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Hayley Atwell and Ming-Na Wen at 2018 America Check out who’s coming for 2019

this is what I have to put up with my two running round as my partners waited for my little one to get to this age of loving everything While am sat trying to do my nursing degree assignment 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

Glen McDonnell has seen it all, on the inside track of Formula One & the America's Cup. Falling into , his love of adventure and serendipity along the way lead to some choice jobs and a colourful career in superyachting!

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marvel zombies 2005


Reasons I Appreciate her:

  1. She’s kind
  2. She knows when to lay off or when to care
  3. She’s tough beyond compare
  4. Her resilience is impeccable
  5. She adores the little things
  6. She made her own family before finding her real one
  7. She’s loyal and capable of sticking by you even through rough times
  8. She will never turn you away in a time of need
  9. She may not understand but she will listen
  10. She adores hockey which is just so damn cute
  11. She doesn’t ignore her past but embraces it and uses it to make herself a better person.
  12. She’s learning and growing in a world she’s unfamiliar with
  13. She doesn’t get upset by immaturity and actually enjoys nrturing younger people (aka Enzo)
  14. She’s an exceptional listener and shoulder to cry on
  15. She would rather be happy than right
  16. She refuses to take the last word in an argument simply for spite
  17. She’d understands the importance of healthy bonds
  18. She understands the importance of friendship
  19. She will always know things that others don’t, and always question whether it’s programming or herself, but she will always choose what’s right.
  20. She will never admit how much the people around her mean to her simply because she doesn’t have enough words to explain it. But she will show how she feels even if she’s awkward about it.

For collectors interested in old black and white 80s style comics i have a case left of this comic i published in 2005. Im selling each copy for only $4.00 apiece. if interested contact me at

Original 6 Avengers took out a page long ad to honour Stan Lee.

Seguimos con nuestra ronda de presentación de agentes. Hoy le toca el turno a nuestra dulce Enyd, nuestra Agente 13. Especialista en infiltración y espionaje. Pero no te dejes engañar por las apariencias, es una mujer de armas tomar.

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Discord part 1

So I’m in a Romanogers discord group and I like using it. So I wanted to be in other fandom groups that I’m interested in.

Is there any discord group for following fandoms:

MCU (no talk ships)