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residents! Don’t forget to put your / at the curb tonight for Wednesday morning’s pickup! will be picked up as well. 📄♻️📦♻️💻

Want to become a champion? Doing that is much easier than you might think. Just follow these steps: When you get , ✅Fold it ✅Store it ✅Put it in the right bin And repeat! Click for more.

We've been experimenting in the and production of sculptures. What do you think of this flatpack stag's head? 🦌

As a professional packaging manufacturer, we have a history over 14 years.We can provide you with satisfactory services. Whatsapp/Wechat:+8613917356639

Okay, so I decided to make a piece that’s based off of one of my favorite movies , the Lawgiver Mk. 2! It’s a bit rough around the edges, but it turned out alright.

TCSMS PBL: We had the settings just right on our first try using in our ⁦⁩ !!! This opens up so many possibilities!

Happy holidays everyone - please remember to break down your boxes to maximize space in your bins and barrels ♻️

Had you ever wondered who boxes.. well I'm one of those nutters. But they're made frim paper and very easily..designed and made in

Day Nine ‘PaperCatwalk’ - The Bowes Museum, Co. Durham. UK. 2018 . Detail (with Dior) Last one for today. More forgotten gems tomorrow . .

Day Nine ‘PaperCatwalk’ - The Bowes Museum, Co. Durham. UK. 2018 . An installation shot of ‘PaperCatwalk’ at the Bowes Museum in 2018 . . .

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This little concrete incense temple is waiting to be shipped, unpacked and bring some lovely fragrance and aroma to your home. Check out my shop.


When you run into your Besties at McDonald’s 😂 @shawnwasabi @sukiestyles TAG YOUR FRIENDS! Which one’s your fav? #puns #badpuns #punsfordays #badpunsfordays #pickup #pickuplines #mcdonalds #laststraw #burger #mcflurry #furry #fried #clueless #soda #cardboard #icecream #bunny #snickerdoodle #comedy #asian #lol (at Los Angeles, California)

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