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Anyone who thinks they've seen it all hasn't spent time in Oakland. The Town never ceases

Although this coastline isn't made for swimming, Big Sur is the place to go for Instagram-worthy photos. Some of the best views are found at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and Pfeiffer , but those just looking to relax can head to Sand Dollar Beach.

Hi, everyone! Love to read poetry and prose by new and published authors? We’ve compiled voices of the Californian Central Valley into our first issue of (599) JOU-RNAL, a zine we’ll be distributing on May. For more info, email "".

The Water Science Center participated in festivities on Island on Saturday. Darin Einhell demo'd the & monitoring work the center is doing throughout the .

Did you know… We administer the only legally recognized title for designers in ! Learn how you can get certified here:

/ from the affected the , but the stayed fairly fog-free. More warmth will arrive Tuesday, but the isn't finished. has your complete 7-day weather forecast on 12, 3 & 11!

I've been blogging since June 2012. The link in my profile is a special page that has a clickable list of my 20 most-read pages. My most-read page is about the and fires in . It's been read 270,000 times since August 2012. David in MA .

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Here in I wrote the strongest laws the world has ever seen to fight – while engaging global partners and businesses in reducing emissions from trucks, agriculture, and refrigerants.

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Watch out, . There's a new entry in the "crazy state" competition called , where Democrats just upped the ante with a proposed ban on Styrofoam take-home boxes So how will you top THAT, slackers?

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As California’s delta smelt spirals toward extinction, a future in captivity awaits
Despite a decades-long rescue effort, the tiny delta smelt appears closer than ever to vanishing from its only natural home, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Now, some conservationists worry it won’t be long before the only place the public can glimpse the once-abundant species is at the aquarium.
By Louis Sahagun

Excerpt from this LA Times story:

Time may be running out for California’s most infamous fish.

Despite a decades-long rescue effort, the tiny delta smelt appears closer than ever to vanishing from its only natural home, the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Now, some worry it won’t be long before the only place the once-abundant species exists is within the confines of an artificial tank.

“If current trends continue, and we don’t get the numbers back up in the wild this year, we will be at a point where the only ones left will be in captivity,” said Peter Moyle, an expert on the species at UC Davis.

Mocked by President Trump as “a certain kind of three-inch fish” and targeted by endless litigation, Hypomesus transpacificus has struggled to survive within the heart of a delicate and overtaxed water distribution network.

Efforts to preserve the smelt have relied on restricting delta water operations supplying the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California — regulations that have vexed agricultural interests and water districts, and placed the fish squarely in the center of California’s water wars.

Most recently, the smelt played a supporting role in calls to open an ethics investigation into newly confirmed Interior Secretary David Bernhardt. As a lobbyist for California’s Westlands Water District — the largest agricultural water supplier in the nation — Bernhardt argued in favor of weakening federal protections for the smelt and other species.

The prospect of extinction may seem unduly pessimistic to some, but the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach announced recently that it had acquired 1,200 delta smelt from a UC Davis research hatchery.

The fish will be exhibited in a 6-feet-tall, 6-feet-wide acrylic tank beginning May 24, when the aquarium opens a new $53-million wing, Pacific Visions. It would be the first such aquarium exhibit to feature the finger-length, translucent fish.
You can only get a straw at many L.A. restaurants by requesting one, starting now
There's no ban on plastic straws in L.A. restaurants, but as the city tries to limit the single-use items, customers must now request them.
By Hannah Fry, Emily Alpert Reyes

Excerpt from this LA Times story:

Plastic straws will be a little more difficult to come by in Los Angeles restaurants beginning on Earth Day as a city ordinance aiming to limit the availability of the single-use item takes effect Monday.

The City Council in March voted to prohibit L.A. restaurants from offering or providing disposable plastic straws to customers who are dining in or taking food to go unless patrons request them. Drive-through and delivery businesses can offer customers plastic straws but are still barred from giving them out without a request.

The ordinance went into effect Monday for businesses with more than 26 employees and will be put into place in October for all other restaurants and food and beverage vendors.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell heralded the council’s decision at the time as an important step toward confronting a “major environmental calamity that is unfolding before us.”

Los Angeles County approved a similar ordinance restricting plastic straws in December. Under the county rules, restaurants must ask customers whether they want a plastic straw before giving one out. In the city, it would be up to the customer to make the request.

California has already passed similar rules governing straws at dine-in restaurants, but the Los Angeles “straws on request” law goes further because it also imposes restrictions on fast-food chains. Unlike San Francisco or Malibu, however, L.A. has not completely banned plastic straws — at least for now.


For anyone who has ever felt lonely, this short film is for you.

@cuddlebuddies_short_film Crowdsource through @seedandspark drops tomorrow! Link will be in bio.

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San Francisco at 'Boiling Point' Over Tech, Houses, and the Homeless

San Francisco at ‘Boiling Point’ Over Tech, Houses, and the Homeless

External image

External image

In this photo taken Monday, April 15, 2019, resident Wallace Lee helps lead the fight against a new homeless shelter during a neighborhood meeting in San Francisco. The city of San Francisco, which has too little housing and too many homeless people sleeping in the streets, is teeming with anxiety and vitriol these days. A large new homeless shelter is on track to go up along a scenic waterfront…

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