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A captivating beauty with a golden allure.

Using our “Buoyancy Opposed” print in canvas, Jessica Waldegar reupholstered her outdoor loveseat and created a bold yet cozy statement, not to mention layered in the cutest combination of plants to around it! 🌿🌱

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extra large wall abstract art Original 3 three panel abstract painting triptych paintings on canvas kunst 54 X 24, 60 X 28, 72 X 36"

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Got the rest of my sleeve done! I wanted to have to finished before my daughter came down from Alaska and I made it happen. Amazing job Josey White. Still a few things to do but man it I love it #tattoos #art #passion #canvas #armtattoo #arm #tiger #daughter #python #green #abstractart #ink #inktherapy #love

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Three character portraits I painted for my partner’s Tuesday night D&D party: a tiefling bard, wood elf wizard and tabaxi monk. Painted on 7cm X 7cm canvasses with acrylic.

These were based off the character portraits you’d get in JRPGs, particularly the older, brighter anime styled ones like Phantasy Star.

I made a lot of effort to get a smooth surface to work on by layering gesso primer on the canvas and sanding but I found it really hard to get the acrylic to paint on to it. The paint also has quite a texture left which isn’t really what I wanted, something to think about next time.

Also, beast men are hard and I can see why furry artists charge tons of cash! The tabaxi was a nightmare to get right, to make it not look like a dog and to also fit within the style I was going for.

Hopefully the players will all like them!

Does anyone relate? 👀 Haha this is my drawing of last night and believe it or not, I made it based on myself. Because, I have Gryffindor outfit and i have no shame to wear it! Hahaha 😘
My boyfriend gave it to me on my last birthday, and boy, I must say, I wore just the scarf when I was going out and everyone was looking at me… 😂😂😂 but that’s okay, I love it, so I wear it! ❤
Btw, do you guys enjoy Harry Potter? If so, do you wear the outfit as well? 😂😋 The week illustration.