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Right Decision (JS)

A/N: Just something I wrote a while back and since it was one of the few imagines actually completed I’ll just post it up. :)

I look at myself in the mirror, not actually seeing my reflection as my mind wanders to a million other thoughts. It was probably quite early. I hadn’t actually checked the time when I slipped out of bed but the sky outside was still dark-no hint of a rising sun. Way too early to be up.

But I just couldn’t fall back asleep when I woke up and adjusted to my surroundings. My anxious heart and overthinking mind kept battling until I had to get up and splash my face with cold water, telling them both to shut up.

I glance under the mirror to the products-very different than mine-that litter the sink. The dark-coloured “manly” hair products, shaving cream on the shelf, fancy lotions and I smile at the bath bombs. Joe was always going on about how he needed a good bath. I glance at the wide bathtub behind me and sigh, resting the weight of my body against the sink.

It had been months of friendship, shifting to flirting, slowly becoming annoying to everyone else who knew the both of us. “When are you two getting together?” Everyone always asked, usually in a frustrated tone. It only made Joe and I laugh though, secretly happy to take our sweet time falling together. The flirting and the teasing was fun-neither of us denied that. But then last week, in a surprise gesture he’d formally asked me out and last night was the dinner date we were both stupidly nervous for. The conversation felt too formal, the food tasted like sawdust, and we were holding our breath until the end. It was only once we’d come back to Joe’s, in our familiar place, that we began to relax and laugh about the tense dinner.

“I was almost scared that asking you on a date was the wrong move,” Joe laughed over a beer. The two of us had settled outside on his balcony. “It was a terrible dinner.”

“Awful.” I agreed. “I think we put too much pressure on it.”

“I think everybody put too much pressure. My hands were shaking-did you see them?”

“No,” I laughed. “I definitely would have poked fun at you if I had seen them.”

“I bet you would,” Joe scowled jokingly before he stretched his leg out towards me. I slapped it away, not wanting his big toe in my face.

“But anyway,” Joe had finally said after we’d fallen silent. His serious tone made my heart race, especially as he placed his bottle onto the floor to free his hands. My eyes stayed fixed on his as he slid closer. “Now that all the shite’s been cleared away, I know I made the right decision.”

“How would you know for sure,” I challenged. “When you haven’t even kissed me yet?”

Joe raised an eyebrow, impressed by my forwardness. His hands came up to stroke my cheek, “Guess I’ll have to just,” he guided my face towards him. “Make sure.” He muttered before he kissed me.

I had to remember to close my eyes because I was shocked despite the lead-up. But as soon as I relaxed, instinct took over and I was pushing into him to take it further. And in no time, we’d taken it the furthest it could go.

“Definitely the right decision,” Joe had grinned afterwards. We lay in bed facing each other, unable to keep the grins off of our faces.

“I’m still not too sure,” I teased which led to a play fight, Joe making sure I paid for the comment by tickling me until I couldn’t breathe.

But now at an ungodly hour, standing in front of his bathroom mirror, my head is reeling with all the highs and lows and all the emotions last night created. I touch my lips and smile, this was a first for me. This high I felt, a rushing emotion that inflated my chest with a certain happiness every time I thought about him. About us…I wasn’t certain, but I was pretty sure I was totally head over heels in love with him.

With one last glance in the mirror, I close the light and walk back to bed. I check my phone for the time and I’m glad to see I still had plenty of time to lay sleeping beside Joe.

I slide between the sheets, staring at the ceiling and listening to the sounds of Joe’s flat around me. I don’t realise I’d waken him until he shifts towards me and his arms wrap around my waist.

“Where’d you go?” He mumbles sleepily into my neck.

“Bathroom-I was putting hair dye in your conditioner,” I smile.

“I knew it was too good to be true,” his voice rumbles beside me. I turn to him, suddenly knowing for certain now that I loved him. Or I could love him and I will. Did everything he say have to sound so damn perfect?

“Go back to sleep,” I whisper, kissing his nose.

“Mhm,” he agrees, his warm hand creeping up my shirt to rest on my back. “Sleep.”

I stroke his slightly stubbled cheek, enjoying my chance to admire him this close. But he soon grabs my hand away and holds it between us, his eyes remaining closed. My heart swells. How did I get so lucky, I think, as I drift off to sleep myself. Things were always heading in this direction in an obvious way to everyone-even us. But I never imagined just how right it would feel until now. It was most definitely and without a doubt the right decision.

Every once in a while I get this feeling like I would love to have more followers on here just to have someone to talk to me because I am bored. Thinking of how does it feels like having some feedback on your posts.

The thing is my blog isn’t really for anyone. Because its not focused on one thing. Sometimes its hockey, sometimes youtube, it depends. I know it kinda sucks but I never really hold onto one thing for that long to make a blog about it. So sorry for that, but still, feel free to talk with me🎉

I just watched one of dan and phil’s sims videos and felt pretty good and smiley after it, but for some strange reason I remembered that caspar lee and joe sugg had been roomates for years and now they don’t even collab anymore, and guys… they had cute vlogs, pranks, funny collabs together, and they were such great friends like.. everything changes so much and this is freakin sad

but dan and phil will always be together no matter what

Joe, preparing to prank Caspar: Never get caught without a safeword. We’re gonna go with apricot

Dianne, helping Joe: That’s way too normal. We need to, like, go with something weird. Like dragon slippers

Joe: What?

Dianne: I use apricot too much in my normal life

Joe: Why do you use apricot so much?

Dianne: What am I supposed to call them? Sweet tangy balls?

Joe: Do not call them sweet tangy balls, Dianne

anonymous asked:

I’m so confused about this Caspar/Josh beef 😖 Quick recap please? 🙏🏻

Oiii I mean … define quick. haha

So Caspar and Josh went away for a week and when Josh came back he found out that Caspar had pooped in his bathroom(for some reason he does that a lot?! idk) and never flushed. which is so weird. who even does that? just walks out?
Anyway. Josh tweeted a picture of it FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT LOOK IT UP. And Caspar hit back by tweeting Josh’s DMs to a girl. (it was hilarious and oh so bad that I laughed and that it happened at all) And then Josh hacked Caspar’s twitter and tweeted some weird stuff. Basically, Caspar has a girlfriend so they are acting like they don’t even live together anymore, last night Caspar was home so Josh went to sleep on Oli’s couch WHAT THE FUCK BOYS.

Anyway, Caspar was not apologizing so Josh made a diss track. Can’t lie it was fucking good. And then Caspar posted a super serious video about it. No one knows how real or fake this beef is. but here we are. what do you think? aaaaaand THAT’S WHAT YOU MISSED ON … GLEE! (god i hope someone understands this)

here are some videos and stuff to get you up to date
1. Josh talking about the beef
2. Josh’s diss track
3. Caspar’s clearing some things up about the situation

some kinda related stuff if you really care
Mikey reacting to the diss track and saying he is not sure how real it is but they are bickering. 

Oli helping Josh film the diss track and milking the whole beef lol