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A quick photo session with my close friend last Monday. 📸 by EOS 6D

A quick photo session with my close friend last Monday. 📸 by EOS 6D

Carol finally unburdening her guilt over Sophia when talking to Ezekiel brought her to the point of being able to fondly remember Sophia every day. So sweet. So much development.

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I've never seen preacher but those dudes r gay

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they are,,,, in love,, thank you for your support anon

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Alicia estaba ya tan acostumbrada a que todo cuanto sucediera fuera extraordinario, que le pareció de lo más soso y estúpido que la vida siguiera por el camino normal.
© Ezequiel Longo, 2018
Foto: Abril 2018
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Please check for more pics 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻
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   “I am told that your flayed squid was sighted on the fleet seized by our newest navel forces.” Cersei spoke with a lifted brow, turning to look at the newest Lord Bolton. “I am sure if you go cast a net or two, you still very well might find him. If it interests you.”

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okay but like, jack lowkey commenting about a certain girl he met on the streets and how she looked kinda like lottie wink wink nudge nudge


Like, Lottie never really forgot about the time she spent with Jack on the streets. She didn’t know his name, he didn’t know hers, they barely coexisted in that filthy alleyway for a few days—and yet it was the only time in the streets before Oswald, in which a man was genuinely kind to her. Jack wasn’t particularly gentle, or nice, he was the way he used to be before Lacie found him—and yet Lottie was so used to everybody treating her like street trash, fights with other orphans for food, men assaulting her, that the fact this boy actually showed her mild kindness stuck with her.

Waking up not finding him but realizing he’d left her his blanket actually meant so much to her? She knew she wouldn’t ever see him again, that he might’ve been dead for all she knew, and yet the memory clung to her. She actually kept that blanket. No matter how much she’s tried to forget about everything pertaining her past before Oswald found her, that memory stuck with her the most—the only time before Glen a man showed her kindness. And she sometimes found herself remembering those days spent with the boy, and she would wonder if he was still alive—she didn’t hold hopes of ever meeting him again, but the truth is, she hoped he was still alive, because he deserved so. And a part of her even sometimes wondered what would’ve happened had they stuck together for longer, that perhaps, he could’ve been saved by Glen too.


This is probably the only time they bond over their lives before they met in the Baskerville estate, and Jack is surely very cryptic, but she always did find him familiar somehow—blond hair was very common in Sablier, but what she remembered the most were his eyes, and despite the years, despite how empty Jack has become by then, the eyes hasn’t changed, and so a familiarity sparks within her. Of course, she ignores it, because she A) thinks it’s impossible and she’s just imagining things and B) doesn’t want to ever recall anything of what she lived on the streets. But when Jack says it, she actually freezes for a moment, because she remembers—Jack doesn’t, but she does.

She never tells him, of course, because she still deludes herself into thinking it’s impossible—but perhaps that’s when she starts seeing him as more humane, when she starts actually warming up to him and seeing him past the womanizer façade he uses. It’s more than her just trusting Glen’s judgment, she may have seen it with her own eyes, that Jack can be good.

Perhaps that’s why his betrayal hits her doubly hard.

Santiago drabble

I just really wanted to write a drabble with Santiago and Imelda ended up being in it too so aaaaaaa..
I also kind of figure that since Imelda is the matriarch still, Santiago and the other kids call her ‘Mamá Imelda’ too, since Oscar and Felipe will sometimes refer to her that way??
Hope you guys like it ^^


The small boy let out a high pitched yelp, and spun about. He stared with wide-eyes, nervous gaze locking with Imelda’s icy glare.
Imelda crossed her arms, glancing over the way the boy was kneeled over, shoulders hunched as he glanced toward something in front of him, his hands fumbling as he glanced back with a lopsided grin.

“¡Hola, mamá Imelda!” He greeted, voice raised an octave.

Imelda lifted her head, expression remaining firm. She had spot him in the dirt of the garden, his blue hoodie wrapped around his waist dusty along the edges from where he’d been shifting about on the ground, his interest caught on something in front of him and out of her view.
She had only come to tell him off for getting his clothes so dirty already, but had paused when she had noticed how quiet he was, how he wasn’t trying to rile up his primas or hermano. So different from the way he usually bustled through the house, bounced on sofas until he was caught red handed and scolded.
But that quiet came at a price, and Imelda wasn’t going to stand for what could be if she didn’t intervene.

“What do you have there?”


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    THIS  WAS  PROBABLY  HER  WORST  IDEA  EVER.     scratch  that.     it  was  her  worst  idea  ever  and  yet  she  was  still  going  through  with  it.     there  was  no  point  turning  back  now,  it  would  just  have  wasted  an  entire  day  and  it  wasn’t  like  she  wasn’t  prepared  for  what  might  happen  down  here.     she  knew  there  could  be  a  possibility  that  she     NEVER     came  home,  that  she  would  never  see  any  of  her  friends  again,  but  she  wouldn’t  be  able  to  move  past  what  happened  if  she  didn’t  know  for  sure.     she  couldn’t  just  take  mike’s  word  for  it.     she  didn’t  believe  it.     if  josh  washington  was  dead,  then     WHY     hadn’t  the  police  found  a  body?     why  wasn’t  he  buried  alongside  his  sisters?     there  was  so  many  unanswered  questions  and  she     REFUSED     to  go  another  day  without  finding  out  what  had  really  happened.

    everyone  told  her  that  she  would  be  better  off  without  josh,  that  her  life  would  be  better  now  he  was  gone,  but  she  didn’t  accept  that.     her  life  wouldn’t  be  better  without  josh.     he  made  her  better,  he  made  her  braver,  he  made  her  feel  like  the  person  she     WANTED     to  be,  he  made  her  feel     .     .     .     and  that  was  what  was  important,  he  made  her  actually  feel  something.     yes,  he  had  hurt  her.     but  he  was  hurting  too,  he  was  lashing  out  and  she  should  have  been  there  for  him,  better  than  she  had  been.     he  had  needed  the  help,  the  support  and  despite  thinking  she  had  done  her     BEST     ,  it  still  hadn’t  been  enough  and  she  would     not     fail  him  again.

    was  it  a  bad  idea  coming  down  here  alone  when  you  were  at  full  health?     yes.     was  it  an  even  worse  idea  when  you  were  sleep  deprived,  deaf  in  one  ear  and  still  healing  from  the  night  that  had  changed  your  whole  life.     FUCK  YES.     but  she  was  here,  stepping  through  the  mines  that  had  been  haunting  her  nightmares.     yet  unlike  the  last  time,  she  wasn’t  defenceless,  she  knew  what  she  might  have  to  do  if  she  came  across  any  wendigos  but  she  wasn’t  even  focused  on  that.     her  only  focus     -     FINDING  JOSH  WASHINGTON     .

    she  figured  the  best  place  to  start  was  where  she  had  left  josh  and  mike.     she  knew  she  shouldn’t  have  trusted  mike  to  get  him  out,  not  after  everything  else  that  had  happened  that  night,  especially  when  it  came  to  josh.     but  she  had  no  energy  to  fight  him  that  night  and  now  she  wished  she  had.     maybe  she  wouldn’t  be  down  here  if  she  had  stayed,  maybe  she  would  be  at  home  with  josh  helping  him  recover  from  this  nightmare.     or  maybe  she  just  wouldn’t  be  here  at  all.

    fingers  curl  around  the  flashlight  in  her  hand,  not  that  she  really  needed  the  flashlight  considering  she  was  wearing  her  headtorch  but  she  figured  the  less  dark  around  her,  the  better  she  might  feel.     she  tried  her  best  to  ignore  the  pounding  in  her  chest  as  she  stepped  round  into  the  clearing  where  she  had  left  him  and  mike.     tongue  darts  across  her  lips  as  she  takes  a  deep  breath,  hoping  if  he  was  here,  he  could  be  hiding,  she  really  didn’t  want  to  get  stuck  down  here  at  night.     calling  out  his  name  might  be  a  bad  idea,  but  seeing  as  this  was  all  a  bad  idea  may  as  well  add  a  few  more,    “     josh,         she  called  out,  her  voice  no  higher  than  a  whisper  but  still  ringing  clear,     “     josh,  where  are  you?    

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