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Some of the Best Nissan Cars to Date and Other Services Nissan Offers | YABAI - The Modern, Vibrant Face of Japan

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An Immaculate, 1900-Mile NA Mazda MX-5 Is For Sale – For £20,000: This right-hand drive MX-5 Berkeley special edition, imported from Japan as one of the last NA-series models to be made, is on eBay at an eye-watering price Read…

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Pequeñito, rápido y que transmitía sensaciones reservadas a los grandes deportivos de pedigree. Así era el mítico y legendario Mini Cooper 1.3 ¡Corre pequeño! 🚀🚀

- Did you know that our Qbiss One Prefabricated Wall was used to create the centre in St Gallen, ?

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You’ll love BMW M850i xDrive Convertible

The new Aston Martin DBS 59 Superleggera is beautiful but it has some major design problems. Here are my thoughts. via /r/cars
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The new Aston Martin DBS 59 Superleggera is beautiful but it has some major design problems. Here are my thoughts.

I originally wanted to type this out but it’s kinda difficult to talk about design using only text and still images and my Photoshop/gif making skills just aren’t good enough for that. So instead I made a video.

Also if you’re wondering about my wired accent and pronunciation I’m German and I tend to mix and match all kinds of accents when I talk.

Oh and the mic cutting off some word is my bad. If I do another video with voice over I will fix that.

The video is in 1080p60 but it’s currently processing.

Help me understand loud cars/what can be done? via /r/cars
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Help me understand loud cars/what can be done?

So, to preface this, I am pretty badly disabled right now and one of my symptoms is noise sensitivity that varies a little in extremity but is generally pretty bad. At its worst my own heartbeat feels too loud.

But I have a neighbour, I’m not even sure which (there’s a communal parking area out the front of my house) who has this ridiculously loud car (my fiancé says it’s a sports model, like a gtx or something?). Everyday it wakes me up as soon as it’s turned on, on the other side of my house, with the sensation that the top of my head is being sawn off, which continues as the car has to slowly drive around our slim road, and I can still hear it for a few minutes after it reaches the main road and zooms off. I hate it, and I don’t even know whose it is or what it looks like, only its precise sound. I know I’m stupidly sensitive, but everyone else’s cars are fine (just sometimes the door slamming, but that’s only a moment and stops).

I want to leave a note on the car explaining my issue, but I don’t know crap about cars (can’t even drive now due to seizures). Assuming they even give a damn, what could they do about how loud their car is? Would it cost much? Honestly, if they would/could just park somewhere else it would help me, but I feel like if I had a better understanding of their probable view and options maybe I could make a better case. How would you feel if you got a note like that on a sports car if you had one?

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.

Cleaning Idle Air Control Valve via /r/cars
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Cleaning Idle Air Control Valve

Working on my Taurus as it has a rough idle and I’ve narrowed it down to a dirty IAC valve. I have some mass air flow sensor cleaner laying around and was wondering if that would be good for the job or if I should buy some carburetor cleaner instead. What should I do?

Will a coolant temp of 240 degrees farenheit damage my engine? via /r/cars
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Will a coolant temp of 240 degrees farenheit damage my engine?

I have a 2008 cobalt ss that has wildly fluctuating coolant temps. On the highway it sometimes goes up to 240 degrees but no higher than that. It usually goes to 237 and then rapidly drops down to 200 or so. The hottest it has ever got was 241 right after racing and then it dropped. I am constantly checking my coolant temp because im scared of it overheating. I just paid $1000 for a freaking head gasket replacement. Is this normal behavior?

Why do turbocharged engines tend to have lower red lines? via /r/cars
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Why do turbocharged engines tend to have lower red lines?

TEND to - supercars are now almost all turbocharged and they still rev high, but among normal cars, turbocharged engines seem to generally have low red lines. And among supercars, I can’t think of a turbocharged one that cracks 9K rpm, like the Honda S2000, though the naturally aspirated Valkyrie revs to something like 11K (the Mercedes ONE doesn’t count, since it’s a Formula 1 engine and so will quickly need to be rebuilt at the cost of a small country’s GDP).

Turbo and superchargers need to spin faster than the crankshaft, but they spin and rotational mass is much less a problem than reciprocating mass. Also, I can’t think of a recent turbocharged supercar that have red lines lower than 7K, so the technology obviously exists, it’s just not being mass produced - what’s the barrier?


Nissan vs Honda vs Toyota via /r/cars
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Nissan vs Honda vs Toyota

Most often considered the most reliable Japanese cars. What is your favourite and why? What are the pros and cons of each? Also out of the sports cars from each manufacturer which one do you consider best Accord Euro R or Civic Type Rs vs Skylines and Silvia vs Toyota Chaser etc.

Personally. I think Nissan’s are overrated. At least in New Zealand where I’m from. Everyone wants a skyline. I’d only get a skyline if it was a expensive G33 or something along those lines. A lot of the skylines I see in New Zealand are trash. I own a $10000 Accord Euro R and it’s way more powerful and in better condition then Skylines of the same price.

Standard Nissan’s are pretty reliable, and they do have some cool car. Personally I’d rather have a Toyota. A lot of standard Toyota’s I find boring. Although I love Chasers and really want to own one. I’d probably give it to Honda though as VTEC is underrated and they are super reliable.

Bonus question: Subaru vs Mazda