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Luna & Ambrose enjoying the cool ... I love my ...

In honor of Miaggi arriving tomorrow I Wanted to share this treasure from that she made for me at of Pharynx showing his fluffy side by turning to a handsome Tom cat. And well KC was in heaven thanks to the husbando.

There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat. -Tay Hohoff

Found a sad dead bumblebee in my house. Am blaming the for the murder of the though there is no specific evidence. They protest and claim innocence.

Got a new kitten in the house! Victoria is mostly nonplused, but here are a few shots of them bonding.

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I built a pillow fort for muffin but she punches me whenever I try to check in on her


Love him!!!!



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goodbye Zoe, my princess queen, my little baby, my darling little girl, you’ve been with me since I was 11 and shared so many memories and soft moments with me and I’ll never ever forget you. thank you for everything. rest in peace my love, I’ll see you on the other side <3