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Cada vez que leo a una mujer hablar contra la en la o contra la en general, las imagino a toditas en esta facha cantando "Amo a Laura"

As one of the Philippines’ most awarded hospitality schools, LPU Batangas offers a top-notch Certificate in Culinary Arts and Certificate in Pastry Arts Programs.

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This historical document shows 2 important point 1, Tibet is not historically part of 2, is not meant to be derogatory. The derogatory meaning was misused by the

~💙 Our love has bloomed under your gentle kisses and warm embraces~💞👱‍♀️💞~ from sunny mornings and smiling faces, your love, your soul’s caresses~🕊~ 💜~🕊~ amongst a beautiful rose garden, I found the most precious flower of them all, you my love 👱‍♀️~ 🌹💜🕯💙🌹💞👫

Found this rando little eclectic spot of new & vintage and this army jacket with rose embroidery and bead work. Fell in love, size 8 but I gave it a whirl. Then realized what it was... of course I snapped it up!

Hola, alguien de Mexico interesado en comprar membresía de b7k máster en 78 dls?, es por 2 años y 6 meses -El precio es negociable -pasó pruebas

Este Miércoles 23 pasado se realizó la ceremonia de lanzamiento de la nueva (ACR) de Cusco - . El Programa de las reconoció que esta ACR era una estrategia fundamental xa Perú frente AL

Und wieder dran mit Tarkov, mal sehen was heute so geht beim ballern, looten und sterben 😃 würden uns freuen 🤘

Na focie jest dziadek znajomego. Ma ktoś pomysł, w jakiej jednostce mógł służyć? Innych informacji nie mam. Proszę też o

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~💙 I Love you my Angel 💜~ A kiss from you, opened my heart and captured my soul ~💞👱‍♀️💞~ from the very beginning I knew that the love of my life was you ~👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨~ your kindness and beauty, so gently in giving, always helping and never expecting~ I ♥️ U Amy 💜👱‍♀️🕯🧔💙🌹

De nombreux syndicalistes et citoyens présents au de pour avoir des explications sur les événements de samedi.

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You Are Required To View Her.


icon commission for thaneofthings (twiiter) of their waifu c.c. from code geass♥

she’s so super cute and this was really fun to draw!~~

> ♥Commissions Open♥ <


I’ve been wanting to turn my Andrews Pose Player [APP] Pose “The Artist Muse Couple” Into a primary Couples Gallery Pose for a while now. While APP Poses are pretty simple, converting them to work with the gallery is a little more frustrating, It not as simple. i’m happy with the way the sims splice together but i need to work on the Female Facial expressions [She needs to look more in Love]


Currently she looks a little Miffed off with him lol, [Please ignore the clipping of the hand in the 2nd picture it was taken before i corrected it]. This Pose will be Released in time for Valentines Day for all those interested in using it, it does take a frustrating amount of Clicks to line up [As most Couples Poses do] and will only work properly if the MALE sim is placed in CAS First. 

PLEASE NOTE: That it will only be compatible with Male/Female Sim combo, as i’d have to completely rework both Single Poses to the opposite Frame [Due to the massive amount of Clipping issues it will cause], I’m sorry if this offences anyone.

‪i wanna be able to talk to you & tell you things without thinking if i’m being too much, or if i’m crossing some boundaries.‬

‪i wanna be able to run and turn to you without hesitations and without reservations.‬

‪and i can assure you, you can do the same thing to me too because, it’s okay… it’s okay.

ok i wanted to sleep but saw that my post about cc didn’t work? well so this morning i already saw from afar that he isn’t there and thought he might come later and he did. went to his place later and there he was but when i saw him i was already heading towards the other direction so we just said hi and i went on because changing directions would have been too obvious lmao…then later when i came out if a room i almost bumped into him and blushed and we talked a bit and yeah it was nice but again i realized that no i will never kiss him again….but still i was sad i didn’t get to see him again later and i hope i will see him tomorrow but i think he has a day off so yeah…..


Credits :- @larson._.patrick
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