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? Is “gaga” over + just texted an offer to the to swap #1 draft picks+to also send - -Rights to when he unretires -To peek for 54 seconds at the game plan that flummoxed the Cards division rival in

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Your move! Legacy Cafe presents the April Hend Tournament. A unique Tournament in this area, that opens the door for you and your Hend teammate to come out on top, and take home the top prize, or runner up! Cards flop this Wednesday April 24, 2019 at 10pm. Free to play! Simply reply here, in-person, at, or by phone or text at 440-549-0894. Good luck!


Here is a sneak peek of the art stuff I have been up to in 2019, finally showing a little bit of it off, wowee. Wonder what might be coming down the pipeline?

Anyways explanation of what’s been up with me under the cut, LOVE YOU ALL

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