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• The Cabin; Part One

Summary; A romantic getaway with Byron turns sinister when they find a dead body in their cabin. 


The Coffee Shop

Summary; Joe waits in the coffee shop every morning, hoping that one day, his soulmate will walk through that door.

Conor Maynard - Need You

Hope you all enjoy this! And lmk what else you want me to write and for who!!

Sorry it’s so short



You didn’t quite know how it spiralled into this, but it did. And now you were stuck in a massive argument with Conor about it. He was pacing around the room while you stood by the door.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

His hands went up to his hair to tug at it as he spoke. He did that when he was stressed.

“Because I didn’t think it was necessary to tell you every single detail about my life!” you argued.

“I’m your boyfriend, of course you had to tell me about it! I could’ve helped you,” he insisted.

But at the last few words Conor’s voice softened. You knew he wasn’t really mad at you, he was angry at the situation and at himself because he didn’t find out sooner.

“I don’t need your help and I don’t need you,” you scoffed and turned around.

Conor suddenly stood still. He knew you only said it because you were angry, but it still hurt.

“Well that sucks, because I still need you,” he spoke softly.

You turned around at his words. Conor could see the regret form on your face as he walked over to you. He did so slowly, not wanting you to walk away.

“I will always need you. And this just proved to me how much that is true. I don’t know what I would do without you,” he said while looking into your eyes, “You’re the one that keeps me grounded and that tells me when I’m being a dick.”

You smile slightly up at him. By now Conor was standing in front of you. He took your hands in his and intertwined your fingers. His thumb brushing over your hand because he knew it comforted you.

“You are there for me when I get stressed about my music and you keep me going when I feel like I can’t. You’re the reason why I get up each day and try my best at whatever I’m doing. I want to make sure I always make you proud. And I love you for that. I love you so much Y/N, more than you’ll ever know,” Conor whispered the last part before leaning down.

You met him halfway for the kiss. It was soft and slow, both of you pouring all your feelings into it. After a few moments you pulled away and he spoke again.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m not mad at you, I was just scared of losing you,” he rested his forehead against yours.

By now tears were silently streaming down both of your faces. You were just as afraid as he was. Conor knew you would never admit how terrified you really were, but he knew.

“I know, me too,” you whispered.

“I love you,” he said again and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I love you too,” you sighed and hugged him.

You two stood there for quite some time. Wrapped up in each other and just savouring the moment. Conor swayed you back and forth and whispered comforting words into your ear every now and then. You closed your eyes and leaned against his chest, finding comfort in his scent. You loved this man, with your whole heart and you knew he felt the same way. You knew you should’ve told him as soon as it happened, but you didn’t want him to feel as scared as you did. And you knew he would react the way he did. But now you knew that no matter what happened, Conor would always be by your side.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any YouTube suggestions? I’m new to watching the butter creams and would love any video suggestions to get started on.. or any other youtubers to watch

Hi!🌹 Welcome to the fandom, if I may say!

I first want to apologise for taking so long to answer this, I was very busy and this took quite some time to gather the links and everything. I hope it’s okay, and hopefully you like my answer. ✨

I’ll try to make a selection of ones from the boys that I like the most (and quite diverse, too, as I don’t know what you like most!); you can always come back if you want more recs! :)

Oli makes videos with his brother James that you might like, and I also enjoy these pancake art videos, for some reason haha, he did one with Joe, and the others, so yeah!

Jack does these videos with his siblings that are cool, so you can check them out. Here’s a playlist on his channel of the challenges he’s done! 

So, from Caspar, I have very specific ones:

-Are you smarter than 5th grader?
-Any video with kids (x) and (x)
-The one on his tourette (x) that will help you know him better, I feel like.
-If you like celebrities, he has done quite a few videos with some, for instance with The Rock&Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake…  Here’s a playlist he has on his channel!
-Or videos with other youtubers with his Honest Interviews!

Here’s a playlist on Joe’s channel for the pranks he came up with! (mostly on Cas when both lived together)
Impressions are also his thing, so here is where you can find them. (He forgot his last video in there I think but it’s easy to find!)

The “Come Dine with me” videos! So far, Mikey, Josh, and Caspar have done it! Love it so much!

Any quizzes or videos the boys do together, on Mikey’s channel who rarely makes videos without the others, or on Joe’s ,with Youtubers read mean tweets, for instance.

Games now (mostly from Joe oops):

-The Firewatch videos (just because there’re chatty and I think the series is one of the first long gaming ones Joe uploaded (or that I watched, at least) and I remember loving it because it was super chill, the game was really good, and he was just talking and just… yeah.
-The bloody Uncharted series!! THIS GAME IS AMAZING. (He’s only playing the 4th one though.)
-Any other games, really, it just depends on what kind you like or if you like any tbh!

The best way to learn more about them as individuals  is of course the vlogs, so you can check them out, they’re easy to find!

For other Youtubers; I don’t really watch many, if I’m honest… surprising, I know haha, and I probably won’t suggest people you’ve never heard of but I’ll do it a little list anyway: you can check Dan and Phil (their joined channels and individual ones.) Zoella (Zoe, who is Joe’s sister!) and Mark Ferris (whom I looove!) I have also heard about JustJodes, who is lovely but I don’t watch her much. Lately I’m watching some of Felix’s (Pewdipie) videos, that can be a good laugh haha.

If you like vlogs: Alfie (Zoe’s boyfriend) makes regular ones (even though he’s stopped the daily ones I think!)
SacconneJolys, a dailyvlogging family, 4 kids, 6 dogs. They’re super lovely and are really relaxing to watch!

Because it’s not a lot, maybe some of you have a favourite youtuber you’d like to suggest for this lovely person? Don’t hesitate! x

I also did this post on videos that I liked the most that you can check out - I’m happy you asked because I knew that when I did the first post I forgot way too many! In this one it’s still the case… Hope it’s enough though! Thank you for your question, and again, welcome! 🕊

anonymous asked:

Who’s your favourite pairing out of the buttercreams? Like, I love cas and joe together but I think my fav might be joe and jack cause they joke so much 😄

I don’t really ship real life people, but my favourite will always be Jaspar. Both ot them are way too close to my heart and so is the pairing in itself, for me to have another favourite! 🕊

But I love Joe and Jack’s friendship, they’re so fun to watch together! They’re a bit like Jaspar was before, too, and it’s both funny and sad to me 🙈

Thank you for your message! x


soo guys.. this is my masterlist

all the writing on here is mine which I wrote myself

hope you guys enjoy it!


Joe Sugg

Let Me Help You, Goddamit!

Caspar Lee


Josh Pieters

Hidden Romance

Byron Langley

Jack Maynard

Conor Maynard

Need You

Oli White

Mikey Pearce

anonymous asked:

Fav jaspar moment?

For this ask I went back to like, the start of my blog, to find the moments that made me go the most like “ahhhhhhhh” but I have to admit that, probably because I rebbloged the gif not that long ago, I first thought about this time by the pool in LA when Joe asked Caspar to look him in the eye and say his name, and Cas couldn’t! When Joe says “look me in the eyes!” and Cas can’t (it happened at least twice, I’m sure). So damn cute.

  • Anyway, all those weird tongue slip that Caspar did? Like that time when they took a quizz and were separated by that cartoon thing and Cas kissed it because there was a girl’s face on it and said something along the lines of “it’d be great if there was a hole so we could- uh- haha” followed by the worst nervous laugh I’ve ever heard! So you could what now caspar???

  • The “fake date” The Hey Honey thing? excuse the f out of me?

  • That time in LA when Caspar had to leave for a reason I don’t rmember, but it was just a couple of days I think, and Joe said: “please, take care of him, he’s precious” to the driver??

  • …basically each time they miss each other like crazy after being separated for, like, a second.

  • That time when Cas kissed/nibbled on Joe’s ear during a video??? I mean, what??

  • And when they’re at Zoe and Alfie’s to visit and she asks who’s taking which bed and they just say that they’re going to share because “what if they get lost in the night” and because caspar has “super soft arms and that’s why Joe likes them” - followed by that awkward tension… 

I’m sure there is more, but I tried not to get lost too much in their moments because it still kinda drives me insane, I can totally see why Jaspar was such a big thing. (I obviously could before as well haha)

Thank you for this message! I took some time to answer, but it was great to answer it! Makes me a bit nostalgic, but it’s great! 😘