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The United States Air Force regional bands have an audition coming up on May 6, 2019, here at Scott Air Force Base for HORN! The materials are due March 25th! For further information, check out:

WE’RE HIRING AQUATICS PROFESSIONALS We're seeking our next Aquatics Director and also have Lifeguard positions available. For those interested we're holding a lifeguard certification course from Feb. 25-27. For more info:

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本族父家,耶穌呼召門徒跟隨自己,中世紀的修道主義以及神秘主義仍然維持這召命的宗教特殊性。到了宗教改革時期,路德破天荒地將「召命」這字翻譯作「職業」( Beruf) 一字。這舉動正強調天職的平等性,也標誌神聖與世俗的統一


從前,「職業」的存在是為了服務他人-一個農夫的召命(職責)是為他人提供食物、一名汽車維修員的召命(職責)就是幫助別人維修汽車、商人的召命(職責)其實是提供便利的服務;不過,自從資本主義的興起, 工作的本質就隨之改變了。工作淪為企業賺取盈利的過程,人們的職業不再被視為「天職」了-「服務」失去了本來的神聖使命,它只是導致最大利潤的途徑。


在這個前提下,讓我分享我對召命(與理想的理解:召命,就是為別人而活,而同時完滿自己的生命–這正是上帝對每一個受造物的呼召。上帝創造人類,讓人類活着,並且有能力付出自己幹活,不衹是純粹為了餬口與生存。人類是群體的受造物,上帝對一切人類最基本的召命,就是以自己的生命貢獻其他人的生命-這正是「天職」的意義。不過,在現今資本主義社會的影響下,所謂「天職」,有時候不. 再是一份終生完整的工作,許多年輕人為了追尋實現自己的理想,往往身兼幾職,一方面為了餬口,一方面卻追尋最能夠發揮自己的生命之


Money and fame is dangerous for weak people. I will throw it all away before I allow someone to violate me and mine. Terry Crews was quick to throw the “should I slap the shit out of you” comment at DL, but didn’t slap the shit out of the man that grabbed his marbles. Toxic Masculinity!!! Go sit yo big for nothing ass down somewhere. #realtalk #real #manup #fightback #musclesfornoreason #soldyoursoulforacareer #movie #bigfornoreason #andyoustillowejamiefoxxmoney #man #hiddenagenda #terrycrews #thatswhyrochellehadyouincheck #career

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i cannot be a teacher. cant go to school and invest tons of time n money to tell people to do assignments and lecture. itd be easy sure, and maybe? enjoyable but idk if i could let myself into that crazy bloated system. learning a skill or specific area for a career id probably be teaching people regardless. lecturing on european history or poetry for a paycheck isnt feasible and imo a bit ridiculous


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“Rosa Parks who in 1955 refused to give up her bus seat to a white man, wrote in her 1922 autobiography, "People always said that I didnt give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true, I wasn’t tired physically, or no more tired than I usually was at the end of the working day. I was not old , although people have an image of me being old then. I was forty-two. No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.” Rosa Parks #BlackHistoryMonth⠀

#WisdomWednesday ⠀
#BlackLivesMatter ⠀
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Bit of a Heads Up

i know a woman who graduated from McMasters with a degree in Kinesiology. She’s working as a claims adjuster for an insurance company. Her sister graduated with a degree in science and a chemistry major. She had to return to college and is now working in Human Resources. A colleague today mentioned that his sister graduated with a Masters in Neurobiology. She hasn’t found a job period. These aren’t dumb people. You don’t get that sort of accreditation if you’re not pretty sharp. Therefore, don’t believe it when they say that all STEM programs are automatic gateways to a career. You need to check as many trends as you can - technological, social, demographic and so on. Try to spot an emerging sector that will need staffing and then select your program accordingly.