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This style is impossible to beat ;-) I shot this one on an incredible beautiful day. Had a great team with me while doing a series for Camera:

With spring rapidly approaching its no better time to get your eyewear collection right. Go to for the finest vintage designer eyewear from the 70s-90s!

VINTAGE CAZAL、新規UP 大量です!! なかなか見れない、貴重なアイテム ガツンと更新!! 本当にデザインが素晴らしい!! 立体的で他のブランドにはない個性もある。 超おすすめなので是非ご覧ください!

The rarest of the rare, the 858 Deluxe 😍. Beautifully adorned with crystals exclusively for the American market.

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Happy Family Day!

Al Pacino and John Cazale in The Godfather

“Well, it’s not a question of them [today’s movies] being less good, I think it’s a question of being different. In the Seventies, we seemed to be addressing, more or less, the social issues of our day. Sociopolitical ideas were being expressed, and a lot of those things are expressed in a kind of a way that comes to you so immediately. 

After all, when you think of Dog Day Afternoon, when that came out, it was the first time we were seeing the media dealing with a live situation. Right there at the time, while this guy’s robbing the bank, it was televised and everything was going on; this was an early part of that thing. 

Now today, something like that is just run-of-the-mill. I mean, you see it all the time. So, for that period of time, those were the ideas that we were going after. It was sort of a… Today, it seems that because of television and the exposure of things immediately, the movies do a different thing. But we all know that things go through phases.” - Al Pacino on whether older movies were better than the current fare.


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