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Since we can't talk about sex, let's talk about . Any tips for getting the most out of them? This is how my favorite brand (sand and fog) burns. Do some brands/types of wax burn better than others?

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6th day in my daily art challenge.

A couple of cozy advent candles


Little Twin Stars cafe inspired ⭐️💕Star Shaped Espresso Soy Candle. 16oz
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❄️ So happy I received this baby today. ❄️ I know there is a conflict about this series, some people don’t like it at all, but I got obsessed. There are so many things happening that I just want to keep reading to see what is going to happen. Her writing is so easy to read.

Highly recommended!!!

Lit Candles

my brain has fixated on this image and now refuses to use anything else for this prompt. I am very annoyed because now I cannot put the description where I wanted it to be. 

@loveceit todays prompt has arguments in my brain but ended up being really relaxing to write… possibly because I too have a room full of candles


Dee loved watching the flames, hundreds of tealights lit and scattered around his room. The fact they had it wonderfully warm without his heating being turned on was a definite bonus but the comfort of simply having the flames was most important.

His flat was still small. The first decent one he’d been able to own and redecorate as he wished, especially since it was one of the few he’d found that accepted the serpents he kept as pets. 

Roman had complained once, thinking he should have somewhere bigger, but the enclosed space was easy for Dee to keep precisely how he wanted. Then again the other also loved to bemoan the lack of variety in colour between the rooms and could probably find something to be dramatic over wherever he lived.

Dee was happy though. The bookshelves and chests dotting the living area with two sofas and a small TV should he particularly want to watch it.  Best of all was that he had plenty of shelves and chests that candles could be stood on when he just wanted to watch a flame and be warm.

The rugs he had over the wooden flooring only ever increased his comfort, including the one in front of the bed he had pushed into one corner, electing to keep what was intended to be the bedroom as an office and rehearsal space.

He was content here, able to drop the endless act he must carry when among the public and just relax. 


Nothing but a #candle … #candles

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