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Another version of my . Slightly gentler .

Personne veut de moi dans une web serie svp j ai besoin d'XP pour un book !

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My job holds me accountable, tests my physical/emotional/mental strength, & allows me to collaborate w/other creative beings. THANK YOU to all who've contributed to my journey. AND thx to those I'VE been able to help! πŸŽ¬πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸŽ­

Guys. It’s my tv husband and tv child and I made a card. You’re welcome. Happy holidays, from Casting’s Favorite Faux Family

Pro-tip if you're going to a : don't lie about being . It takes 2 words for the truth to come through and you end up wasting everyone's time and odds are more in favor of getting black listed.

Siarad ? Sprichst du ? Parles ? These are just some of the we have been asked for this year! Do you speak another ? Make sure your profile is up to date so our Team can find you roles to suit your in #2020!

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I’m always amused and annoyed by the movie or play adaptations of the novel Dracula that make Mina Harker much prettier than Lucy Westenra. In the novel, it was Lucy who was much prettier than Mina. If you’re confused who’s who, Lucy’s the blonde one and Mina has dark hair.

Lucy has three men proposing to her in the same day and nearly everyone comments on how lovely she looks. Characters praise Lucy’s looks far more often than they praise Mina’s appearance.

Lucy was so beautiful that Mr Swales doesn’t insult Lucy but acts doubly rude to Mina and tells Mina off, despite Mr Swales liking Mina.