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Each embrace brings my Heart closer to yours. ~ Lee Hiller and more

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Loving these cards for Grandma! There’s quite a card collection for mums on the website, get yours nice and early, be organised!

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Selling Cards & Photos

Any photo posted on insta account + any saying wanted

Cards bundles 4x6:

100 cards $15

25 cards $5

1 card 1.50

Photos framed:

Extra Small 4x6 = $3

Small 8.5x11 = $4

S Medium 11x14= $5

Medium 12x15 = $6

Large 16x20 = $10

Extra Large 20x24 = $15

Photos come without the frame unless it’s asked for.

Please be sure to message me any details of what you want!

If you message me for the offer I will ask you a few questions and then give you the account my photography is located. This is to just make sure my work is protected.


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Second half of the ‘Sweet Valentine’s Live Show’ set

UR Camus (Bittersweet Heart)
“Madam, I fear I must chastise you for turning your gaze. Please look upon me alone.”

SR Hijirikawa Masato (Bittersweet Heart)
I also wish to share with you a pure and unadorned love.”

SR Shinomiya Natsuki (Bittersweet Heart)
“Thank you for all your love! I love you to the moon and back!”

SR Aijima Cecil (Bittersweet Heart)
“I want to be someone on whom you can depend no matter what. Please do not forget that I am by your side.”

SR Kotobuki Reiji (Bittersweet Heart)
“Have I captured your heart? Go on, tell me how you feel!”