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You’re only allowed to kill one celebrity with one implement... ...anddd let the carnage commence. Mine has to be Taylor Swift, with large hammer. I know, please don’t send assassins.

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I predicted Liam Hemsworth filing for divorce from Miley 💔👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🔮🧿


Okay, so I was flexing my intuition this past Sunday & decided to look into this situation, & I definitely was not expecting what came out today, & how it correlated to my reading. Though I’m not normal heavily invested in what I’m reading because I take celebrity readings lightly, I wasn’t expecting for what I read to be 3 days shy of it actually being publicized. Main point in the read:

A divorce will happen. & Liam will initiate it.

Before I ramble, here are the points I was able to pick up in this reading & I know a lot of who are familiar with the couple can vibe with some of the things in this reading.

I want all reading to keep on mind; I made this prediction on August 18th, & the divorce announcement happened August 21st, 3 days shy.

💔 Energy surrounding their relationship:

  • They had hope for the relationship, & wanted to make it work
  • the commitment/marriage was going through a trial
  • Miley may have been ‘living her best life’, Liam obviously not pleased
  • SOCIAL MEDIA plays a huge role here
  • The couple may have already been separated before announcing separation
  • Miley was so open on SM, because Liam may be trying to make her a housewife or has the energy to 'keep her in the house’.
  • Liam may have always been suspicious of Miley, or not trusting
  • Marriage may have already been on the rocks for a while.

💔 Miley’s feelings toward Liam & the relationship:

•was fighting for her freedom

•Liam didn’t want her going out all the time, or even being exposed.

•He wanted her to be the perfect wife


•didn’t know that this was, or is realizing it to be what it meant to be married to him

•fighting with other people about of this was the right thing for her

•was unsure if she was wanted to marry him.

•She wanted to get away from the house/him

•felt like she was being forced into marrying him

💔 Liam’s feelings toward Miley & the relationship:

•thinking about divorce

•doesn’t want to be associated with her romantically

•considered her a friend even on bad terms

•feels betrayed

•doesn’t have any intention of speaking with her at this time

•people around him are probably rejoicing that this happened

•doesn’t have anything to say to her

•court; divorce

💔 What’s next for the relationship:

•Liam will always have love for Miley, but as of right now, he wants to be estranged from her

•will most likely go through with the divorce

•financial drain

•nobody wants to bother with the marriage

•Liam is moving on

•they will always be friends

💔👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 Miley Scandal:

•she wanted to get over shit & heal

•wasn’t prepared for the exposure but she did it out of spite in a way

•feels that she put salt on the wound with it in the public

•believes things will be over because of it.

•wasn’t a serious fling