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Did you know that the Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed between 2580 –2560 BC. That’s more than 4500 years ago! Call us today: Hotline : +94 72 750 0100 / +94 72 770 0100 Website:

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I wonder what 's letter from in 2016 read? . He left it on the table right where I could see it like the way wants the to read it. 's daughter

عالم القدره -علاج-ضعف-الانتصاب-وزيادة-الطول-والحجم-وتأخير-القذف 💪👈تُُكُبيُر الُعُضُو الُذُكُريُ👉💪 😘🌹👈عُلاُج ُضعُف الُانتُصُاُب � 🌹عُلاجُ سرعة القذف🌹🌽🌽 00201011753632 00966566201554

E4Impact signs a Memorandum of Understanding with El Sewedy Education of in order to establish and manage together the El Sewedy Entrepreneurship Center (ESEC) in . 🇪🇬 The center will offer training services to 💼

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Exploring Cairo with my fiance. 

He is German and I am Polish so we are constantly moving between Berlin and Warsaw. In addition to this, because of my frequent and long travels, our dates are taking place in various countries. My favorite is when he visits me in Egypt. 


Gardens of Ezbekiyeh, the past (1890) and the present (2020).

For me, Ezbekiyeh always sounded magical, like gardens of Semiramis or magnificent Persian gardens of Iran. I could imagine Cairenes from the end of the 19th century walking among the mango trees and Indian palms, resting on benches around a lake. The visit to what remains of the Ezbekiyeh was a heart breaker and a proof that the romance of Khedive Ismail with Europe did not work out in the long run. 


Egypt is the cradle of civilizations of the world, a place where the earliest development of agriculture, urbanization, and writing started. It is home to great landscapes, pyramids and the Nile river. Its people created a brilliant culture which influenced other cultures all around the world. This country is one of the places that must be visited at least once in a lifetime.
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