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Los tatuajes de 🎵🕊️ 💜 🇵🇪

The new year isn't a good year without camila tweeting "I HAVEN'T SHOWERD SINCE LAST YEAR" and that's the tea y'all

.'s debut album marked a new start in which she found her voice, her sound, and her story:

Congratulations to for her 2019 nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album with her debut album 💿 featuring co-written by the brilliant Amy and co-published by 🎶

Atención todos los Camilizers 🍌 Nuevamente en stock! Camila Cabello - Camila CD nuevo y sellado. Edición USA ➡️ Precio: S/ 59 Más información: Hacemos envíos a todo el Perú vía Olva Courier 📦🇵🇪

Basado en hechos reales, narra la historia de amor prohibido que mantuvieron, en el siglo XIX, la aristócrata Camila O'Gorman y el sacerdote Ladislao Gutiérrez. 👒💓 Mañana martes a las 8:07 p.m. contempla la historia de 🎥🎞️

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can't wait till the next chapter I will be waiting and listening to CC1... 😭💕🌹

Un filme basado en hechos reales que narra la historia de amor que mantuvieron, en el siglo XIX, la aristócrata Camila O'Gorman y el sacerdote Ladislao Gutiérrez. 👒💓 Este martes a las 8:07 p.m. descubre la historia de 🎥🎞️

遅くなってしまいました。。 マンネちゃん、お誕生日おめでとう ...ございました🙇🏻‍♂️

she literally just had 27.9 mil followers and now she got 28 mil omg she keeps getting followers each day 😢😭🌹

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『 ilysmgncc - i love you so much Grammy nominee Camila Cabello 』⠀
— loved this Teen Vogue photoshoot/interview⠀⠀⠀
⠀song: Alicks - help me out ⠀


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Normani falando que esta muito orgulhosa da Camila e que a ama
°meu coração nao aguenta°

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Lauren falando sobre a Camila ter sido nomeada ao Grammy “estou super orgulhosa dela. estou feliz que ela está em uma fase da carreira dela que ela está feliz e está fazendo o que ela quer fazer. incrivel que ela foi indicada”

°estão escutando? são meus gritos aaaaaaaaaaaa, meu deus ela nem gaguejou e nem ficou nevorsa dessa vez°

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sheluminate  asked:

🎄 from camila!

Send 🎄 to decorate for Christmas with my muse


“We’re finally done!” Ella laughed, collapsing against her sister-in-law as she looked around at all their hard work. “Do you think Kit and all the others will be surprised? You know, you never did tell me… However did you manage to get everyone out of the palace except for the two if us, Daphne, Beatrice, and Prudence?”