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Friday sketchin: Theresa’s torch song

Hace tres años dibujé a en acuarela. Nunca he sido tan bueno dibujando pero ese día me entretuve bastante. Espero les guste jeje @selfanaticosonline

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The sketch of character of from the movie For watching the speed drawing click here 👇 Do and your opinion in the video and also to the channel for more 😊😊

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Hookup With Kinky Singles!!

The day’s finally here! Our little blue haired girl’s adventures are available on Netflix. Of all the shows Ive worked on, this one is definitely an extra special one, and I’m super proud to of been a part of it. Big congrats to creator Luke Pearson and director, Andy Coyle. Please binge watch the heck of it this weekend!

Eli and Junjie turned stopping a deadly lava tide into a competition, continuing even after the threat had passed while Kord and Pronto bet on who would win.  Trixie, however, is a little more practical and prefers to be the voice of reason :)  

I also admire Junjie’s character development - when he first met the gang, he was so serious that he had never even played a game before (mentioned in Return of Elementals), now spending more time with the gang he’s learned to joke around and let loose sometimes - granted this probably wasn’t the best time to be having fun, but still :)


Wait for iiiiiiiiiiitttttttttt…

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