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Create your own stylish resume!

By Anthony Allan Silonga and Michelle Chua

The digital age brought accessibility and convenience to our generation. Information is readily available to those who seek it.  Today, what matters is what you do with it.

With job search, a dizzying array of jobs can be found online. Full time jobs, part time jobs, home-based jobs, day shift  jobs, night shift jobs, high paying jobs, fulfilling jobs, jobs to aspire for, jobs to dream about are all there waiting. It’s a matter of filtering your options– down to the kind of work, office location or even company culture you wish to pursue.

Searching for jobs is the easy part. Getting the job offer is another matter, because you have limited control over it.  What you can do is to increase your chances of getting hired, and it all begins with standing out.

Let me share some tips!

Our world being digital, being creative became easier too. A resumé can stand out just by deviating from the usual standard format. Adobe Photoshop and other online tools can help translate an idea onto paper. Don’t know how to design from scratch? Downloadable templates are available for free. If you do not have an artistic bone in your body, the ResuméLink can make the difference!

First, highlight your skills. Even if you’re a fresh graduate, you can join the employer’s shortlist by wowing them. Upload your sample work in the Portfolio section of your ResuméLink and describe how you will get the job done.

Second, is your internship experience. Many employers are looking at the applicant’s job experience and as a fresh graduate, this immediately puts you at a disadvantage. Your internship experience will help boost your profile so be sure to describe the activities you’ve done and learned in your OJT, including skills that you’ve gained.

And lastly, upload a cover photo that is relevant to your field of study or passion. Employers can easily recognize your personality.

So easy to be different, right? Create your own stylish online resume now using ResuméLink, and be recognized by the potential employers.

7/18/19 @ 12am thoughts

Currently 24 years old; reminiscing and listening to music of my teenage years.  It’s weird that even though I was miserable at that time, I am somehow nostalgic of it.  Particularly, the music that helped me through the tough times burdened by the thoughts that came from my head.  I’ve always been a sucker for good lyrics, and that’s what I’m missing from the music I’m listening to now.  I have always found beauty in lyrics both filled with despair and joy because of the beautiful language usage (e.g., similes, metaphors, etc).  Maybe that’s why I’m in the career field I am pursuing at the moment? (speech-language pathology).  Taking this step back to reflect on the last 7 years has brought me clarity.  The person I have always been is going to be an asset to this career because of how much I deeply feel for myself and for others on a daily basis.  I am particularly proud of how well I have controlled my anxiety throughout the years.  I have accomplished so much and didn’t let the anxiety control me.  I’ve learned to deal with it in a healthy way.  It’s still there, but it doesn’t define me or my worth, like I used to let it.  

i was thinking of doing a nutrition/exercise science program only because i’m really into nutrition & wanna learn more plus learn more working out for all types of bodies..but im also noticing that an abundance of people are doing that and it’s gonna be difficult to get a job in that field. so im thinking of going into the literature program & do poetry writing…any thoughts/opinions??? any advise would be great =)!  

so today I got my dream job!

From September onwards I will be working for the NHS as a bioinformatician! I could cry.

When I applied, the job was advertised as a band 7 job, which requires a fair bit of experience. So, when the interviewer called me and explained that another person had a bit more experience, I thought that I wasn’t successful.

However, she said she was so impressed by me that she was prepared to create a band 6 job for me, and that after she gets it through HR, I will be directly appointed! How cool is that?

Can’t wait to get started. Feels like things are finally starting to make a bit of sense. Started off on Tumblr as a shy and tragic 13 year old. Now I’m 22 and about to start my career after I finish my MSc. Crazy.

Larger salaries make it harder to be on vacation: LinkedIn

A new study from LinkedIn showed that 61% of workers are reluctant to take vacations for fear of falling behind, and 93% of workers that make over $200,000 a year were contacted by work while on vacation. Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman and Sibile Marcellus are joined by Michael Block, Third Seven Advisors, to discuss.
job prayers, vibes, and wishes

plz send good vibes my way that I will get the job I interviewed for last week. It’s running an ebay store selling parts and doing (email!) customer service. it’s perfect for me bc I’ll be around people at the office, but not have to interact very much with them, and my success at the job is essentially based on how well I can research things on the internet. That’s my JAM. 

I need this. or.. SOMETHING. 

 i’m physically unable to continue with the career I was THIS close to getting started in. and I have expenses coming up that I thought would have been no big deal bc I thought I would have been a working court reporter at least for a month and a half by now….. but I have a pinched nerve and probably a disc bulge and my hand cramps up and I don’t know if my arm is ever really going to go back to the way it was before, because I’ve been seeing chiropractors for a year and a physical therapist for a couple months, and no one can really figure things out. 

(I went through court reporting school on a steno machine - I need my hands to work or else I can’t do it - and I don’t have the money now to switch around and study voice reporting). 

Hello everyone I am writer who is trying to make it out there in the world of writing lol I have been writing some stories on Wattpad to get started and get the courage to maybe one day have my own website/blog type of thing. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would check out my wattpad . The username is writeforjen please just give me a follow and read what I have written so far :) it would mean the world to me thank you !!