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Just some pictures of the crazy kid from this weekend.

I’ve been struggling with wanting to post pictures of him on social media. I rarely ever post him on FB or IG. Here is really the only place. I don’t know why. I feel like in this crazy world of over-sharing this is something that’s mine and I don’t want to share him with the rest of the world. I don’t know if that makes sense at all but it does to me.

Add in the fact that (other than here, which I use like my own personal diary) I’m a fiercely private person and the weirdos in the world makes me even more so.

I’ve really scaled back my FB and IG posting over the last few years.

Don’t r-e-b-l-o-g

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how’s ya relationship going?

perfect thank you!!!! it’s a fairytale every single day and i’m so blessed. this weekend is 6 months of us dating and I still can’t think of a single bad thing about him!! we have the dreamiest life together

i just wish i could look into the future and see that one day i do get over you and i do get a girlfriend or boyfriend and that i won’t be stuck feeling like shit all the time

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hey, sorry to bother you! butttttt I would die for m and c, thank you for coming to my ted talk

Wholesome. Wholesome and sweet. M and C love you too anon coughcoughDylancough


“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”

  • Name: Caradoc Dearborn
  • Age: Twenty Two
  • Affiliation: Order
  • Career: Healer
  • Wand: 11 inch, Hawthorn Wood, Unicorn hair core

The whistle of air over a game cartridge, the smell of cinnamon in coffee, whipped cream melting over hot apple pie, snapping branches and splitting wood, pine needles and snow, light flashing over a comic page, blanket forts and secret passwords, fuzzy blankets, rain on a tin roof, sea salt in the air, sand falling between fingertips, kitten purrs, sunlight through clouds, mechanical whirring.

The meeting of the Dearborn’s was fateful. Caradoc’s grandfather was an avid participant in protests. During the Winter of Discontent, he took his son to the largest protest in the city. It was not far from one of the many entrances to the magical world. While Devon sat away from the people with another group of children, he watched as people walked into a phone booth and disappeared. He assumed it had something to do with the government, and maybe it was some secret entrance to one of their buildings. An hour had passed, and the other children sat still as they too watched the goings of the mysterious people in the phone booth. That was when he saw her, a young girl, perhaps only two years his senior, walking alongside her mother. He stood immediately and stared quite openly at her as a feeling of certainty washed over him. He would marry that girl. Their eyes locked from across the street and she smiled, and he fell in love. As he grew older, he planned his entire schooling career around how he could work closer to that exact location in the hopes that maybe they’d meet again. And soon enough, they did. He was eighteen, she was twenty, and he asked her to dinner. Within a year, they were married. Thirteen years later, they finally had Caradoc. 

Cardi was sorted into Hufflepuff. It came as no surprise to his mother, considering her entire family line had been Hufflepuffs. He’d always been an outgoing and open child, always open to experiencing and trying new things. This landed him in a variety of friendships through all the houses. He was notoriously easy-going, and kind to everyone he encountered. His grades were relatively good, and what he struggled in he simply sought out tutoring from whomever offered it. He’d always been a bit skeptical of Divination, but a study group in his fifth year changed his mind on the matter entirely. Perhaps it was the kind girl who helped him understand the meaning behind looking to the stars- or maybe it was the moment he’d looked at her and just knew they had more ahead of them than a study group at Hogwarts. Sybill had certainly taken him for a whirlwind, and when he’d told his parents about her, they gave each other a look of satisfaction. Caradoc had never been shy, but when it came to Trelwaney, he stammered over words and became increasingly nervous. It didn’t help that the Carrows were involved in her life at the time- even though he had no idea what was going on between Amycus and Sybill. Never-the-less, he asked her to have tea with him in Sixth year, and it was fate from there.

Upon careful consideration, Caradoc chose to be a healer when he graduated. He attended University for a few months before deciding that muggle schooling would do him no good. He took up an internship at St. Mungos and cared for the people no one wanted to visit anymore. The ones who were deemed unfit for society, those who had been tortured or otherwise. He’d often been asked by people not in the field how he handled seeing the dredges of war so openly and still be able to smile. It wasn’t an easy feat, for sure, but he knew he needed to keep a cheery disposition or else he’d get pulled under as well. About a year and half into his career, Dumbledore approached him with an offer to join the war, and he couldn’t find it in himself to decline.

Caradoc is the field healer for the Order. It is something he takes very seriously- even leaving his position at Mungos to ensure that those injured are fixed as soon as possible.

  • SYBILL TRELWANEY: Caradoc adores everything about Sybill, even though he knows she’s hiding something big from the people around her. He values her input and presence and takes a great comfort in having her around.
  • AMELIA BONES: Lia is like a bright burning flame that never goes out, and Cardi knows if he ever needs someone to push him forward and keep him going, it’s her. 
  • RODOLPHUS LESTRANGE: Caradoc had never thought he could be terrified of anyone. but the eldest Lestrange makes him chilled to the bone. Something about the man had always put him on edge and he knows that he is not one to be crossed.

Caradoc Dearborn is a CLOSED character with a FC of Alberto Rosende.


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So, Supergirl and Reggie ‘the man’ Mantle walk into a bar… That’s a terrible joke, but what isn’t is the fact that we’re gonna be sharin’ a room during this trip and I’m fuckin’ pumped. Any rules you’d like to be held in the room, or is it a free for all? @mlbencist