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18 2019

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layout is suggestively intriguing. , , mattress ads and “Comfy” in the middle headline. It’s like the layout guy at is trying to cushion the political fallout somehow.

declares a "back-stabber" for asserting rule-of-law in assisting Canadians detained in "hostage diplomacy" crisis That trashes China's traditional narrative of Canada as birthplace of Communist icon Norman Bethune

Coming Soon M82! Super excited to showcase this beautiful 💎 timepiece to our customers! Perfect size at 42mm 🤩 happy friday watchfam! Enjoy! 🖤 .

turns out he is a real and passionate supporter of 🤔🤔🤔 who would’ve thought ?? Ohh that’s right, Saudi Arabia did

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This is a sick man who is angry because of the hate towards !! I mean to defend the sickest criminal group in the history you have got to be just as sick

Canadian prime minister says he 'will continue to condemn' Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for Palestinian rights

Wicked winter! Missed last weekend's first ski day, and now tomorrow, -23 celcius at 10am!! Not happening!

Wolverine... Pure Canadian Badassery. Who's your favorite Canadian Badass? Spill your guts in the comments! Watch BEING CANADIAN on DVD & Streaming at: Amazon, YouTube & iTunes

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Warmer days


Getting closer on this alder bear mask #bearmask #maskcarving #alder #woodsculpture #woodcarving #bcfirstnationsart #westcoastnativeart #britishcolumbia #vancouver #canada #missionbc

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I got one too, my history/social studies teacher was talking about these kinds of ads for the TransMountain Pipeline and saying how ridiculous they were. This one didn’t show a flourishing green countryside and associate that to a pipeline (although I haven’t seen that one, it sounds absurd), this one was explaining how encouraging this project makes Canada less dependant on the United States.

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‘Schitt’s Creek’ Brings Love, Canadian Style
Season 5 of the pleasant, zany sitcom continues to showcase the show’s biggest asset: Its heart.

Montreal songstress Charlotte Cardin released a new jazz infused pop tune in Drive