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Thanks a lot James! Wish for you and for all the a incredible weekend!

Three in a row. Names of sets in the ‘80s often alluded to a ‘Black Knight’ or ‘Black Monarch’, without ever referring to one in particular as such. When it comes to wearing black, these take the prize.

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We almost missed it, even though we were looking for it - that's how well-hidden the mystical 's is. You wouldn't think there was a place like this just outside 🇮🇪, would you? Puck's castle

Another late autumn shot taken just 20 minutes from home. Sometimes you forget to explore some places that could give wonderful results... • • • •

Laze upon furniture. Gaze upon marvellous peacocks in the morning. Bask in the splendour of the Bara Bungalow, Kalwar, Jaipur. Visit here to book your stay:

Fancy relaxing walks around the extensive grounds during your stay this Winter? Why not have a rest and play a wee game of chess!

CONWY built as part of Edward I's Iron Ring to control major crossing point between coastal & inland North Wales during his 1283-1289 conquest of Wales 1399 - temporary haven for Richard II after Henry IV usurped his throne

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Saturday afternoon in the village of I have the all to myself. It’s a beautiful sunny day!

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Castelbuono, 2015


EuroTrip 2019 - Slovenia (Ljubljana, Bled Lake/City/Castle)


Top Secret Drum Corp Member pre show Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2015 by FotoFling Scotland
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Acclaimed as one of the world’s most sensational assembly of percussionists, the Top Secret Drum Corps was formed in 1991 by seven talented drummers from the Swiss city of Basel. With 25 drummers and colorguard members, the corps became famous for its demanding six-minute routine performed at the Edinburgh Tattoo in 2003. With its invitation to Edinburgh, Top Secret became one of the first non-military, non-British Commonwealth acts to perform on the Esplanade at Edinburgh Castle. Since its success in 2003, Top Secret has returned to Edinburgh many times and under the leadership of Erik Julliard, the band is also responsible for the founding of the Basel Tattoo, a military tattoo show similar to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, now held annually in Basel. Top Secret has its roots in the rich drumming traditions of the band’s home city, Basel, Switzerland, which is known for its annual carnival called Fasnacht. The city is said to have over 3,000 active drummers at any one time. These drummers perform at traditional events such as Fasnacht, the Vogel Gryff, Charivari, and various parades associated with the city’s guilds. A Trommelkönig (Drummer King) competition is also held every year by the city’s Fasnacht Committee. Drumming Style: Basel drumming style is militaristic, derived from the military drumming drills of Swiss soldiers dating back to the Middle Ages. Top Secret in many ways adheres to the military nature of Basel drumming, but differs in many respects. Its drummers play at a much faster rate. Also, while traditional Basel drumming is somber and favours traditional marching tunes (accompanied by fifes during the Fasnacht), Top Secret’s drumming style is upbeat and playful. Over the years, the corps adopted many elements from Drum Corps International (DCI), Scottish, and American rudimental drumming. Segments of their routines feature a “rhumba”, a drummer’s duel (where a number, if not all, of the drummers will fight one another, using their sticks as one-handed swords or fencing foils; at Gymotion 2014, the drummers fought the colour guard, who used their flags as double-blades), drumstick juggling (seen at every show, where the drummers and sometimes the colour guard throw their sticks and flags, respectively, to one another (the colour guard always throw the flags over the bass drummers’ heads)), flagpoles and bass drums which produce sparks and other crowd-pleasing details, such as removable bass drums (first seen at Gymotion 2014) and fire-sticks (usually the last act of their show, where the drummers produce two special sticks, light the ends and perform a very fast drumbeat, after which the fire is extinguished). Their 2012 routine at the Edinburgh Tattoo included strobe lights within their drums that appeared to be activated by the drummer’s beats; there were also similar lights at either end of their flags. Perhaps because of their 18th Century uniforms and precision work, the Corps is often referred to as a military band or a part of the Swiss Army, but it is not affiliated with any military unit. Members: Top Secret’s members are highly dedicated college students to drummers with diverse day jobs—bankers, civil servants, factory workers, etc. They give up their free time to practice nearly every day of the year. Due to the demanding nature of the work, its membership is frequently changing.


20190518-Canon EOS M5-8226 por Bartek Rozanski
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stolberg castle, nordrhein-westfallen, germany

2019 Advent Ficlet Challenge - Day 7


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Ashes and soot – Richard Castle x Kate Beckett and their family

Having little ones in the house again was a good enough reason for you to renew the tradition of setting up a little extra surprise for the children when they woke on Christmas morning. With the kids sleeping soundly up in their beds, even Alexis who had returned home for the holidays was snuggled up in her old bedroom. Kate was helping you set up the surprise, she was sprinkling ashes and soot all over the ground in front of the fireplace, whilst you used a pair of shoes and some cornflour and sprinkled that around your feet to make it look like Santa had truly walked around the house to check on the family before unloading the Christmas presents under the tree.

“I think that should just about do it” you say looking around at the room and seeing how great it looks you look over at Kate who smiles

“I’m sure Lily and Alexis will love it Rick but Jake and Reece are still too little to understand what exactly is going on” she says as she comes over and stands behind you, arms wrapped around your waist

“I wouldn’t count on it Kate, it was only a couple of years ago when Lily was this age and you remember what she did when she saw this set up” you say and Kate thinks for a couple of minutes before she nods, and places a kiss on your cheek

“Okay, you’re right but now I think it’s time for us to get some sleep before we’re woken up at a ridiculous hour because of our little munchkins,” she says and you nod, taking her hand as the two of you walk together towards your bedroom.

When you’re woken the following morning it’s to three tiny bodies jumping up and down on the bed, squealing

“Mummy! Daddy! He came! Santa really came!” over and over again, you squint and look over at the clock to see that it’s just before 6am in the morning and a very sleepy looking Alexis standing next to the side of the bed, trying to stifle a yawn

“Has he?” you say getting up and letting your children’s enthusiasm take you, throwing back the covers you get to your feet, placing a kiss on Alexis’ forehead you motion for her to join Kate in bed for another half an hour or so whilst you get the younger ones helping you make breakfast. Carrying the twins under both arms as Lily races forward into the kitchen you ask

“So what are we having for breakfast? Santa pancakes or waffles?” all three children look at each other before they squeal

“Santa pancakes” you nod and begin to get the ingredients out of the cupboard before you get the young ones to help pour the ingredients into the bowl before they sit at the table waiting eagerly for their meals, you also manage to make some coffee in between flipping pancakes and decorating Santa faces. When each pancake is ready you call out to the others

“Alexis, Kate breakfast s ready, and there is coffee waiting for you on the table” you say as you place the plates on the table, with help from Lily. As Lily takes her seat at the table she turns to you and asks

“Daddy, when will grams be here?” you look over at her and say

“She’ll be here just after 9am Lil, and so will grandpa” Lily smiles at hearing that news and you look up seeing two very sleepy women exiting your bedroom, Alexis with her arm around Kate’s waist as she rests her head on her shoulder and Kate with her arm wrapped around Alexis’ shoulder resting her head atop of her step-daughters. You can’t help but smile at the sight of the two women and quickly snap a picture before they take their seats at the table. As you look out at your family you can’t help but beam, they truly were the greatest gift of all.

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