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Star> Series> Kim Kardashian calls Khloé a ‘single mom' after..

"With celeb status comes a great responsibility" Perfect meme for those who follow blindly. Few of those beloved "stars" got exposed in under High time to create awareness against , especially in this

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Anne Hathaway

New England Born NHL Picks: 1999

Jeff Jillson, 14th overall/San Jose (North Smithfield, Rhode Island)

Michael Ryan, 32nd overall/Dallas (Boston, Massachusetts)

Dan Cavanaugh, 38th overall/Calgary (Springfield, Massachusetts)

Doug Janik, 55th overall/Buffalo (Agawam, Massachusetts)

Ed Hill, 61st overall/Nashville (Newburyport, Massachusetts)

Mark Concannon, 82nd overall/San Jose (Winchendon, Massachusetts)

Brian Collins, 87th overall/New York Islanders (Shrewsbury, Massachusetts)

Patrick Aufiero, 90th overall/New York Rangers (Winchester, Massachusetts)

Chris Dyment, 97th overall/Montreal (Reading, Massachusetts)

Willie Levesque, 111th overall/San Jose (Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts)

Trevor Byrne, 143rd overall/Colorado (Hingham, Massachusetts)

Niko Dimitrakos, 155th overall/San Jose (Somerville, Massachusetts)

Kyle Clark, 175th overall/Washington (Essex, Vermont)

John Cronin, 236th overall/Boston (Duxbury, Massachusetts)

Justin Dziama, 242nd overall/New Jersey (Natick, Massachusetts)

Brian Sullivan, 243rd overall/Dallas (Marshfield, Massachusetts)

Peter Metcalf, 267th overall/Toronto (Pembroke, Massachusetts)

So... How are babies made?

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Fluff, Mentions of sex

A/N: This is my first ever fanfic so I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 1.5k

     “Mama! Papa!” Two young girls leapt onto their parents bed. The eldest, Maria, had her father’s light brown hair in a pixie cut hairstyle and pale skin, but she had her mother’s stern, light grey eyes. The youngest one, Emily, on the other hand resembled more like her mother, the same long, wavy, dark brown, almost black hair and tanned skin but with her father’s bright blue eyes.

   “Huh?” Elena Aralleno woke up groggily and found Emily poking her face curiously while Maria was curled up on her father’s chest. “Emily, what are you doing?”

   “Well… Maria and I wanted to see if you two were up, but you weren’t. So, we wanted to wake you up!” She exclaimed happily. “But now since you’re up and Papa isn’t… maybe I’ll try getting him up too!”

   Elena watched in amusement as her two young daughters tried everything they could in order to get their father up. After a few tries, he finally opened his eyes and grabbed both of them before engulfing them in a huge bear hug.

    “Is that how you wake your father up?” Tom asked with a grin. His light brown hair was tousled from rolling in his sleep, but his baby blue eyes were wide with happiness.

    “It was Maria’s idea!” Emily exclaimed right away.

    “No!” She protested.

    Tom laughed and covered his daughter’s faces with kisses. “Hey!” Maria protested. “This isn’t fair!”

   “You two want breakfast?” Tom asked, changing the subject.

   “Can we have waffles?” Emily asked. “We haven’t had them in a long time.”

   “Of course,” Tom smiled. “We’ll be downstairs in a bit.”

    “Before you two eat, you need to brush your teeth remember?” Elena pointed out.

    “Do we have to?” Emily protested.

    “Yes, you do love,” Elena replied.

    Emily pouted but nevertheless, she and Maria ran out of their parents’ bedroom, giggling and laughing.

   Elena groaned and stretched her arms above her head, “god I’m exhausted.”

   “From last night’s activities?” Tom asked slyly.

   Elena’s answer was a flying pillow that smacked Tom right in the face, “shh! What if the kids hear?”

   “I don’t think so darling, I can see that their door is closed,” Tom says.

   Tom and Elena have been married for seven years now. At the time, Elena had a business meeting in England but ended up staying for about ten months. She and Tom coincidentally met each other at a cafe, after that, the rest was history. The two got to know each other’s interests, their hobbies, what they did for work and overall just getting to know each other. The two were polar opposites but that didn’t interfere with their relationship at all, Tom was the sweet, kind, gentle and quiet English man whilst Elena was the argumentative, cold, tough and scary Latina. Of course, it was difficult at first, with Tom flying around the world and Elena having such a busy work schedule, but somehow, it worked, and here they are, Tom Hiddleston and Elena Aralleno, married with two beautiful daughters living in London.

   How much better could it get?

   Tom kissed Elena’s forehead, “I’m going to take a shower, want to join me?”

   Elena’s face flushed. “I don’t think I can walk that far,” she mumbled.

   Tom chuckled then stood up, wearing a pair of black sweats and a grey t-shirt, he walked to the bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later, she heard him humming a soft tune whilst the shower water began pouring. After a while, the shower stopped and Tom stepped out wearing his clothes from before, only this time, his hair was damp and he was drying himself with a towel. 

  “Do I need to carry you darling?” He asked.          

 “Maybe,” Elena winced as she sat on her bed, wearing Tom’s Loki t-shirt along with a pair of black basketball shorts.   

  Tom placed the towel to the side and picked up his wife before carrying her to the bathroom. They met each other’s eyes before he smiled and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

  “I love you,” he muttered against her cheek.

  “Oh I know, and I love you too,” Elena says playfully.

  Tom set her down and slapped her butt. Elena squeaked and swatted him on the arm, earning her a laugh and another kiss.

  Elena walked into the washroom and took her clothes off, she glanced in the mirror and stared at her light grey eyes, her dark brown wavy hair, the stretch marks around her torso and her toned body which she had earned from all those years playing sports and working out in the gym. After a minute or so, she stepped into the shower, letting the warm water pour all over her. Fast forward a good fifteen minutes or so, and Elena was toweling her hair and throwing the soaked towel onto the rack before running downstairs and finding Tom making while Emily and Maria were running around acting like kids (obviously.)

  Elena wrapped her arms around Tom’s waist and laid her head on his shoulder. He turned his head just a bit and kissed her hair while rubbing her hands.

   “Papa?” Maria piped up.

   “Yes dear?” He says, keeping his eyes on the waffles.

   “Um, yesterday night, were you and Mama making babies?”

   Tom nearly threw the waffle at the ceiling. Elena coughed loudly and pressed her face harder in Tom’s shoulder.

   “What makes you say that love?” Tom asked, trying to keep it cool.

   “Wait…” Emily scrunched her face. “How do you make babies?”

   “Oh dear…” Tom’s face was completely red.

   Elena stifled a snort, “Maria, Emily, you’ll find that out when you’re older.”

   “Ah ha!” Maria exclaimed, pointing her tiny little finger at Tom and Elena accusingly. “You were making more babies!”

   At this point, Tom’s face was so red that he couldn’t speak. Elena was just trying to stifle her laughter to the point where she couldn’t breathe.

   “Waffles are done,” Tom says, clearing his throat.

   “Yay!” Maria and Emily leapt off the couch and grabbed their plates with their tiny hands and ran into the dining room.

   “You know…” Tom glanced at Elena. “We could have more babies.”

    “Oh please,” Elena rolled her eyes. “You just like making them.”

    “You’re not wrong,” he says nonchalantly, grabbing a plate with a golden brown waffle on it.

    “Let’s go eat, and talk about that later,”

    “Tom!” Elena exclaimed in an exasperated voice.

    He laughed and kissed her forehead. “I love seeing you mad.”

   Elena grunted a response and wrapped her arm around Tom’s waist. “I know.”

   The two walked into the dining room where they ate and tried avoiding their daughters curious questions on what they were doing last night.

   ‘The poor girls would be horrified when they find out,’ Elena thought with a sly smile.


(G)I-DLE released individual teaser videos for members Soojin & Shuhua  for “Senorita,” the title track off their upcoming 2nd mini-album “I Made.

Release Date: February 26th

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You may be partially right about flight times. I'm almost certain years ago (at least 10) flight times from NYC to London were around 5 hours. There is a possibility flight routes have changed since then because of air traffic or other reasons. Instead of a direct path maybe it curves a bit to accommodate all the other planes. On some other notes, if/when you have time can you please do a 2020-21 RF/HM astro? What's your honest opinion on Ronaldo?

Yeah, maybe they changed the routes after the volcano in Iceland disrupted so much several years ago. I just remember that it’s not as far as when I’ve flown to London.

Ronaldo…I don’t pay much attention to him at all. I’m not much of a football (soccer) fan. I know he exists but that’s pretty much it.

As for 2020-2021, I’m not sure I understand your abbreviations. Does HM refer to Her Majesty (the Queen) or Harry & Megs? Either way, there’s so much that’s going to go down between now and July 2 that I see no reason to jump the gun by fastforwarding to 2020 when we have this spring’s shit show to get through.