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Noise (Part Two) - Jack Maynard

Part One

Jack stood there dumbfounded after Y/N had left. He cleared his throat and closed the door, as he heard the girl he had taken home tonight call for him.

“Jack? I’m waiting, honey!”

He was surprised at how annoying she sounded to him now.

“Coming”, he called, desperately trying to remember her name. Seeing Y/N had somehow dazzled him a bit, for he had always noticed her and now she had been standing there, in front of his door, in nothing but pajama pants and a thin top. He could feel a shiver running down his spine as he thought of how her breasts had looked. She hadn’t worn a bra and he had found that very distracting, especially since he still was aroused from the previous action with the girl waiting in his bed. He couldn’t remember her name, as hard as he tried to.

He sighed, and went back to his bedroom. Maybe her name started with C. Or maybe not.

“Look, you have to leave”, he said, thinking of the girl that was trying to get some sleep underneath of him right now.

“But baby, we weren’t done, were we?”, she said and pouted. He found it ridiculous.

“Well, now we are and you can go now”, he said, losing the little patience that he had.

“But Jacky…”, she said and looked at him with something that he was pretty sure was supposed to be puppy eyes.

“I’m serious”, he said and reached for her underwear that he had thrown blindly in his room earlier. Finally, she moved and took his underwear from him, putting it on along with the rest of her clothes.

“We’ll finish that some other time, yeah?”, she said and reached for a pen that he had on his nightstand to write her number on his arm. He mentally rolled her eyes at her. As if he was going to call her.

When his apartment door finally fell shut, he sighed in relief.

Still, he kept thinking about Y/N. She had looked so sexy, in such an innocent way that Jack just couldn’t cope with it. He couldn’t get her out of his head, and as he tried to get some sleep himself, her face kept showing up whenever he closed his eyes. 

A few days later, he came back home from Joe’s flat as they had just filmed a video together. As he waited for the lift to arrive, he checked his instagram and that’s why he nearly bumped into someone when he heard the doors open.

“Sorry”, Jack said and looked up. He nearly gasped as he saw Y/N looking up at him too.

“Oh, hi”, Jack said and was confused at how giddy he suddenly felt inside.

“Hi”, Y/N said slighlty annoyed as she tried to walk past him.

“How did your exam go?”, he said quickly as he noticed that she was trying to leave.

She sighed. “I think I failed.”

“I’m sorry for being so… loud”, he said, suddenly feeling really bad. She had failed and it was his fault.

“It’s… it’s not your fault, okay? I mean, not entirely your fault. I should have studied more, but that won’t help now. I’ll know monday wether I passed or not.”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you”, Jack said and smiled coyly.

“Thanks”, she said and Jack loved how she smiled back at him, even if it was just a little smile.

“Would you… let me pass now?”, she said and smirked at him, because he was still blocking her path.

“Oh, uh, yeah sure”, Jack rambled and stepped aside.

“See you”, Y/N said and walked near the front door of their building.

“Yeah, see you”, Jack said and felt that he was blushing. He took a deep breath and shook his head at how silly he was being before he got into the lift.

As monday came, Y/N kept sneaking into Jack’s mind at the most inappropriate times. He had to think of her when he was running late for a meeting, he thought about her when he actually was in a hurry to not miss the tube (which he did miss, so he had to wait) and finally, when he was actually supposed to film an intro to the video he had to edit in a rush for his main channel. But he just kept thinking about her, and Joe, who was filming the video with him, was tired of having him zone out all the time.

“What is it with you today, hm?”, he asked finally, as Jack just stopped mid-sentence.

„What?“, Jack asked as Joe snapped him out of his daze.

„Why are you so distracted all the time?”

Jack sighed. “I… There is this girl. Y/N.”

Jack didn’t look at Joe when he told him the full story, and by the end of it, he was blushing. It wasn’t like him at all to be swooning over somebody like this. Hell, he was the one that people where swooning about. When Joe was silent for a second, Jack finally looked up and met his gaze.

“I know, it’s pathetic.”

“No”, Joe disagreed, “it‘s not pathetic. If it’s so important to you wether she passed or not, why don’t you go down and ask her?”

“I can’t just go down, can I?”, Jack said coyly, and Joe thought that there weren’t many times that he had seen his friend like this.

“Look at you being all flustered”, Joe said, “she’s got to be special then.”

Jack blushed at that, because yes, she was special in such an irritating way that he still couldn’t understand.

“Now go, and then you can stop agonising.”

Reluctantly, Jack decided to get up and just go down to see her, because yes, Joe was right, and maybe when he knew, he could stop thinking about her.

He took the stairs because it was only one floor, and went up to her door. He paused, taking a deep breath before finally ringing her bell. He heard some shuffling before she finally opened her door.

“Oh, hi Jack”, Y/N said surprised before her lips turned into a slight smile. Jack noticed how something inside of him tingled once she said his name.

“Hi”, he said shyly and hoped that she couldn’t see how he started to blush.

“How was… did you get your results?”, he asked and scratched his hair at the back of his head because he wasn’t sure what to do with his hands. He was sure she noticed that he was blushing by now.

“Against all odds, I passed”, Y/N said and smiled, a real smile that even reached her eyes. Jack loved it.

“So you can stop feeling guilty now”, she continued and winked, making Jack notice a humorous glint in her eyes that he had never seen on her before.

“I wasn’t feeling guilty”, Jack said quickly and looked away from her.

“Oh, weren’t you?”, Y/N asked teasingly.

“Maybe a little”, Jack said, and looked back at her. She was still smiling, and he had to admit to himself that he liked her best when she smiled. It made her eyes light up in a very favourable way.

“So”, she said, “was that all you wanted to know?”

“Yes…. er no”, Jack rambled, “er, do you want to grab a coffee with me sometime?”

He mentally scolded himself for rambling around like that, it wasn’t like him and to be honest, it was really embarrassing.

“Like a date, you mean?”, Y/N asked with a cheeky glint in her eyes this time.

Jack took a deep breath. “Yes, like a date.”

“Yeah, I’d like to”, she answered, “in fact, I’m quite hungry right now, so maybe if you’re free, we could get dinner instead of a coffee?”

“Yeah, sure”, Jack said relieved, completely forgetting about Joe upstairs, who no doubt was waiting for him to come back and tell him about the girl.

“Cool”, Y/N said and grabbed a jacket and her keys.

Joe later texted Jack saying that he had taken his keys with him, because Jack had forgotten them.

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Dating Josh Pieters might include…

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  • Having a very carefree relationship with him
  • Joking around most of the time
  • But also being really cute with each other
  • You‘d get along so well with all the other boys
  • Him showing you off whenever he got the chance
  • Sooo many compliments
  • Holding hands… always
  • Cuddling so much
  • You‘d be the little spoon most of the time due to his large body
  • But you’d know he’d like to be the little spoon from time to time
  • So you’d basically climb on top of him to do that
  • It felt a bit awkward to you but he loved how you held him (kind of)
  • He’d always make sure you were both completely comfortable before you would enter a new stage of the relationship
  • You’d talk out issues way more than you’d fight about them
  • Communication is key
  • He’d always take your opinion seriously, even when you’d think you were being pathetic
  • Sometimes of course, you’d still fight (in a healthy and respectful way though)
  • But you would quickly make up, because you couldn’t see the other being upset
  • Compromises were very common in your relationship
  • Being each other’s top priority
  • Cute dates
  • He’d spoil you rotten
  • And although you always told him that he shouldn’t spend so much money on you, you loved it
  • He’d often surprise you with something that he had gotten when he was away because it reminded him of you
  • He’d be so attentive
  • His favourite thing about you was your smile
  • Even more when he was the reason why you smiled
  • He would never ever pressure you into doing something that you didn’t want to do
  • So when he’d ask you if you were ok with being in his videos, he’d respect your decision
  • You both trusted each other
  • You wouldn’t get easily jealous, but you both liked to show the world that you were with each other
Noise - Jack Maynard

Where you live in the apartment a level lower than Jack and you can’t sleep because Jack has way too much fun with a girl.

Warning: Mentions of smut

Ugh, I know it’s short, but I’m thinking about making a part 2 maybe…

It was nearly 2 am, and Y/N couldn’t sleep. She lied awake, actually having to study for her upcoming finals tomorrow, but she was too tired for that. She really wanted to rest, she needed to, but she couldn’t. And there was only one reason why.

Jack Maynard.

Out of all people, he had to live in the apartment above hers. He was the loudest person she had ever met. She didn’t even know when he slept, because there were people over yelling and cheering in the middle of the night, or he would bring random girls home literally 24/7. Two days ago, it had been 9 am, and they were so loud that she did not only hear them in her bedroom, but in her living room, too. Today though, they reached a whole new level of noise. It sounded as if they were about to break the bed. She didn’t mind him having an active sex life, she had one herself, but she didn’t do it so loudly that everybody else in the entire building lied awake and was forced to listen.

Enough was enough. She had an exam tomorrow, she could not go there completely sleep-deprived, so she decided to go up there and disrupt their little… encounter.

She took the lift, went one floor up, and rang his bell. Y/N was surprised that she couldn’t hear them as well as from her bedroom below. When nothing happened, she rang again. And then she just kept ringing until finally, the door opened, revealing a thoroughly fucked out Jack.

“What do you want?”, he asked as he recognized her. She had caught his eye once or twice as they met at the mailboxes or as they shared a lift.

“Look”, Y/N said, “I’m glad you have a healthy sex life and all but will you please try not to pierce a whole through my ceiling with your bed? Thanks.”

She wanted to turn around and go back to bed, finally getting some sleep, but there was something that caught her eye. It was a very prominent, purple hickey that started right at his collarbone. She took a closer look at his state now, finding that his face was flushed, his hair a mess, and his body was bare except for a pair of boxers that he apparently had put on in a rush.

She suddenly became very aware of her soggy pajama pants and her top that, as she discreetly looked down, revealed way more than she wanted. To top it off, she didn’t wear a bra and the chilly air in the hallway made her nipples stand out through the thin fabric. She felt herself blushing, but there was nothing that she could do about it.

“Look, I know we might have been a bit louder, but… we’re done soon, okay?”, Jack said and tried to shut the door.

But Y/N wasn’t having any of it. She placed her foot in between Jack’s door and the frame, wincing slightly as the door squeezed her foot. She hadn’t bothered to put shoes on, she just went up there in fuzzy socks.

“No”, she said. “No, it’s not okay. I have a bloody exam tomorrow and I can’t sleep because you choose to ruin your bed right above of mine. I don’t care what you are doing to her, but keep it low”, she stressed the last few words, “or I’m calling the security guy.” Then she turned around and stomped back to the lift.

Jack really was an idiot, although she couldn’t shake off the feeling that she had had when she saw him like this. Still, she reminded herself, he was an idiot.

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Based off this post from @dailyau