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🎈Celebrating is important!

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker with Measuring Cup and Pourers

🍸HAPPY HOUR!!! The Classic Mojito - put everything in a shaker and mix well, pour over ice and finish with a splash of club soda. πŸŽ‰ Life is a party, so live it like one! .

Post recital celebration at French restaurant in Charleston, Rue de Jean. We shared mussels, beef tartare, & turkey sandwich with pommes frites.

Proud, blessed and standing strong with fellow St. Louisans at today's luncheon . – at Christian Hospital

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the-dream-will-continue  asked:

celebrate by bingewatching an anime or show you've been wanting to watch but never gotten around to

I meant more how should I celebrate and show my appreciation for my followers, but noted!


Testifying to the power of God, the integrity and wonders of His Word, and power of the Spirit in your life is so important. Not only will it cause you to experience more blessings, it’ll keep the devil, his demons, and their nefarious schemes under your feet. When God does something for you, with you, or through you, tell it. Be glad to share your testimonies. Never consider anything the Lord does for you to be too small to talk about. Why is this so important?
Apart from your testimonies glorifying God, and inspiring faith in others, it also causes consternation in Satan’s camp. Not every demon knows you, because they don’t know everything. They may know you as a believer, but they don’t know what you have inside you. They really can’t tell what you think or know. They don’t know if you’re full of fear or full of faith; so, they’re going to test you, to find out.
But when they hear your testimonies; the things that your faith has produced, they take notice and flee from you. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.
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carumens  asked:

Congrats on 100!!!!! 🌠🌠🌠🌠

Your edits give me LIFE!! The scene-like edits make me swoon, and anything about Valba and/or Sunflowers at Night in particular is perfection. 

The edits you make clearly scream “carumens”, and no one else can make something with the same type of personality. It’s amazing!

alucrds  asked:

congratulations!! πŸ’€ - for my character erin bray, he's the protagonist, a little nostalgic, very closed off, finds his release in music, his aesthetic is muted colors, soft edges, dusty concrete floors and sunlight filtering through flowy curtains

Erin sounds awesome! I hope you like it, and I hope I hit some marks at least!



This thought is so simple. At least, it should be simple. And yet it took me a long to understand this. 

I’ve always been a great compartmentalizer. I can easily and naturally separate things in my mind. When I started seeing a counselor for the first time in college, we came up with the image of my having locked filing cabinets in my brain and everything is filed away for later use in a specific drawer which I only need to unlock and access as needed. This applies to I can just as easily compartmentalize my daily life as I can super emotional circumstances. Daily living had it’s own filing cabinet the same way that celebrations did. There was never any need to mix these too.

As I’ve gotten older, my perspective has changed quite a bit. The older I get the more grateful I become for each day I have, the more thankful I am for my relationships, the more I appreciate the small things… I realize now that what I was ultimately doing as my perspective shifted was learning to celebrate life.

I talk a lot in my book about how I thought that if I did a series of things in the right order, that I would be rewarded and find happiness. I never really saw the necessity of celebrating life’s little moments because I felt that I had to earn the celebration. Like how parents might incentivize good grades with the promise of a special treat. You don’t get the treat in the middle of the semester because your grades haven’t been finalized yet. That was the way I looked at my whole life up until my mid-twenties. I couldn’t take the time to celebrate life because I wasn’t done earning the celebration yet. 

I’m not sure when it changed. The overall perspective shift has been mostly gradual. It wasn’t like I suddenly just decided to start celebrating life, one day I just found that I had begun to. 

We’re only given one life. I was wasting mine for way too many years. But I’m not anymore, at least I’m trying not to. Some days, that still isn’t easy. The more I try, though, the more I find the celebration comes naturally. 


Happy 100 Followers, 6,000 Views, and nearly 1.5k Clicks!

Hi guys, Capri/Cierra here! I’d like to say thank you all so much for coming and joining us here! We’re up to 107 followers!!! That’s honestly so crazy given the short period of time Rewind has been up and going, and I’m so so glad and thankful you all came to join us on this journey!! We’re also making so many waves on CoG that it’s HONESTLY CRAZY!!!

To celebrate…

Once Nelroche’s and CoR’s demos are released, I’m gonna create a poll where you can pick up to two romances per game to have a special scenario be made with!! You will also be able to tell us what kind of scenario or trope you’d like to see in the scenarios!!!

If you have any more ideas on how we can celebrate, let me know!!!


When you do some amazing shit you gotta hit the CELEBRATION. Link in bio.

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my deepest respect for not destorying the whole bottle 👏😂❤

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