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Love this app go download it it is amazing especially 5e Dolan twins and Cameron Dallas ones!!

OMG PLAY EPISODE it is amazing!! Love Cameron Dallas and Dolan twins

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*while fighting*

y/n: you suck, gray!

grayson: well, you swallow

ethan: i’m fuCKING DONE

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i am so indescribably distraught right now, and i cannot even fathom how much pain the Dolan family is going through. I think i speak for everyone in the Dolan Twins fandom when i say that i am so incredibly grateful for Sean and am so unbelievably proud of him for winning his battle. He raised 3 amazing kids and if it weren’t for him (and Lisa of course), the twins wouldn’t have been able to impact MILLIONS of people all over the globe. He truly is and will forever be an inspiration. with ever nerve in my body i truly mean it when I say, a big FUCK YOU to cancer and Rest In Forever Peace, Sean Dolan. 💓

Girls Like You (cameron dolan)

A/N: I havent seen any Cam fics but i made this for a friend and i hope she liked it! β™₯

2 years ago…

β€œThere must be some kinda rule that doesn’t allow the same sex to kiss playing β€˜spin the bottle’ right?” Nick, the guy you were seeing, asked everyone.

β€œWhat the fuck man, have you never played this game? And what kinda guy doesn’t get turned on by seeing girls kiss?” One of the other guys teased.

β€œAnd of course, you’re THAT kinda guy you pervert” Cam jokingly said, she then turned to youΒ β€œYou ready to get this over with?”

β€œYeah, it’s not like we haven’t kissed each on the cheek before, yeah?”

β€œWe’re supposed to make out, dummy” she laughed

You tried to play it cool and hide your nervousness, it was your first time to ever make out with a girl. Somehow you’re thankful that you’re kissing your best friend and not some random girl.

β€œReady when you are” you huffed out a breath.

β€œRelax bitch, it’s only for 10 seconds” And with that Cam crashed her lips to yours. There wasn’t any hint of shyness in the way she kissed you, so you kissed her back. Hard.

Little did you both know that 10 seconds had passed and neither one of you were stopping the kiss, so Nick did.Β 

β€œHey, your 10 seconds is up.” He tapped you on the shoulder.Β To which he received a lot of boo’s and jeers from the others you were with.

β€œShow’s over, perverts” Cam went back to her spot and you sat beside her.

This was the moment you exactly knew you had a romantic attraction for girls too and there was only one girl you clearly wanted: Cameron Dolan.

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So, I’m looking for a fanfiction on Wattpad but I absolutely CAN NOT find it. It’s a Grayson one where he meets this blind girl and accidentally spills apple juice or what and he’s like if she could hand him a napkin and then she jokes about her being bling but like it’s a coping mechanism ya know. they become friends and idk they fall in love and he pays for her surgery and then she has a dream about everything being just a dream like there’s no Grayson and it was all an imagination and then she wakes up and sees him for the first time and like is shook because like we all know Grayson’s literally beautiful.

So I’m pretty desperate as you see. I read it a long time ago and I really wanna read it again soooo if anyone knows the name of it or the author I’d be grateful