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Cacti are resilient, and we like that.

Meet Humphry! Cross curricular Geography and Art ‘How do animals and plants adapt to living in hot desert environments?’ 😂🐪🐪🌵🌵

Just Pinned to Aquarium & Terrarium: VideoTuto - DIY Tutorial On How To Make A Terrarium with Cacti and Desert Plants

🌵 Incredible giants of the Sonoran Desert, the (Carnegiea gigantea) and Cardon (Pachycereus pringlei), also called arborescent , provide life-saving fruit to the creatures of this region. 🍓 Explore photos of these cool plants!

The southwest has some of the most beautiful plant life and scenery, making any desert roadtrip memorable!

The southwest has some of the most beautiful plant life and scenery, making any desert roadtrip memorable!

Flowering now in the and collection! Adenium obesum is a charming succulent with a wonderfully bizarre shape. A. obesum is one of a small group of plants from dry climates in Sub-Saharan Africa, referring to the common name "Desert Rose"

While you're here for this weekend, don't forget to check out the and collection in Mediterranean Garden! The shapes of these desert plants are almost architectural

Tire blew out on the way to work today. On the plus side, it was covered under warranty and I went around taking pics of some of the and plants in the neighborhood while I waited.

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CACTI 🌵 I’ve been to the and collected some Plump green decorate our thirsty . & on paper

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Replanted my babies this weekend. Wish them luck in their new homes!

Who knew cacti could be 80’s heartthrobs? Look at that luxurious mullet!


The rainy season’s hitting hard, but my succulents are still cool with the extra moisture. They’re all playing the Hunger Games secretly, counting down to the last survivor… 

I’m just being dramatic. Yes I do lose one or two succulents here and there BECAUSE IT’S BEEN RAINING FOR WEEKS NON STOP but the situation is still controllable.

Rainy season also means happy moss. Happy moss = happy Jack.
Yes to mosses. 

Some people say “bloom where you are planted.” but I think that’s simply not true, because if you really want to thrive, you need to be in the correct environment. Throwing a cactus into an ocean would cause it to die; so why do that to yourself? 🤔