads on a string, are a single thread thinner than a tripwire. Borth is a cheerful haven of demotic pleasure. The land between the railway and the sea is scrub, like a tramp’s coat – weather-stained and trimmed at the cuffs with marram grass. In winter everything is closed and the shutters squeak. But in summer, everything is bright, silver and blue. Dark spots dance before your eyes from the endless brightness. It is a vinyl-scented trove of rubber rings, spade, buckets and mats. The eyes ache from squinting and the distant roar of the churning water has the effect of muffling all sound, near or far. Sand gets in your eyes and between your teeth; in the milk and the butter, in your bed and in your toothpaste. And every evening, inflatable rubber dinghies wildly unsuited to the sea transport children like little Hansels and Gretels over the horizon to Greenland.”

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Malcolm Pryce capturing the very essence of seaside villages (Borth is right down the far end of the beach) in Last Tango in Aberystwyth