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Nothing's ever perfect, you know? ~

" sera la première école française de à s'implanter en anglophone." Dès septembre 2019, notre 7e campus accueillera les étudiants en Afrique du Sud, au ! v/

I got a new headgear. You like it?? I haven't seen black for a long time.

Jack Sefrino signing his letter of intent to play Baseball at Salem State.

☀️ [comeback] Teen Top are done with solitude and replaced it with friendship in the “journey (friends)” teaser pics for [DEAR.N9NE] if you look closely you can see Niel’s tattoo

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🚚 ¿Necesitas renovar el ? ¡Aprovecha nuestra y hazlo por sólo 90 euros! 🗓 Tendrás tu CAP renovado en dos sábados y dos domingos, curso de 35 horas. ✔ Ven a C/Castelao 2 Polígono Guadalhorce, ☎ O llámanos al (+34) 687 00 82 52.

autoescuelas málaga CAP

Els professionals del col·laboren amb les escoles per tractar temes de . Aquests dies, taller de reanimació cardiopulmonar dirigit als mestres d'un dels centres de primària i l'escola bressol d'Hostalric, a càrrec de les infermeres Sandra Ortí i Eva Caballé.

完売しておりましたパジェロロゴ入りキャップが1セットのみ出てきました! 詳細/ご注文は よりお願いします!

. [ No Photos Embroidery Six Panel Cap ]. [ FXXKING RABBITS Logo Icon Embroidery Six Panel Cap ]. size / Free size. .

Over de toekomst van onze landbouw . Mooi landschap, mooie sloot.

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It's the biggest load of crap. Maybe should investigate for false claims 🤔 oh wait . . .

【人気商品紹介🤩】 大人気のHUF BOX LOGO SNAPBACK CAP在庫追加しました🇺🇸 驚愕プライスになってますので下記リンクよりお早めにチェックを🔥 【即納】ハフ HUF メンズ キャップ 帽子 BOX LOGO SNAPBACK CAP BLACK

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Superbe sortie ce matin sur le GR des rives de l’Erdre! lumière parfaite du matin, héron, verdure...éblouissant !

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Designers in Europe, on Etsy (list in progress)


TurificHandmade, Bucharest, Romania

Fischerhats, London, UK

Modernaked, Zaragoza, Spain§ion_id=11831997

Humblwear, Breda, The Netherlands

PolarisHatsBags, Berlin, Germany§ion_id=23817791

Rosi Feist, Berlin, Germany

Hats manufactured in Latvia for Europe§ion_id=25725380

VulponVVear, London, UK

Loudashi, Friedberg, Germany

Salgosses, Quimper, France

Only cycling caps, but superb

BretzelCaps, Berlin, Germany

cycling caps

LaPetiteReineFR, Paris, France

Cycling caps

Yuihan Letter to Mako on her AKB theater graduation stage May 12, 2019


I reaaaaalllly love you, Mako, and congratulations on your graduation.

Since I have been performing in Hakata this past month, I couldn't be there on the stage with you today, but I’m imagining your graduation while I write this letter. I also wonder how beautiful you look today.

When you first joined the group, the manager told me that a girl very similar to me was a 14th gen research student, and it was weird that I was worried before meeting with you.

Later on, while we were together in Yokoyama Team K, your voice came on the microphone and it was similar to mine while talking. I wondered if it was Mako. Do you remember?

The distance between us began to decrease with theater performances, tours, lessons, and team activities. That’s when we started calling each other “Makoji” and “Cap”.

When the teams changed and I said “There won’t be a Makoji and Cap anymore" and you said "the Cap will always be the Cap”. Those words stuck with me.

I wanted to be a beautiful and pretty older sister, but I loved Mako for giving me such kind words.

We had fun in AKB48, and of course I was happy, but you would never talk about the frustrating and painful things. You worked hard and you weathered the storm. Thank you for everything.

& thank you for shining while leading AKB48.

It will be lonely not being able to see you in AKB like before, but when you told me that you wanted to support AKB from the outside, the power of your words impressed me.

Whatever it is you want to do, you shouldface forward on that path, and walk at your own pace. Whatever you do, I will always be Mako’s friend, and I will always cheer for you.

Your happiness is my happiness. From here on, you should have a lot of experiences and become a great adult.

Let’s have conversations full of our dreams again.

Congratulations on your graduation.

AKB48 Team A Yokoyama Yui.

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AKB48チームA 横山由依

Special thanks to @aneroph for the translations