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A lass on her favorite chair 🍪🍵 I love pink on characters that aren't expectedly sweet as they seem haha

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Meet my new Bubadell I made~ (✿ヘᴥヘ) I love drawing pfps with all crazy patterns and details like this! I might make a few more and then take commissions for something like these!

Had a workdate with one of my girlfriends, Bear (they/them). Couldn't resist drawing them! I guess... Lol.

To say I've fallen headfirst into the Hazbin Hotel fandom would be an understatement. look me in the eye and tell me Angel doesn't own this shirt.

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Silly? Check ✔️ Spooky? Check ✔️ Well then, let me introduce to you the 1st Silly Spooks Inc. stickers! Available now! (Link in bio)

เรื่องนี้ดี น่ารักมาก ส่งต่อเล่มละ 50 (เป็นเล่มต่อคู่รอง) ค่าส่ง + 30 บ. แต่ถ้าซื้อรวมกับอย่างอื่นจะลดค่าส่งให้ค่า

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FINALLY I got to draw Dr. Cookie things 🍪🔥 He's a scientist who gets prophesies about the worlds tragedies so he works with the secret gov to stop them from happening. Vic is here and he's just one of the pests Cookie faces.

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Rats, my Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop character.

I’m really, really proud of this one.

Charlie and Cohorts.

The mouse questions his king’s sanity.

The rabbit needs the moonlight back to feed her family.

The cat worries for the hearts of the people.

Charlie just wants to see the moon again.

(bottom half is experimenting with what I can do with a limited palette, in this case that of the Gameboy.)


🥰🍓🍰 feelin’ cheeky…. .
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A collection of photoshop/adobe illustrator doodles I’ve made in class over the course of my first semester so far! I’ve become quite fond of doodling with the “Kyle’s inkbox - classic cartoon” brush but I don’t really wanna get fond of using photoshop asfdghfdsjg

also admittedly putting them all together in one thing makes me realize how unoriginal my random doodles are haha