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There are some people that believe that Canada isn't a nation of immigrants. I believe that no one is illegal on stolen land Like and retweet if you agree with me. Go ahead and block me if you don't.

Glad to see these books by , , , Thomas King and other Indigenous authors featured at my local . Do yourself a favour and pick one up this summer.

“I want to start by saying Conservatives have your back” he says, and that USMCA is “NAFTA 0.5” “[Trudeau] gave away sovereignty of our system”

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What?!? Good job ! I almost didn’t recognize the man. We gotta cheer anybody willing to get healthy and make positive change in their lives. Funny how quitting politics is one of the best things you can do for your health!

Here are some strategies for effectively engaging with youth experiencing in rural communities: 👓

I'm heading off road in the Fraser Canyon for the next few days to document and clearcut logging. If I wasn't, I'd be calling on to hold a debate. Go for me? -- --

You forgot to ask about 's willingness to submit to the islamist cause? This will not be popular amongst voters. FYI there is a report floating around about acclaimed Conservative candidates with ties to extremism. Might want to fix this while you still can.

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I wonder how much hard-earned taxpayer dollars went into buying these two spots on (as we all know Trends aren't actual trends they're just another way to advertise).

Several experts and advocates are using this image for their social media profiles. Wherever you are, please consider retweeting and joining to show people in Alberta affected by the epidemic of drug poisoning that you care about them. 🙏

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The Dutch discovered that they were pouring money into the White Helmet funnel and filling up the al Qaeda tank!

From to , to a roundtable with business leaders and a dinner with local supporters... is in and today speaking about supporting an entrepreneurial economy and investing in children and families.

Interesting notice in today's . Construction at the Edmonton Terminal is set to begin in August 2019* (*subject to regulatory approvals & permits). This will be a huge boost for the Metro Edmonton economy

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Wasn't it who had to keep backtracking and apologizing for their Trudeau attack propaganda? Nice choice of pictures to use too, scumbags. I prefer this one of

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June 3, 2019

Mr. Rowswell: In addition, I very much appreciate that there is to be an energy war room aimed at countering Canadian environmental groups. These groups take money from overseas foundations, with a covert aim of economically sabotaging Alberta. I expect Galileo would have appreciated the aid of a heliocentric war room back in the 17th century, when the consensus was against him.

June 19, 2019

Mr. Neudorf: If this isn’t covered in the college of physicians, then if there is a professional body provincially for dentists, I would like to make sure that that is added to the list.

The Chair: Okay. Is there a dentists’ association? Well, we’ll find out if there is a dentists’ association of some kind.

June 25, 2019

Ms Pancholi: Therefore, I’d like to put forward a motion that this bill proceed to the House and to the Legislative Assembly, and I would seek some assistance from Parliamentary Counsel to actually draft that motion, but I’d like to make the motion now that this bill proceed to the House.

The Chair: So before we have a chance to . . .

Ms Pancholi: We can debate and, obviously, that motion could – we could still discuss that. I imagine we’d still have deliberation on that motion.

The Chair: Okay. I guess the question is: are we in consensus to put forward a motion right now, or would we like further deliberation on this bill?

Ms Pancholi: Sorry. I’m not sure that I need to have consensus to make a motion. I can make a motion. I’m moving the motion.

The Chair: Okay. So you are moving the motion. Okay.

June 19, 2019

Mr. Gotfried: Maybe I’m missing something. Number one: actually, every doctor in this province is a businessperson, and I want them to be good businesspeople. I want them to be efficient businesspeople. I want them to be passionate businesspeople as well as passionate physicians because that’s how we will deliver a high quality of care, if they are not only good at what they do, but they are good at managing what they do.


Why Minority Governments are a Good Thing

In the upcoming Canadian election, it’s becoming increasingly likely that we will see a minority government. This video talks about why minority governments are a good thing because they represent more of the population, they give smaller parties a voice, and they make government and the House of Commons less of a formality

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May 30, 2019

The Speaker: I would just like to mention that we’ve closed the vents here in the Chamber. Over the last little while it has become significantly smokier outside. Unfortunately, there was a period of time this afternoon where we were providing fresh air into the Chamber here, which, as it turns out, is not very fresh at all. As such, you may have noticed that it is significantly smoky in here.

May 28, 2019

Mr. Carson: Of course, the government wants to push this through as fast as they can, and with that, we have the opposition members speaking to why this legislation or the climate leadership plan is important, and then in turn the government stands up and says: we won by this many votes; like, we had the greatest mandate of any government ever. It sounds quite like the fellow down south. I think it would do us all well if we could take a moment and actually discuss the legislation in front of us and not how big a mandate you have, because I’m not interested in comparing.


i get bored working from home - check in with goddess surgeon doc at St. mike’s 16.07.19 for RTW date uh huh u ready 💅👜🌂🤦🏻‍♀️🙀🙏💃🏻🛑🤠🤡☠️🥾 #RedNotDead #HouseOfLabour #health #care #community #cupe4308 #DTE #canlab #TOpoli #CDNpoli when is the deadline to register an independent candidate 🗳♥️🖤#NotMeAssHats #ForThePeople #FederalElection2019 #TorCen #PHP #YSW no faux comrades or socialists or anarchists or WHATEVER allowed 😑🗳🛑🤬☠️🤠🤬🛑 DM or post below #yyz #tdot #theBigSmoke (at Morneau Bill MP)

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Elizabeth May Hiring Warren Kinsella is a Big Mistake

News has just broken that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has just hired Warren Kinsella, who is best know for being a former key advisor to Prime Minister Jean Chretien, but also for an ongoing feud with the Justin Trudeau Liberal Party

This is questionable choice for Elizabeth may, because while Warren Kinsella undoubtedly brings experience, he’s also a noted centre-right Liberal, who is very controversial. He has made big donations to Doug Ford’s Ontario Progressive Conservatives, and he has implied that he would rather see Andrew Scheer as Prime Minister before Justin Trudeau. Further, Warren Kinsella directly criticized the British Columbia Green-NDP coalition as a dirty backroom deal; how will this harm the Green Party’s chance to work with other parties in a minority Parliament?

But above all, this hire by Elizabeth May hurts the idealized image of the Green Party, which has supposedly rejected the ugly and aggressive politics of the older parties and governments. But Warren Kinsella is fully and proudly part of that old tradition. I feel his presence will not only turn off soft Green voters, but endangers the very credibility of the Green brand

June 10, 2019

Ms Issik: Due to the downturn in the energy sector and a series of NDP policies that piled onto Alberta’s oil and gas industry, municipalities are finding it increasingly difficult to collect taxes from oil and gas properties in rural Alberta. After four years of NDP government many of these companies are in difficult financial situations and just aren’t able to pay what they owe.

June 4, 2019

Member Irwin: Given that last year the Supreme Court ruled that Trinity Western University’s community covenant that banned any intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage is discriminatory and put LGBTQ students at risk of significant harm and given that the same day as this ruling the same principal secretary took to Twitter to describe the Supreme Court decision as “one of the worst . . . decisions in recent memory,” my question is to the Premier. Do you agree with your top adviser’s description, and would you allow universities in Alberta to discriminate against LGBTQ students?

Mr. Kenney: Now the NDP’s penchant for character assassination extends to attacking lawyers who comment on judicial decisions, Mr. Speaker.

June 3, 2019

Mr. Rowswell: However, “change” is not the term I would choose to use to describe what Albertans are seeking. In the throne speech the word used was “renewal.” I cheerfully adopt renewal in support of my theme. My constituents yearn for renewal of traditional values. They are tired of shifting, zeitgeist-generated, relative values that Edmund Burke long ago recognized as “floating fancies or fashions.” Having campaigned and consulted in the riding for two years, I am confident that the majority of constituents agree with me that conservative values are traditional values. Conservative values are simply common sense. They are derived from common experiences. They’re longitudinally evidence based.

Y’all if you see a Canadian talking about the very real, very serious issues with Trudeau and you feel the need to respond with ‘At least he isn’t/Would you rather have Trump?’

1) Don’t. Seriously, don’t. 

2) You are giving a BAD politian who is HURTING people a free pass at doing that because he isn’t someone else.

3) You are giving Canada a free pass because Trudeau is less obvious about his bigotry

4) Consider ALL the times Canadians have spread information about things like NODAPL, Flint, and more. Consider these problems are ALSO actually happening in Canada, right now. We have a pipeline that is currently being shoved into indigenous territory after they have made it explicitly clear they did not consent to it. They have done nothing to fix the fact that nearly EVERY indigenous community in Canada has NO clean water access. Some communities no longer have running water either. Indigenous women in Canada go missing or are murdered at 3 times the national average and nothing is being done about it. Forced sterilization is still happening to Indigenous women here. 

All the issues you have are issues WE have also. But you don’t know about them because you’re unwilling to spread our problems, while demanding we spread yours. You sweep them under the rug FOR us and FOR him because ‘He isn’t Trump’. 

5) Someone doesn’t have to be Donald Trump to be a horrible person, a bad leader, and a bad person. Constantly saying ‘Would you rather have Trump???’ is constantly saying ‘If someone isn’t that man, they aren’t bad, and anything they do is forgivable’. 

Again, we have the same problems here that you do there, but we’re not able to spread it and get international awareness. 

You want us to help you? We do. We have. It’s high time you stop letting politicians in Canada commit and ignore genocide against the Indigenous people here with ‘but it isn’t Trump’. We know it’s not Trump. Do you know that doesn’t actually matter? 


Huffington Post attacks Jagmeet Singh for not hosting big-money fundraisers:

Yesterday, Althia Raj of the Huffington Post was the author of a piece whose headline suggested that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh had only attended one fundraiser in 2019. But this misleading headline obscured the fact that Jagmeet Singh had only attended one *cash-for-access* fundraiser. 

This is yet another example of how left-leaning leaders like Bernie Sanders and Jagmeet Singh face challenges in the nature of media coverage, but it is also an opportunity for Singh to proudly announce his support for a fundraising model that Bernie has found great success with.   

By raising money from small donors and by not excluding the poor from events, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP can say that they’re building a movement to  represent the broad working and middle class above all. 

My discussion with David Doel:…

Peter Coffin’s video:… 

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June 21, 2019

Mr. Getson: The one follow-up is somewhat related. Again, attention deficit leads me down another path on the tech side of things. How does the Bitcoin world play into this? It’s kind of a wild card out there.

Mr. MacMaster: Yeah. I’m trying to ignore what’s going on with Bitcoin. You know, that’s just an area of deep speculation. We don’t attempt to try and understand. Nor does, I think, anyone.