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Vita Vea 2018 Leaf Valiant Yellow Plate RC SP Auto #'d 1/1-- HERE COMES THE BOOM: $13.50 (5 Bids) End Date: Tuesday Aug-20-2019 21:55:59 PDT Bid now | Add to watch list

Halloween cards are back on the Etsy! Are ready for the best holiday of the year!? shop: Halloween Card Happy Halloween Cthulhu H. P. Lovecraft

Halloween Cards are back on my Etsy! Get Ready for the best holiday of the year! shop: Halloween Card Happy Halloween Jack-o-lantern

Y por último el merchandising variado que presentan cada mes 🙈 con ganas de tenerlo todo 😱 y también os dejo lo de 💪

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Business Card Template created in August 2019


Virgo August 2019 Someone Is Determined To Reach You End Of Month

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland — Tarot


6 Tarot cards to illustrate the narrative structure of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) by Lewis Carroll.

1. The setup: Four of Cups. Boredom.

2. Trigger: The Fool. A plunge into the unknown.

3. Conflict: Reversed King of Cups. Hysterical rule.

4. Trial: Justice reversed.

5. Resolution: The Moon reversed. Awakening.

6. The ending: Four of Cups.

Full Moon Readings

Guys- I just remembered that the full moon is happening now!!!

I will be offering full moon readings for the next three days ($15) 🔮

I’ll be doing some one card draws today in asks for free. These will only be available today.

Full moon readings will go into accepting the self, how you can take better care of yourself, how you can be a better part of your community, and more.

Thank You Universe!

So if you follow me, you’ll know I’ve hit a spot where I’m trying to raise a large amount of money for personal deadlines. Anyway, I have been getting new customers and decided it couldn’t hurt to use the money from one reading to treat myself in a way that would also benefit my readings! Thus, i got a new tarot deck and a couple crystals.

I will be offering readings with the new deck if anyone wants 💖💖💖


Second Half of the ‘Rockin’ Summer Night’ Set

UR Kurusu Syo (Rockin’ Summer Night)
“Did you learn that towel twirling trick? Great! Okay, I’ll sing, so you wave it along with me!”

SR Shinomiya Natsuki (Rockin’ Summer Night)
“A lot of people had their faces painted at the festival! Some had white paint like a panda, and it was so, so cute.”

SR Jinguji Ren (Rockin’ Summer Night)
“Even with the rock arrangements, the passion I put into my songs never changes, because you’re all I see in front of me.”

SR Aijima Cecil (Rockin’ Summer Night)
“I am very fond of these kimono-style outfits! Though, as expected, I was prevented from going outside in it.”

SR Mikaze Ai (Rockin’ Summer Night)
“Was I able to convery the “burning soul” Ranmaru spoke of and go at “full throttle” as Syo said during the rock festival?”

SR Camus (Rockin’ Summer Night)
“The songs from the rock festival were for one night only. However, I hope you take these everlasting memories with you.”