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👍🏽 Podrás avanzar sin complicaciones sobre Av. Fray Servando Teresa de Mier en ambos sentidos de Jesús Galindo y Villa a Eje 3 Oriente .

👍🏽 Buena circulación sobre Circuito Melchor Ocampo en ambos sentidos de Ejército Nacional a Ricardo Flores Magón.

✅ Constante avance sobre Av. 608 al sur de Av. 412 a Circuito Río Consulado.

❄ ❄ Se activa Alerta Amarilla por pronóstico de temperaturas bajas al amanecer en las alcaldías de Milpa Alta y Tlalpan 🐧☃🐧☃ .

Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza al oriente de Calle 47 a Viaducto Río de la Piedad registra avance lento.

Viaducto Miguel Alemán con avance complicado si te diriges al poniente de Calz. de Tlalpan a Insurgentes Sur .

in at our centre for tyre and presure check. With freezing weather expected over the next few days call at any one of our branches for free tyre health check

⚠️ Bomberos 🚒 retiran anuncio vial a punto de caer sobre bajo puente de Viaducto Miguel Alemán y Av. Coyoacán, Roma Sur. CUH.

🚗🚕🚙 Carga vehicular sobre Av. Revolución de Viaducto a Eje 5 Sur.

⚠️⚠️ Anuncio vial a punto de caer sobre Viaducto Miguel Alemán y Av. Coyoacán, Roma Sur. CUH. Utiliza como alternativa vial Eje 3 Sur.

🚙🚕🚗 Viaducto Miguel Alemán con lento avance hacia el oriente de Av. Coyoacán a Calz. de Tlalpan .

Avance favorable sobre Av. Oceanía desde Circuito Río Consulado hasta Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza . 🚙🚗

✅✅Hallarás transito favorable sobre Prol. División del norte en ambos sentidos desde Periférico hasta Guadalupe I. Ramírez .

Viaducto Tlalpan con asentamientos vehiculares al norte de Periférico a Calz. del Hueso .

🚗🚕🚙 Carga vehicular sobre Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza hacia el poniente de Calle 7 a Río Churubusco.

Te desplazarás de manera fluida sobre la Calz. Ignacio Zaragoza al oriente desde Circuito Interior Blvd. Puerto Aéreo hasta Amador Salazar .

⚠️Afectación vial por bloqueo sobre Insurgentes y Olimpo, Col. Villa Olímpica, TLP. .

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Hallarás el tránsito favorable 🚗_____🚗_______ sobre Av. México-Tacuba al Oriente desde Av. Marina Nacional hasta Circuito Interior.

Encontrarás el tránsito favorable 😄👍🏽 sobre Av. Universidad al Norte desde Circuito Interior Río Churubusco hasta Xola.

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Leyla Mert - Anja Gockel, MBFW Berlin January 2019


Hi! I’m Tunechi! ✌🏼🐐
“Scream & Shout Remix”

🚨Daily Lil Wayne verses, pictures, and news! Follow the Greatest Rapper Alive!🚨

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Teaser for ‘give him back’ C5

Steve sleeps for days. Bucky would be worried about this, if he didn’t see him still breathing steady and true. Clear his omega had needed the rest and Bucky wasn’t going to deny him that if he needed it. Instead he made sure to keep the bandages clean until the long nasty claws marks on Steve’s side had faded to nothing.

He didn’t know how Steve would react to having his clothing removed, so for now he just used a wet washcloth to get the worst of the dirt and blood out. He did however take his boots and socks off, but his underwear and pants stayed on. The outer harness had been removed from his chest, but he kept his black undershirt on, pulling it up when he had, had to clean the wounds, now with the wounds gone, the shirt is fitted back around his torso.


Motobecane C5

Found in a shed, refurbrished, only the front derailleur, brake lever hoods (NOS Weinmann) and the shift levers had to be replaced. Everything else shines like on the day the bike left the company shop. Very nice and stiff ride, only the low gears are a bit spongy while shifted. Maybe I have to look for a Sedi chain from the 80s. Frame and fork where originally sold as a set for 969 Franc includig tax.

  • Frame & Fork: 9 Tubes Columbus SL//
  • Frame Size: 61 CT //
  • Dropouts: Huret //
  • Front Derailleur: Huret Huret Success/Duopar //
  • Rear Derailleur: Huret Success Titanium 6 Speed //
  • Headset: Stronglight //
  • Crankset: Stronglight //
  • Chainrings: Stonglight 105 53/42 drilled and black adonized chain blades
  • Bottom Bracket: Stronglight // 
  • Stem: Philippe 100mm //
  • Handlear:  Philippe Professional 400mm //
  • Shifters: Huret Success //
  • Brakes: Weinmann 605 Brake //
  • Levers: Weinmann Carrera first Generation //
  • Cabels: Shimano SIS  //
  • Hubs: Pelissier Alpin, Motobecane labled //
  • Sprocket: 6 Speed Maillard, silver //
  • Rims: Rigida Group, Alesa //
  • Spokes: 36/36 //
  • Tires: Schwalbe Kojak 25mm
  • Seat Post: SR Seat Post, fluted //
  • Saddle: Motobecane Criterium Leather  //
  • Chain: Shimano HG40 //
  • Handlebar Tape: “Motobecanestyle” Plastic-Leather Wrapped Road Handlebar //
  • Pedales: SR something

Figured I’d post a video of my Exhaust note, I don’t know if the iPhone camera does it any justice.

System specs:

Borla Stinger exhaust, Borla long tube headers, high flow catalytic converters, LS6 intake, Hallitech CAI.


from @iamezinma - UPROAR 🗣 @liltunechi @therealswizzz #uproarchallenge filmed by @mc_shane & @tatescotland #classicalbae #c5 @K_I_N_G_TREVOR #GETINFECTED

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hey wayniacs, i know i dont post on here much anymore but im super busy with life but still a huge wayne fan!!! i miss this blog so much<3 posted a quick uproar gif set so show luv!! anyway its 2018 and we finally have tha carter v which doesn’t even feel real, i personally LOVE the album; it feels so different than any other wayne project we’ve ever gotten. so different and refreshing… what are some of your fave tracks from C5?


“I’m so lifted, I’m so lifted.
I wrote my will in hieroglyphics.”

#CarterV #C5 #naturalhair (at Pembroke Pines, Florida)

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Tonight @undergroundgetdown welcomes @officialc5, he’s currently a finalist to perform at The Big Redemption Tour tomorrow night in Oakland so if you have a Twitter go vote!
Oh and while you’re at it, feel free to support me, link is in my Bio, we’ll be live on periscope but as always spreaker is the best place to catch us for now! 😘thanks in advance for your support!! #c5 #officialc5 #vote #undergroundgetdown #podcast #indieradio

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