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Decora tus espacios con un bonito cuadro en 🖼✨ Pregunta por las diferentes medidas de bastidor con las que contamos

We had a lot of fun with these and in @thetwobirdsgallery Christmas window! Hand painted Angel Wings using & lots of on measuring 90 x 122cm (3 x 4ft) Originally £250 they’re now £220! 😇 Available from

Klant blij, wij blij! :-) Naast de ruime keuze aan foto's in onze eigen database, heeft u natuurlijk ook de optie om uw eigen foto's bij ons te laten printen. Zo is ook deze prachtige collage op canvas gefotografeerd en samengesteld door Louise De Bruyne.

Bereiten gerade unsere mit und seinen Marketing-Leadern aus der ganzen Welt vor! Wir sind schon super aufgeregt 😎!

Zoals u hier ziet, kunnen onze canvassen ook prima in combinatie met behang. Bij deze slaapkamer is er bijvoorbeeld gekozen voor dit prachtige gebergte bij zonsondergang, om bij weg te dromen. Deze vindt u hier terug:

We proudly stock the absolute largest inventory of waxed around! This made-to-last durable fabric withstands harsh weather conditions & is ideal for creating waterproof clothing! Available in 10 different colors.

@ is w/o doubt my canvas, but this time I ventured in2 ' domain & of w/ elemental carton & . Who knows wt wld be brought 2 my collection from tis ❓

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Guido Reni, Sacred and Profane Love, 1623, 132 x 163 cm, Genoa, Palazzo Spinola

This painting shows the triumph of sacred over profane love, a theme that was often painted during the Renaissance and the seventeenth century.
Profane love, identified with sensual pleasures, is represented by Cupid, the child god of love.

He’s been tied and blindfolded and his arrows are being thrown into a fire. The lighting reflects the influence of Caravaggio. Reni only occasionally used this type of chiaroscuro effect. The dark, deep hues are characteristic of his paintings until he introduced a very light palette, late in his life


Past weekend’s #Familyportrait with a couple of the Beach Bae’s 🌺🌴❤️⛱ Officially out of hibernation 🌞🐻 #artsyfartsy #canvas #paintings (📸: @qtm_luup 🌹) (at New York, New York)

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Repost From: @finequalityart 💁🏽👑🤗🎯👀👀👀 We bust out a tight animated sketch too..💁🏽👑🎯 “Volcano” We offer oil, acrylic, ALL formats here at @finequalityart from physical to digital!?! Only REAL ARTISTS HERE!
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