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飼い主、体調を崩していました🙀 今日からまた更新!恋人が拾ってきたので、猫がもう一匹増えました💓(笑)

this should not be normal in friends from other countries never imagined there R millions of cats out on the streets in

Izzy: my human calls me the Destroyer of Fake Trees. Should I consider that my superhero name or my supervillain name?

We know many like to be up high where they can survey their territory (and their humans)...but Snorty, really, do you need to get up on the ROOF?

Deutsch Langhaarkätzchen Alida (bald 7 Wochen alt) 42643527710578005 cat

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Hobbes and Ashley love @taylorswift very much. ❤️😻

commissions open !!

hey yall, i know i don’t rlly post my art here ever but i DO draw animals and i DO have less than $50 to my name right now so if anyone wants to help me out and also get a drawing by me. please check out my comm info here !!! 

even if you can’t afford / don’t want a comm, please reblog to boost this so i can get some money 😭love you all, thank you !!!

I met this friendly fellow at a house I visited this afternoon and I wanted to sneak him into the car to bring him home with me. Source: davidmcelroy13 on catpictures.