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Love this app go download it it is amazing especially 5e Dolan twins and Cameron Dallas ones!!

OMG PLAY EPISODE it is amazing!! Love Cameron Dallas and Dolan twins

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y/n: i wanted to kiss you so bad today

grayson: why didn’t you?

y/n: i couldn’t reach your face

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I always imagined Cameron having twins girls: violet marigold and jade ivory Dolan, and a younger brother: Lucas Sean Dolan

Wow you really got me with the Sean. 🥺

Violet and Jade are probably the cutest little twin pair names I’ve ever heard! That’s adorable! 

Can we take a moment to imagine Cameron with twins? She’d be a natural, always having to deal with her brothers. Ethan would tease her to no end. “Thought you could get away from us, huh? Look at you now. Twin brothers. Twin Daughters. It’s like a curse.” 

“Well, at least they’re cuter than you.” 

“Fuck off, Cam.”