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| UBeesize Tripod S Tripod, Tripod with Remote Shutter. Compatible with / , Mini Tripod Stand Holder for /other

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Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares


Lockscreen - Catra & Scorpia (alone)

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Do you plan on taking a lot of photos over the holidays? Well here’s a fun project for you by @tech_boys_toys.
Build your own cell phone gimbal!
Servo MG90S
Servo MG995
Arduino Nano
Li-ion battery
IC 7805
How would you improve upon this project?
DM for the link to the full video!
#arduino #arduinonano #arduinoprojects #diyelectronics #diyproject #gimbal #gimbalstabilizer #cellphone #hobbylobby #servo #codingheroes #stem #stemeducation #stemforkids #coding #codinglife #engineering #electronics (at Busan, South Korea)

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