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"On the other hand, while Canada is home to affluence, efficacy and welfare; actually finding a home for yourself and your family can get tricky."

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It feels like the future: the main hall at the 1967 International and Universal Exposition in , 1967 NAA: A1200, L64683

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Sadly, a vote for me or anyone other than is effectively a vote for ! Don’t let him slip through by voting for Bernier, Singh or May otherwise ’s future is both moral and financial bankruptcy!      

Sadly, a vote for me or anyone other than is effectively a vote for ! Don’t let him slip through by voting for Bernier, Singh or May otherwise ’s future is both moral and financial bankruptcy!      

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I like my chai with extra ginger

by Olvie Li
for August 9, 02019,
Youth-N-Democracy International Youth Day

Meera nam, Olvie hai. (my name is Olvie)
I’m from Canada, eh?

Chai became a fad in Canada.
Almost as popular as Cannabis.

You cannot get nearly as high.
We make it only with masala chai.

The west is getting bored of whiteness.
Perhaps forgetting its politeness.

Appropriating all that is colourness.
Haan. Thikhai. Acha. (Yes. Okay. Good.)

Canadians say chai tastes like Christmas.
Because they make everything a business.

Others say, “it’s too spicy my dear.
Please bring it back at New Years”.

Mehendi is sold as henna tattoos at carnivals.
Bindis are placed on foreheads at festivals.

Do we want to know Indian culture
or just eat it up like hungry vultures?

Haan. Thikhai. Acha. (Yes. Okay. Good.)

Canada is a free country they say.
But the youth are silenced day by day.

India is a growing democracy.
But are the youth going to fight against demo-crazy?

The young are growing more and more aware.
Bigger. Better. Stronger.

Let’s not grow weary with our prayers.
Haan. Thikhai. Acha. (Yes. Okay. Good.)

Uncle sets up his chai stand around the corner.
He always makes it with extra ginger.

I take Instagram photos like a food pornographer.
I am Canadian, an alien, a foreigner.
My only culture is to be a conformer.
Ginger is from my ancestors.

Once Chinese, but now Hong Kongers.
They are fighting for their rights and freedoms.
They thought they had democracy.
But now only left with democrazy.

Hong Kong is leased land.
Canada is stolen land.

My identity is mixed.
Not Chinese, not fully Canadian either.
Perhaps it is like chai.

Never perfect until fully mixed.
Sugar, spice, and good company.
Haan. Thikhai. Acha. (Yes. Okay. Good.)

When you order chai in Canada
Always ask for milk and sugar.

But don’t expect any extra ginger.

At the end of the day, what we get is what we give.
Democracy means diversity.
Diversity means we are from different places.

A perfect blend of sugar and spices.
Haan. Thikhai. Acha. (Yes. Okay. Good.)


April is more than just a month.

April Is My Name

With a name deriving from Aphrodite

You think that I would feel almighty

To hold a name for love and beauty

But all I get is cruelty

May brings flowers but April showers

I wish that I could hold such powers

Clever name calls form tall towers

At least I bring the start of flowers

And yet, despite the countless names

gentle games versus sudden pains

My own runs through my very veins

All year long, April remains