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EXTRA LARGE WALL art triptych 3 panel wall art " Eccentric Silver " paintings on canvas sculpture original metal blue 4ft x 4ft

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Gönc Winery is a family tradition going back to the year 1936 when Peter Gene’s great grandfather built their first wine cellar and planted the vineyard around it in the small town of Dobrovnik in Slovenia.

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I Walked Amongst the Trees and Let Those Polite, Meaningless Words Be Cast Upon the Waters of a River Flowing By… (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) by Mark Stevens
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An image captured while standing on the Station Road Bridge with a view looking to the north. To my front flowed the Cuyahoga River downstream with a forest of trees all around. I liked the idea of using the river as a leading line up to the Brecksville-Northfield Bridge. While it would have been nice, I’m sure, to have blue skies and some clouds for that picture perfect image, I found those overcast skies brought out a much richer, vibrant set of colors for the image captured.