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Heard meowing at a stop light 40 minutes into my drive home from work. Terrified, dehydrated kitten got stuck under a wiring harness near the engine. Now its feeling cute after staying the night.

He won't eat his food unless we put the bowl on top of his cardboard Halloween Mansion. One day this thing is going to fall apart and he will be devastated. • •

Our cat Sugar looks just like this meme cat. I got her from a seller client who was moving out of state and didn't want to take her with. #…

George keeps eating my Christmas parcels. Mmmm finger-licking good.

1" Cat paw pins & more... We're at the BRESLAU COMMUNITY CENTRE until 2PM, come check us out and grab some stocking stuffers.

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whoever runs the Cats twitter account is such a Taylor stan sjklfsdf


I had high hopes for Edward on opioids, since he usually acts pretty high anyway, but it turns out the only difference between opioid!Edward and sober!Edward is that opioid!Edward lives in the basement and is consequently even more attention-hungry.