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Quick weekend trip to near in to enjoy the wonderful landscape and cacti (and sunshine!)

Meet Humphry! Cross curricular Geography and Art ‘How do animals and plants adapt to living in hot desert environments?’ 😂🐪🐪🌵🌵

Just Pinned to Aquarium & Terrarium: VideoTuto - DIY Tutorial On How To Make A Terrarium with Cacti and Desert Plants

🌵 Incredible giants of the Sonoran Desert, the (Carnegiea gigantea) and Cardon (Pachycereus pringlei), also called arborescent , provide life-saving fruit to the creatures of this region. 🍓 Explore photos of these cool plants!

The southwest has some of the most beautiful plant life and scenery, making any desert roadtrip memorable!

The southwest has some of the most beautiful plant life and scenery, making any desert roadtrip memorable!

Flowering now in the and collection! Adenium obesum is a charming succulent with a wonderfully bizarre shape. A. obesum is one of a small group of plants from dry climates in Sub-Saharan Africa, referring to the common name "Desert Rose"

While you're here for this weekend, don't forget to check out the and collection in Mediterranean Garden! The shapes of these desert plants are almost architectural

Tire blew out on the way to work today. On the plus side, it was covered under warranty and I went around taking pics of some of the and plants in the neighborhood while I waited.

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CACTI 🌵 I’ve been to the and collected some Plump green decorate our thirsty . & on paper

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One of the leaves fell off my bunny ear :(

Also I’m going to get some new soil and pots very soon, and maybe even some more plants :)

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How did you get your echeveria that big???? I'm currently struggling with mine!!!!

This particular Echeveria is not part of my personal collection, so I am unsure as to what care treatment it is undergoing. I know there are some species of Echeveria that grow quite large naturally and are used in desert gardens by some landscaping companies. This specific succulent did not have a ID tag, so I do not know it’s exact species name.

Saguaro Cactus seedlings have been transplanted out of their tiny terrerium and into a larger home. Their growth has dropped precipitously with the winter months. However, since these little guys are still doing so well, I expect them to have a rapid growth period come spring.