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“Hungover On Heartache” Imagine/Songfic Feat, Elias and a very unexpected ending.

Y/N had been seeing each other but somehow “drifted” apart. You found yourself lonely since you seen him last. It kills you inside everytime you see Raw or a pic of him online. Of course everyone around you talks about him only to make you miss him more. And the worst thing is he seems to have moved on and found someone new. Or has he? 

(Y/N is out having lunch with your best friends Bayley and Renee) 

Bayley: How you holding up? 

Y/N: Ah its hard but Im trying my best. 

Renee: We’re here for you ok? Always know that. 

(Y/N gets a text from Elias) I been busy but always thinking of you. Was hoping you could come hang out and I could introduce you to someone close to me. 

Y/N: (Replies back) I dont care a thing about meeting your new girlfriend ok? Im sorry but I just cant and please dont contact me again. 

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“ Torn to pieces with a bullhorn fight
I think we’ll be alright
Made amends, but we can’t pretend the stings aren’t gonna bite “

Y/N: (Tears fall as you look at your phone) Ugh 

Bayley: Oh no show us what he said and we will help. 

Y/N: No I got this please. I’ll be ok in time.

“ Coming around like a steamroller wheel
We’ll be a little stronger when we can heal but that’s gonna take time” 

Renee: What did he say? We havent seen him with no one. 

Y/N: (Shows them my phone) 

Renee: Your going. 

Y/N: What?! Are you crazy? No. I refuse to. 

Bayley: I am going to have a talk with him. 

Y/N: NO! 

Renee: Lets go to the mall ok? That may help ya relax a bit and clear your mind. 

Yes please. Lets go. 

(You and Renee are on the way to the mall) 

Y/N: (Looks at your phone at a pic of you and Elias together) (Makes you daydream and think back on a night you and him cuddled for the first time) 

“ A drunk mind always speak the truth
But I’m sober now laying next to you
The world outside is moving on
How can they act like nothing’s wrong?”

Y/N: (Wipes tears) 

(You and Renee walk around and shop for awhile then leave) 

Renee: I gotta stop at Bayleys place for a few then I’ll drop you off at home. 

Y/N: Ok! 

(Y/N and Renee go in Bayley’s house) 

Bayley: Wanna watch a movie? 

Y/N: Um sure I dont have anything planned. 

Renee: Sounds good! I’ll pop the popcorn! 

(You all sit on the couch together) 

(Strum of a guitar sounds from behind) 

Y/N: (Looks back in shock and tears up) 

Elias: (Smiles as he stands holding the guitar) 

(Tears go down Y/N’s face as you stand up and stare at him) 

“ Never knew how hard it could be
Having you see the worst part of me
But that’s gonna take time “ 

Elias: (Walks over to you and sticks his hand out for you to take it) 

Y/N: (Looks at him) 

Bayley: Come on take it! 

Y/N: I cant. I need to go. Take me home Renee (Walks over to the door) 

Elias: (Puts his hand on your shoulder) Please hear me out? 

(You and Elias lock eyes) 

“There’s no going back now
We’re a wreck, but we can’t look away”

Y/N: Why hear you out when you clearly dont feel the same for me as I do you? 

Elias: Please just let me introduce you to Delilah. 

“ Hungover on heartache
Went shot for shot, now we’re feeling it today
Either way, things have to change
And we’re tattooed with the words that won’t wash away
Didn’t think I would feel this way
But I get sick when you mention her name
Wish I didn’t have to face you today
Hungover on heartache”

Y/N: I dont want to meet your new girlfriend ok? Why wont you listen to me? 

Elias: (Strums the riff of a song and looks at you) Id like you to meet Delilah.    

Y/N: Wait its the guitar? This Delilah that you said looks beautiful and you love how she feels is the guitar? 

Elias: (Nods yes) Im sorry if I hurt you or made you think different. Forgive me? 

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Elias: I been busy with interviews,traveling and live shows. I was worried I scared you off but I realize I should have kept in touch with you more. And yes I do feel the same for you as you do me. Can we start over anew and grow closer? 

Y/N: (Looks at Bayley and Renee) 

Bayley: Awe come on you cant say no to that! 

Renee: His voice,his face, his everything is your weakness. 

Bayley: Let Elias be your way! 

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(It’s true you always were weak for his cute face and sexy but soothing voice) 

Y/N: I forgive you and I’ll walk with you again. But you have to promise me you wont make me that sad again cause I thought I lost you. And I cant lose something that means more to me than anything. 

Elias: I promise. 

(It sucks I know and Im sorry I’ll try to do better.)