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[郡山店]キヤノンフェア開催! こんにちは!郡山店です。いつも当店をご愛顧頂きまして誠に有難うございます。さて、本日より6月1日(金)までの8日間ですが、キヤノン デジタルカメラフェアを開.. ⇒

2 nights of education. “The Psychology of Storytelling with Lindsay Doran,” and “Blocking, Camera Movement, and the Art of the Reveal with Matthew Irving.” Both got my wheels turning!

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❝ you’ve been looking me over. ❞

            have i?   remus is playing at innocence with the question, pretending that his staring HADN’T been intentional with a sheepish smile. severus’s voice is low. accusatory. so smooth — so level — that he can’t tell whether the potions master is PLEASED or indifferent to have caught him looking ( &. he WAS looking — maybe not as subtly as he should have been, but he had ). the friendliness ( not a friendship not yet ) they’d cultivated was still tentative; remus didn’t want his curiosity to jeopardize that.  i hadn’t noticed.

meme. accepting!

#tbt Not sure what @chrischaneybass is thinking but @davenavarro looks like he is in the moment. This one goes back to December at @theroxy in Hollywood for the @royalmachines show. #photographybymatte #canon #thinktankphoto #davenavarro #chrischaney #royalmachines #roxytheatre #hollywood #sunsetstrip #livemusic #concertphotography

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Rin casually slides over to Ryuu for a smooch.

[ @noharin ]

     “Senpai,” Ryū mumbles, flushing a flustered pink. She knows what that look is suggesting.

     There’s a hint of a hesitation before complying, giving a light brush of lips against Rin’s. As always, they’re soft. So maybe she’ll give them juuust a little nibble. Cuz she can.