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anonymous asked:

Joe and Caspar are doing voice over/acting work for a film called wonderpark 😊 their characters look adorable!

Yess I saw! That’s amazing!

I think someone has sent me something about him doing voiceovers in movies before and I always said I loved the idea so much!! I’m so glad they’re doing it together as well, it’s wonderful! 😌♥️

  • Jack: Caspar is late. Again.
  • Byron: How did this happen? I called him at 8 o’clock this morning and pretended it was 11.
  • Archie: I printed up a fake schedule for him saying we were starting at 9 instead of noon.
  • Oli: Joe set his clock to say PM when it’s really AM.
  • Byron: Oh, boy. We may have overdone it.
  • Caspar, bursting into the locker room: WHAT THE HELL TIME IS IT?!

okay but joe looks so fucking good here and I don’t even care what others think. this is a look™️ that he should wear everyday.

anonymous asked:

Would you rather a night out with all the boys in London, but you don’t get to go for brunch with them the next day and talk about the night before (always fun imo), or go to brunch with the boys and hear about all their nights out?

As in, I’m already friends with them and can go out with them whenever? Or it’s like, a once in a lifetime thing? 🤔 I’ll try to answer it without really knowing haha.

This is a ticky question because a night out can last very long, and I’m not that much a party girl but spending time with friends and joking and dancing all night still sounds good to me. And let’s be honest, when going out it’s always fun as long as you’re with friends (even more so if they’re the crazy kind- but we’re all a little crazy when we are with people close to us, right?) and so being there with them sounds very nice right now.

I love the idea of having brunch afterwards though, and when you say hear all about the night out I’m sure you mean I wasn’t there with them… The thing is, I love hearing my friends talk about crazy stuff that happened, and over a Sunday Roast? Amazing!
But hearing it and living it are not the same thing at all, and I swear the stories are never as funny when heard as they are when you’ve been there and the thing happened right before your eyes! Plus, I’d be part of the memories so yeah. 🙌

So yes I, the one who doesn’t go out that much and likes a quiet night in bed with my tea, am saying I’d rather go out with them in London and live the moment.
And who says we can’t get delicious food in the middle of the night anyway? And when does the night truly end?

Thank you so much for your question love! 😘 If any of you has a question of that type, don’t hesitate, I love them so much!

(P.S. Give me small details, it makes it easier for me haha)

  • Josh, whispering: I see life as a contest and I'm now losing.
  • Caspar: What? Josh, I can't hear you.
  • Josh, still whispering: I feel less than when others are doing better than me.
  • Caspar: Okay, I'll come sit next to you.
  • Josh, still whispering: I want to cryogenically freeze all my friends to buy me some time to find a better career path and more subscribers. And then, when I'm ready, I'll wake them up, and I'll throw a party for all our mutual milestones.

This is a Jasper draft I’ve had for ages and never added on to. So I’m just gonna post it for posting sake.

What surprises him most is how they drift from each other, slowly but surely. With no specific intent to do so but they just do. And as much as he’d like to use the word “inevitable” to describe the way they fall away from each other like ugly wallpaper from a wall that never wanted it in the first place, he can’t. Because the word inevitable describes something that’s certain to happen, something that’s unavoidable. Inevitability better describes the way they came together like a thundeclap. Loud and all at once. He’d never thought there would be someone after Josh he would be able to get along with so, so…spectacularly.

At first it was simply playing some FIFA with Zoella’s really nice brother, like fuck, really nice. Like you know when you meet a person and there so fucking pleasant you don’t know what to do with yourself or how to be because you’re already thinking “why can’t I be this nice and this needs to be my best friend.” And by god did Caspar want to be friends with Joe.

And it’s one of those friendships, those connections that move so quickly and works so well you forget at what point it actually started. At one point you gave yourself to this person. And he did give himself to Joe and its not something he’d ever be afraid to admit.

He thinks that there was a point it got terribly annoying, and unbearingly so, to their friends and even family, the way they were living out of each other’s back pockets. As if there was no oxygen in the locations that the other was not. And he would think in brief moments, is this healthy? Are friendships supposed to be like this? Almost obsessive? Because honestly he wouldn’t want to be anywhere Joe wasn’t. And he knew he wasn’t fooling anyone when the boys were going out , and Joe wasn’t around or not in the country and he would say “ sorry guys, I think I’ll sit this one out” and the answer would vary from, he was tired, or busy, or feeling ill, or just not in the mood. But he wouldn’t miss Joshs not so subtle roll of his eyes and his knowing glance of « can’t fool me fucker »

And at first he thought it was one sided. That it was just him that was…for use of the right word…whipped…